Monday, June 4, 2012

June is my favorite month

yeahhh~! my favorite month of the year is now arrived! ^^
it's JUNE!

but first.. I'm sorry for abandoned this blog for a reaaaallly long time~
I just can't find any ways to cure my laziness ~ :D

so, back to the topic... it's June now..
it's already middle of the year of 2012..
and it's already 4th week I'm in 4th year.. in Psychiatry posting.
but put my med-life aside.. there's other events that happen this month that I'm really looking foward to it~^^

5th June
my mom's bithday :) she'll be turning 49 years old this year~ ^^
I'm happy that she is spending half of her life time with me all this while~ :)
thanks Mak~! love u a lot~ ^3^

6th June
Arashi's Your Eyes release and HSJ's JUMP WORLD album release.
I've watched PV for Your Eyes and it's freakin nice! XD
I'm currently addicted to it..
for JUMP WORLD.. they got many songs that I'm looking foward to~ ^^
I feel bad because I can't spend my money on them..
NEWS comeback makes me poor~ XP

10th June
AFA aka Anime Festival Asia~
yayyyyyy~! I'm sooo excited about this! XD
I already bought the con tickets~! :D
this would be an event where I'll cherish for my whole life~ :)

13th June
NEWS BEST album release~!!!
kyaaa~ it's NEWS comeback.. :D
I'm really happy for this.. but I'm sure that my pre-order CDs will came 2 weeks after this release date.
I have to be patience and wait for it~ ^^

16th June
it's my dad's birthday and he'll be turning to 55~ ^^
means that his work will be stopped this June~
for working hard all this while... otsukaresama! ^^
thanks Abah~! love u to bits! ^3^

17th June
it's my Nino birthday~! :D
hoho~ it'll be the first Nino birthday that I came across since I just knew Arashi last year.
and Nino will be turning 29~~ :O that's old. haha~ XD

18th June
it's my housemate's bithday..Rosliza Ali..
it'll be her 22nd birthday..
Happy Birthday Ja~! :D

19th June
my 22nd birthday~! :)
I'm getting old...
I don't know whether this year birthday gonna be the happy one or not, or it'll be the same as before..
but I'll make sure I'm happy on my very own day~ ^^

22nd June
HSJ's Inoo Keii's birthday desu yo~! :D
Inoo-chan gonna be 22 too~! ^^

24th June
my fren's birthday Syaza~
she'll be turning 22 too~
Happy Birthday Syaza! ^^

--th June
the many batch-mate's birthday~
I know that many of my batch mate whose birthday is on June..
but I can't remember the rest..
but well.. Happy Birthday~!! :D

okay.. till here..
I have to search on Journal for my SSM project..
got research to do.. and it'll be freakin hard! ><
but well...good thing is Psychiatry is not a busy posting and I'm happy~ :D


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Teachers Day!


hereby, I want to thank you my teachers who had/still teaching me for all this while...
without u guys... I wouldn't be here nad I wouldn't be ME~ ^^

to my greatest MAK and ABAH... thanks for teaching me! I appreciate it highly~^^
even now, for taking care of me for the past 21years and more... thank you~ :')

to my teacher of Tabika KEMAS Serom 3,
thanks for taking care and teaching me d most basic things in life~

to my elementary school teachers, SK Serom3, and my islamic school, SKA Serom 3,
thanks for teaching me.. and for the great childhood too~! :D

to my high school teacher, Sek Men Keb Tengku Mahmud Iskandar,
thank you for all the knowledge u had given me...
although my high school life wasn't great like the others..
but I manage to become more aware of what I got..
and that's was my first time I decided to chose Med School~ :)

to my Marticulation teacher, Johore Marticulation College,
thanks for accepting me... and allowing me to show my full will.
although getting a superb result like I do back in JMC wasn't my plan at all..
and I already having no confident to take med school..
somehow, when all the teachers especially Miss Suganthi giving me support making me working hard more and more... thank you~
studying in JMC changes my path. :)

to my faculty Doctors and Professors, University Kebangsaan Malaysia,
it's super hard in Med School..
but for teaching us patiently~ thank you~ ^^
and for scolding us~ thank you~^^
and for making me realized that being a med student is not something u should brag about~ thank you~ :)
thank you for making me until this level~
the seniors, the preclinical lecturers, the housemen, the MOs, the specialist... thank you so much~ ^^
I'll fighting hard  to survive another year in Med school~

forgot. to my future-teacher fren, Roziah Tardan... Happy Teachers Day too~! :D

I already entering my new sem of my forth year..
and my first posting is now Psychiatry~

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the longest holiday ends for me

my holiday is now officially end~
uwahhhh~ iaaadaaa naa~ ><

I have to start my elective posting soon~ :(
and straight starting my new sem soon~
I'll be in 6th sem next monday 14th May~
I will be a 4th year Med student soon~ :)

many things happen in my 3rd year~ but not a tragic one~ :)
I became more sociable bcoz I need to talk to patients.
and... really, I learn lot of things that I thought, finally I see myself as a med student~
and I see where is my level in "hospital society" @@ and..... it is sad.

2 years more! :D

I already moved into college~
seems like my merit are high enough~ ^^
and I really need a single room..
one year staying outside with people that we doesn't closed is really hard~ ><
I will be back later today..
3:30 pm will be riding bus back to HUKM~ ^^
and I hate that.

ok then... bye!

oh, I will may not be posting fandom stuff in this blog anymore~
I do that in my LJ instead~ ^^ do visit them kayh!

just to let u kno that NEWS BEST album will be outt sooonnnnn~!!
it's in 13 June~ ^^
my birthday is on 19th June..
it'll be my best birthday then!
with I'm going to AFA which also on June..
JUMP 2nd album also will be out on June~

JUNE gonna be the best month! :D

btw, Arashi Face Down is sooooo coool~! ><
check their PV on my LJ~! :D

ohhhhhh.. I'm getting uncontrollable..

ok. bye!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Keii-chan no Happy Birthday~!

Dear Keii-chan,


happy turning 28~! ^^
gosh~ our leader is approaching thirties~ XD

dear Keii-chan...
thanks for being a great mama leader for NEWS~ !
and for supporting NEWS all this while... for loving us, ur fans sooo much...
for being a great idol. and for being able to come back for us...
arigatouuu~ *bows~* m(-_-)m
hountouni... arigatou~ ^^

umareta koto wo, deata koto wo, ima soba ni ireru koto, Arigatou~ ^^
Keii-chan no Happy Birthday, ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi~ :)

Aishiteru yoooo~! ^3^

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

okaeri NEWS~ Omedetou! ^^/


step back haters!
we got fangirling things to do~ XD

ohh.. I know I'm wayyyy to late.. it's already 1week after the news of NEWS~
(haha, I love news pun~ ^^)

Johnnys gonna make me broke next sem bcause I will definitely buying their new SINGLE + BEST ALBUM~! XD
too bad for their TOUR~ seems impossible for me to fly to Japan.. T_T
but... still, it's worth waiting!
the best comeback ever for any other Johnnys grup! :D
(LOL, I'm sooo hyper rite now XD)

btw, ignore above sentence on the haters part...
I never seen any NEWS haters ever since I'm in this fandom~ ^^
Jpop rarely have any haters btw. :/

I already vote the 4 songs! .......thrice XD
using my mail, my dad's and my sis's
so total I vote 12 songs~ XD
the one that I like are Share, Forever, Dreams, and Alibi.

ok.. got to go..
I want to watch NEWS-related-vids while waiting for KchanNEWS this night~ ^^

I can't wait for the details~!!! XD
Nyusuuu hayakuuu!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


the second countdown for NEWS comeback has started..

this night at 00;00 JST~ KchanNEWS will aired with all 4 members~!! :D

there is 5 instrumental music..
so I thought it would be one NEWS group single while the other 4 is solo songs from each members~
aaahhhh.. I'm hoping tooo much! >_<

anyway, I stared at the countdown just now for a moment of 04:44:44
bcoz I had missed 44:44:44 yesterday...

and I manage to capture the screen!

the NEWS silhouettes changed to NEWS real pic! ^^
as a hardcore NEWSfan, I'm so proud with these boys~
having a huge comeback after unwilling hiatus~ :D
show RyoP that real NEWS is back! haha XD

clip from "Mirai Theater"
credit vid goes to Newshfan@share
way to go Koyamama~!! :D
well, I got to be ready for this announcement~ ^^
I hope the fans not gonna crash the site again~ hahaXD
ja, mata!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Countdown to NEWScomeback
the one that I saw yesterday for a moment of 44;44;44 was Keii-chan's color ^^

I can't waittt!!
24 hours more to go! :D

until the real NEWS COMEBACK! :DDDD

oh, for those who blur that u might be a non NEWSfan...
countdown for NEWS comeback is made..
u can watch it here ->
well, it not stated as NEWS comeback though..
but look carefully at the clock..
it emphasize on number 4 and everytime num4 appear the 4 will change color to NEWS color that is violet, green, yellow n pink...
well, it's only NEWS that has those color and they are 4 member in Johnnys Entertainment agency~^^

in Music station also they had announced that Johnny's Jimusho gonna released singles for these group ->

obviously it was NEWS pic they took in ^^
my mindset has been saved to be ready for their new single. :D
but we still don't know what it is actually..
what the countdown gonna reveal tomorrow~ ^^
it'll be 15April 12;00 JST. I'm gonna stay up awake! :D

btw, they were so mean getting a countdown like that n asking us to wait more than one day!
gosh, they know how to make NEWSfan excited ne~
doki-doki suruuu~~ ^3^ <3

so, come on Johnnys! my pocket is ready! :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[PV] Maru Maru Mori Mori

kore wa Maru Maru Mori Mori dansu dayooo~ ^o^

the only song that I can follow the dancestep! 
I'm a pro dancer~

LJ account


I'm here to promote my Livejournal account!
I'm sooo lame~ =.='
been in fandom like almost 3 years but only now I do my LJ....
well, better late than never! :D

it is actually the second account...
the first one was forgotten bcause I don't use it~
bcause at that time I was soo confused with it and don't know how to use it~ hee~ :P
well, right now I'm not a pro either..
I'll be okay soon~

this LJ was done for me to write my fandom..
bcause I'm thinking of deleting my blog~
but I don't have the courage to do sooooooo~~ T_T
so, I just keep it for the time being~ :)

well... here's the link~ ^^

I'm new, so I might be stupid about it~
ja, yoroshiku ne~ ^^

Friday, April 6, 2012

[JDrama/JMovie] Mother/Usagi Drop

the promised review


OST mother by Hinaco -  Nakigao Smile
Lyrics and Translation -> HERE

just by watching the above MV,
u can actually tell that this is super duper sad drama series..

btw, here's quote from dramawiki:
Matsuyuki plays the part of Nao Suzuhara, an elementary school teacher. When she realizes that one of the female students is receiving abuse from her mother, Nao's maternal instincts kick in, and she impulsively decides to bring the girl into her own care. Serving as a substitute mother, Nao takes the child on a trip from Hokkaido to Tokyo, and the two experience various events together along the way.

that student is Mana-chaaaan~!
I love her so much~ she's so cute.
such a great actress!

as always...
it won't many since u can't feel the drama just by looking d screencaps. :)

this is the time when Nao wants to make Rena as her mother.
she telling her that she's gonna kidnap her and run..
they promised each other that they gonna lie that they were mother n daughter.

Rena calls her real mother "mama"
while Nao as "Okaasan" which is more polite.
this is the time when Rena sees her mother back.

okay.. that's d screencaps.. ^^
I'm highly recomended this! ^^

oh and...
movie review: Usagi Drop~
I just finished watching it yesterday~

if u asked me hows the storyline..
I would say it rather normal..

here's the copy-cat synopsis
 The plot follows thirty-year old Daikichi as he becomes the guardian of Rin, the illegitimate six-year old daughter of his grandfather.

it was based on manga story.

this post is dedicated to dearly Mana-chan!

isn't she cute?! isn't she cute?!
kawaii na mana-chan!
one random facts about her~
I've watched a vid.. but I forgot what it is.
they make a survey on who's actor/actress that they don't want to watch in Japan TV anymore
surprisingly she cames number 1~ D:
the reason is mainly because they don't want to see Mana-chan works so hard at her age..
she should be in school enjoying her life~
it's true.. although we love her..
they shouldn't work our cutie Mana-chan so hard~ >_<

well, that's all~

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April comes.. the dorky Keito turns 19

it's already 1st April~
so soon April comes and March goes~ T_T
being a medical student, I had been strict about the holidays that I have..
but still, I do nothing~ -.-"

but, I'm able remember the Hiragana table! haaa~
next would be katakana letters~ ^^
and I able to finish at least 7Jdoramas
still watching another 3Jdoramas
finished 3animes and still watching another one.
and also finished all DeathNote Movies and planning to rewatching GANTZ soon~

btw, it's Keito's Birthday today~
dorky and english boy in HSJ~

Outanjoubi Omedetto Okamoto Keito~
u're now, 19!
be a good Uni student soon~ ^^

the best pic is always Keito on guitar~
my niban in HSJ~^^
I wants to write a Jdrama and an anime review soon..
well then.. bye~~

Saturday, March 31, 2012



apparently, the blog's dashboard has been changed~
I've been away for too long huh?

I'm in a state of fully unreachable this past 2 weeks..
the internet line was interrupted and my phone broke down!
well, for now... with one back.. I can see some light~ -.-
too bad for my phone though~
I sent it for repair and it came back with no hope of recovering~
I'm so sad... T_T
sad enough that I'm still don't want to open up my number... :(
and yeah, I'm not planning to buy a new one bcoz I'm so depress! --"
it broke bcoz of the ocean splash~ T_T
aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh~ *sigh*
I bought it on Tego's birthday last 2 year~~~~ :(

oh well...
I'm so messed up right now~
and I'm doing nothing on my holiday~ T_T

okay, this post has no meaning :/
thanks for reading~ -.-"
and sorry to take ur precious time reading this ridiculous entry~

Sunday, March 11, 2012

11th March 2012

it's 11th March 2012..

today, it has been 1 year since the Tohoku earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan~
I even blogged about it last year..
won't provide the links.. find it in archive~ ^^"

the Johnnys Entertainment company make it again~ "The Marching J"
a fund raising event where all the Johnny's artists from senior to junior would participate~

I won't make entry about this~
let us pray for the victims that disasters..
like how Japan did to support each other~ ^^

ok, change topic! :D
last time I was waiting for my result~
and yeah, Alhamdullilah.. I passed all the postings and now I'm oficially a 4th year Medical Student~ ^^
it's hard to believe... but again, Thanks to Allah who's always beside me~ :)
to my friends who's their journey still not over yet...
gudluck guys! I know u guys can do it! ^^/
let's go to 4th year together~ :)
well, I'm not a perfect person to talk about this..
I never been there before but I know it's hard... keep holding on kayh!:D

I got almost 2 months of holiday until May this year~
the longest holiday I ever get since form 5! X3
so, need to plan my holiday carefully~ ^^
bcoz I can sense that I couldn't have this long holiday ever again! :/

so, starting tommorrow I will be in Mersing spending my time there for one week~ :D
haa~ can't wait to spend my time with little nephew~ :3 huhuuu~
on 22nd April, I will go to Rantau Abang Terengganu for my elective posting there~
for one week~ :)

the rest of the holiday will be filled with JDorama, Fangirling activities and I will learn how to cook better! ^^
and of course, I want to finished learning the Japanese language from the book that I posted before~ :)

oh, btw~
I finished watching Jdorama Mother...
a sad Human drama~ T_T
will write the review later~ ^^

and I also had finished this ~>
HSJ Summary Concert dayoooo~! ^o^/
I'm so excited! haha XD
I finished up downloading yesterday and straight away watching it for 2 and a half hour~ :D

ok, that's it..
ja~ bye bye nee~~! :D

Monday, March 5, 2012

[PV] Arashi - Wild at Heart

while I'm still not over with SUPER DELICATE by HSJ~
Johnny's make Arashi to reveals their full PV of WILD AT HEART~ -.-

Johnnys is killing me~! D:
btw, WHERE'S MY NEWS!! >__<
K8, K-T, YT all got new single, why not NEWS? :(
Johnny-san no baka! ><

okeeeeyyyyyyyy, here's d PV!
douzo~! ^^

Lyrics~> HERE

btw, u got to see this bcoz it'll be taken down soon~ ^^
HSJ Super Delicate that I posted before has been claimed~ :/

I love the chorus part~
maybe bcoz I had been used to OST of Lucky7~ ^^
the song is so Arashi-like ne!
ermm~ the feeling is like listening to their Energy Song ^^
aaaaand, love the 70's dance! haha XD

btw, when I'm watching this, I remember other PVs bcoz of some similarities~ 
haha, that bcoz I repeated this vids so many times! XP 

the same person here~ MatsuJun!
above from Wild at Heart, below from Believe~ ^^
the one from Wild at Heart is much more narrower tho~ :D
oh, I love Believe~ mecha kakkoiii~ :3
u can see the PV here :)

the circle around camera!
above from Wild at Heart, below from Kaze no Mukou e 
n really I love Kaze no Mokou e too! ^^ asexpected
bcoz my Nino is playing acoustic guitar! :3
haaaaaaaa~ fall - in - love! <3
PV here :)
the best part -> the 70's dance! XD
if it's 70's then we will always talking about NEWS' Koi no ABO!
:D   :D
gotta see em here!~> PV Koi no ABO
bcoz NEWS are dem funny! XD
NEWS desss~! :D
ah, yabai~
this is supposed to be an Arashi's post~
can't mix them~ -.-"
btw, I'm done! :D

ohhh, last pic fo yah!
because I'm bias! hah XD
I'm so busy with JUMP lately~
missing my Ninooooo~ =3=

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[PV] Hey!Say!JUMP - Super Delicate

I know it's late~ -.-"
but, better late than never right! ^^v

so, here it is ~>


lyrics -> HERE

I'm sooo in love with this song! haaaaa~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
see how many love they got?? 
motto~ motto~ ♥ ♥ ♥  haha XD

I love their outfits!
JUMP in suite are soooooo cool! :D
well, every guys wearing suite are cool~ ^^ (from my perspective fyi)

and I love Risou no Musuko too! ^^
"the Perfect Son"
it's sooo funny and weird?? @@
they got two from JUMP ~> Yuto-rin and Yamada~
that's why we got YamaJima in every Super Delicate perf! :D
oh, and Fujigaya from Kisumai too~ :)

put aside these two, they're not my bias~ :P
here's my bias ~>

Yabu-kun in SD PV making~ ^^
but, not so liking into him in this.
but in suite yes~ ^^
got no gud pic though~
well, gotta love this boy below~
kyaaaaa~ KEITOOO ^o^/
love his everything! XD
he's still my niban :)
my forever ichi is Yabu :D
look at everyone suite~
I love all of it~ except daichan's n hika's
but my favorite would be keito, yabu and chinen! ^^

JUMP perf in Music Station~

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's been 5 days I'm on holiday~

and I'm in my hometown right now~ ^^
so sorry that I'm not updating my blog right after the holidays start just like before..

I'm just simply lazy~ haha! -.-" **dushhh! ><

so, the result will be out the day after tommorow... on thursday~
OMG~ I'm so scared~ D:
it's either fail or passed...
either no holidays or 1 month holiday~ -.-
ok, I'm freaking out when thinking about the result DX

holidays plan?
I can't make one now since I'm scared to know what my result..
I just hang out with my usrah-mate after the exam~
when we heading back.. in a taxi, we got that "bad news"
oh well, medical student UKM, all of it knows what the "bad news" is -.-
we've been cursing membebel all the way back until the pakcik taxi couldn't say anything..
he just saying... "pakcik diam je sbb pakcik nk dengar luahan student2 ni... nasib la kan"
haha ^^"

even it's not involving me...
to re-exam back is just so hard~ :(
well, I can't say anything except to keep encouraging them~
to my half of the batch~
gudluck kayh! it's tomoorow~!
keep fighting, it's a second chance guys!

especially to my ushrah-mates: mimi, iera and kak zati~also to Ain who's always stalking reading this blog~ ^^
it's okay to re-osce back, Allah has a better plan~ :)


what I'm doing right now are watching Jdoramas, learning Japanese and learns to cook different dishes!

as for JDoramas~ currently I'm watching Risou no Musuko, Lucky 7 and Mother (old drama Starring Mana-chan)
I'll make the review later when I had finished all the dramas kayh! ^^

(I know I shouldn't be using all hiragana letters! ><)
ahaaa~ as for learning Japanese, I'm using this book:

already in Chapter 2 and keep progressing!!
learning Japanese is so much fun! it's a bit hard though without a teacher -.-"
fun when u have the interest~ I hope I was like this when learning medicine =3=

I'll update when I have the feeling to~ haha XD

Sunday, February 19, 2012

hang on Leez!

one week ago my aim was to passed this exam no matter what happen

one week of studying real hard is now about to end..
I'll be sitting the exam starting tomorrow until Thursday.

now what I'm thinking:

it's not the matter of passing the exams anymore..
it's the matter how hard I tried and work on it~
and the rest, I passed it to Allah~

I may be fail this time.
but, I shall remember that it's not the one that I should regret.
because I've tried. and I'm the one that make it happen.
and there is no turning back.

I'm making this post so that in the time of the exam result coming...
if the result is bad.. I shall open up this entry again :)
bcoz I'm sure  I'll be blaming myself so hard if I did fail.

If it's not... It's Allah plan..
we just predicted, but we'll never see how good/bad the outcome is..

the work.dua'.tawakal~
I still need to do them.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cinta SMS

My love for you is not of this earth, but of the Heavens
Yet I know it's not possible, because Heaven is greater
And the greatest of all Heavens, is the one with you in it
For Heaven will not feel heavenly without you, my love

-Cinta SMS, Karya Aiman Azlan 


exam schedule

the exam schedule :)

Gudluck guys!
InsyaAllah with usaha+doa+tawakal~ we'll be fine.
Allah with us!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm not smart~



yeah, if it's among the siblings

and among my childhood friends



u know Medicine is hard!

I give up~


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


it's my sis birthday~
but I'll talk later in another post..

my tummy hurts soo MUCH!
since 8pm until now... no less even a bit!
n I tried to sleep for 2 hours thinking that it would dissapear..
but hell NO! I can't even sleep! >__<

and of course, being a medical student..
I'm ruling out the possabilities of diseases that I could had.

first: gastritis.
yeah, I'm skipping lunch today, but I ate dinner! n it occurs 2 hours after I ate dinner~ :(

so then it's a food poisoning!
no........ I don't have diarrhea n vomitting~

oh, so then it must be a PMS!
it's not the time yet la~ -.-

help me. I had taken painkillers already and it still the same T_T
n I've been crying because of the unbearable pain!
I don't even study since 8pm bcoz I can't stand the pain~
I hate u belly! :'(

if the pain continues, I'm gonna go to clinic tomorrow~ :(

Saturday, February 11, 2012


they came~

they came~

D: *gasp*
study week

the STUDY WEEK has begun now~

from now on, there will be random stupid short post from me.

well guys!


がんばってください <-- bru blaja cane nk taip in Japan~ hee~ ^^
[T: Ganbatte Kudasai!]

let's make full use of this study week~ ^^
I got JKM & Medicine posting to cover!



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tiah's Birthday & Dinner College

it's 2 entry in one post!


it says
"Selamat Hari Jadi Lambat
Kesengalan Terselah 22"
that's all her housemates doing~ not me!
they're sooo mean~
*eheh~ I agree! LOL*
she's turning 22 actually is on 12th Jan~
we done nothing in JKM~
so, this is reaaaally a late celebration~ ^^
for Tiah~


it's Dinner again~ :)
Annual Dinner for KTDI~ my College where I'm staying~ ^^

I was simple this time~
all I want is EAT!

*i said two right?*
haha~ XD

met the nerds

Sunday, February 5, 2012



I just got back from Book fiesta in PWTC!
and because I'm sooo excited right now~
I'm gonna post the books that I bought! yaaaay~ *throws confetti~* ^^

ermm~ actually I'm gonna post about Dinner college that happen yesterday~
and another post on Fathiah late birthday party the day before yesterday~
well, that gonna wait! :D
haha~ sorry! ^^"

say hello to the new books~
I bought these books with my BB1M ^__^
now, it only RM50++ left~ :(
[the "++" is with my friends, we share]
I'm gonna save it for the meds books!

these are the one that I'm excited about! XD
I got this from fiesta book at PWTC this morning~ ^^
it's been months I've been trying to search this book~
altho that seerah book is not the one that I'm looking for, but I'm still happy~ :)

err~ but the books I'm buying about seerah last 3 months, still not finished tho~
aaah~ DX
I'm not a bookworm~ :(
I'm bored easily.
that's why I can't read novels~
okay, I know what u guys thinking ~ -.-
I don't care what u says! I love Japan n I'm gonna learn it's language!

btw, I got this from BORDERS Times Square~
obviously, I'm not a bookworms~
yes, I'm an Otaku~
I can reads mangas but not novels~ :D
just see how much comics I got back then~
well, this is some of my collections of manga~
me and my bro collect this! :D

...with some of them is stolen by -.-

I tried to read novel before.. but it fails epicly~
I spent one year to finish one novel~ hahh! how lame is that?
well, what to do~
I enjoys things that moving more~ ^^
I'm referring to drama/movie FYI.