Friday, May 27, 2011

Second week of clinical year

it's a quick update...
okayh, I had finish second week of Basic Clinical course..
2 weeks to go~!^^

this week was Surgical posting..
Interesting as OnG~ :)
I got to see an operation of indirect inguinal hernia correction done by Dr. Mustapha~
a great experience! eventhough it's a bit tiring~ :)

next week I will be on Internal Medicine posting~
yoooshh~ got to work hard~! ^^

ok, till then..
everything wasn't in correct order yet..
so, this blog will be continue in definite hiatus for next week~!

ok, ja ne~! ^^

Sunday, May 22, 2011

First week of clinical year

hellow~ hellow~
sorry guys~ lame da x update. isk3~ T_T
I'm soooo busy with all the third year stuff~
still can't get used to clinical years yet~ T_T
it was sooooooo different from pre-clinical years...

but, but, I will be~! and I must be~!
yep~ ganbatte Leez~!!^^

there is so much things that need to be settled~
stremyx x connect pn lg~ adeyyy~ [I got to borrow intenet from Mimi for this update~ thanks mimi!]
and I have to stay outside.. huaa~ [ok, pdn muke... sape sruh x aktif!! isk~]
and we [penghuni 18-8 PlazaRah dlu] need to be separated since the quota for every house is not enough~
so, me, ira and ida still got the same house and plus three other 2nd year nursing student~
owell, it's okay~ [I think? T_T]

for now, the third year med student are in Basic Clinical course..
meaning that, we have to get through all four postings in a month... 1 posting for every 1 week~
then, barulah we need to go to kem PPD.. and to the real posting after that...
for the first week of my posting is Obstetric & Gynaecology aka O&G~
and I was like OMGeeee~! D:
it's the garang-est dept ever!
but then.. after 1 week of going to O&G ward... seeing all the babies... all the pregnant mothers and all the kind staffness in Orange ward~ I feel like.. I want O&G to be my first posting! :D
but I should get through this 1 month first right? :)
so, tomorrow.. I will change posting to Surgery dept.. then Internal Medicine and the last one should be Jabatan Kesihatan Malaysia (JKM)
I hope the order will be like this one for my true posting~
x sabar! :D

I have a loooot more to write~
but, it's not nice to use other people properties like ours right?
so, I stop here~ :)
till next entry~
bye2~! ja ne!! :D

I will be in complete hiatus for a few weeks until all things become better kayh?~ :)

P/S I: happy belated befday to my dearest housemate Ira~!! It was yesterday~ :)
P/S II: my nervous-ness over this new clinical years can't seems to get over~ pleaseeeee be able to adapt leez~ T_T... pray for me to do my best! yosh! \:D/  

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ended Holidays

I wanna back hooomeeeeeeeee~!!!!! T_T  T_T  T_T

I feel that today was a looooooooong day~ *sigh :(

for the very first time I take bus from Mersing to Kuala Lumpur..
6 hour and a half!! [ok, xde la suprise gle kn.. but it do for me.]
biasenye kalo nek bas from Muar to KL takes about 2 and a half hour..
it's like 3 times longer than usual..
so, I got motion sickness 3 times worst than usual~

tp, Alhamdullilah sampai dgn selamat~ :)

and now, berade di PlazaRah keseorgn~
I've never been alone in this house before, so please bear with me~
[I'm telling this, mcm x pena duk sensorg kn? kt k1 duk sensorg bleh plak! ish3~ ]
sume lampu tbkk~ haha~ sgt membazir~!

I need to packed all my things~
and what I've managed to do since I've got back is packing 2 big bags of clothes~
and now I realized~ byk nye bju, tp xmo pakai~ adeyy~~
sape nk ngangkat nihhh! berat okey! DX
next, got to pack my books. but, to be continued tomorrow~ :D

I was off to mersing to be a baby sitter and sister sitter?haha~ :D
above pic is my only nephew~ :)
and this Achik already miss him~ :(

ok, then... sampai sini saje entry kali ini~

my HOLIDAY is now OFICIALLY END today! 


P/S: all comments and visits will be replied later kayh~!!^^
I need my SLEEP~!!![aaah~] DX

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ma~ma~ma~ [ok, tataw nk ltk title ape~]

psttt~ pstt~

JPA da msuk~ hehe~ :D

I will be off to Mersing with my sis until the end of this holiday~
uuhh~ have to say bye-bye to webs world~ bye-bye~~ T_T

will be back to KL in 12th~!!!

so, HUKM weyt po mi~ ^^

P/S: extremely excited and severely nervous to start a new sem~
P/S II: dpt smangat dr Prof Har, Abg Oden & kak-same-ushrah [x igt name! lupe~ sorry T_T], yg muncul kat MHI pg td~^^.. u guys rocks la~ :D
ok, jom jd Clinical student dgn pnuh bsemangat~! ^^

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[Manga] Wai Wai JUMP

just now, I downloaded manga of HSJ [Wai Wai JUMP]

thanks to HSJ community! ^^

I never knew that HSJ has a series of comic~

it sooo funny, yet so cute~! ^^
they put the real HSJ members personality~ and I like it sooooo much~! :D

I enjoyed reading it..
wait! I don't understand Japanese..actually more to scanning the pics only though~ ^^" [silly me~]
well, it's a comic right??.... pictures explained everything~^^
so, yeah.. I'm not making a joke.. I understand the story~ ;)

upper line[from left]: Takaki Yuya,  Nakajima Yuto, & Yabu Kota
middle: Okamoto Keito, Yaotome Hikaru, Morimoto Ryutaro & Inoo Kei
lower: Chinen Yuri, Yamada Ryosuke & Arioka Daikii

[so hard to recognize them first, but now I'm okay~! ]
it's chibi HSJ~!^^
order are as above~

ok, let's compare with the actual person

upper [from left]: Inoo Kei, Yaotome Hikaru, Arioka Daiki, Yabu Kota & Takaki Yuya
lower: Okamoto Keito, Nakajima Yuto, Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri & Morimoto Ryutaro

it's easy to know Inoo-chan with the only girly-look-guy~
Takaki with the cool-looks-but-his-personality-always-not XD [fangirl takaki, please don't kill me~ esp mimi~ XP]
and Hikaru with his gojes smile~ :D
the other, I can differentiate them by their hair~
[common eh? same face with diff hairstyles~ well, that's manga style~ :)]

they include what they did on HSJ Summary Concert 2010~
kawaii desho?

it's volume 2~ waiting excitedly over next volume~ nhehehe~ :D

looking at the above picture.. they seems soo cool huh?
don't be fooled..
they're actually like this..
it seems real here~ :D

P/S: I have tinnitus on right ear~ omgeee~ what should I do? what should I do?!! D:

P/S II: Osama dies?? I don't think I believes that~something smells fishayy~!
owh, I think I misheard that.. I have tinnitus after all :D

Monday, May 2, 2011

Gudluck guys~! ^^

tomorrow, exam reseat will start, so......

a very special post for my course-mates:

GOOD LUCK in reseating EXAM~!!!!

Good Luck Graphic #21

especially to my dear housemate and friends~ :)

good luck guys! let me see u guys in HUKM~!
my prayers will be always with u~~ :)

zettai ni akiramenai ne~! :D

P/S: menanti kpulangan Rizqi esok~! ^^
yay~! dpt gak jmpe my very first nephew nih~ 
mood: heppy~ heppy~ heppy~ ^^

Sunday, May 1, 2011

HB Kei-chan~!!

a quick quick post~

Otanjoubi omedetto Keii-chan~!! :D

Happy 27th Birthday~!! ^^

Nii-chan~ come back to SC pleaseee~ I mish ya~ T_T

[restricted to Malaysia only~ :P]

P/S: I've got remaining 1 week of holiday~
got to use it to the fullest~! ^^