Sunday, February 19, 2012

hang on Leez!

one week ago my aim was to passed this exam no matter what happen

one week of studying real hard is now about to end..
I'll be sitting the exam starting tomorrow until Thursday.

now what I'm thinking:

it's not the matter of passing the exams anymore..
it's the matter how hard I tried and work on it~
and the rest, I passed it to Allah~

I may be fail this time.
but, I shall remember that it's not the one that I should regret.
because I've tried. and I'm the one that make it happen.
and there is no turning back.

I'm making this post so that in the time of the exam result coming...
if the result is bad.. I shall open up this entry again :)
bcoz I'm sure  I'll be blaming myself so hard if I did fail.

If it's not... It's Allah plan..
we just predicted, but we'll never see how good/bad the outcome is..

the work.dua'.tawakal~
I still need to do them.

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