Tuesday, March 29, 2011

> hepy olidae~

ok, a short update..

exam now is finally over~!!^^ 
[thank goodness! i was like a real zombie back then.=_=]

ok now, it's holidays guys! ^^

next, MAYBE i will update when i'm in johore..at my lovey dovey home..

till then, ja ne~! ^^

dah. tu je. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

> Laugh and Cry

I always knew that looking back on the tears would make me laugh
but I never knew looking back at the laugh would make me cry.

Maria Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, March 26, 2011

> along past 2 week

wuuu~ lme suda x apdet belog ini~ ;)

well, lots of things happens these day~
let's review back!

first.stressed exam
nothing much to comment. as always the tears fall again~ haiiih~!
tp theory ppr dah abes!! yey~! ^^
kte da brusaha, kte da bdoa.. next, tawakal + doa! :D

second.tsunami, earthquakes, radiation issues in Japan
my heart hurts everytime i came across this news..
no lies. mase study week, every 3 hours i will check hows the update..
how they've been? is they all ok? is their country stable? is the people get any help?
i even can't study properly and up to one stage, Allah finally answers me~ Alhamdullilah~ :)
mesti ade yg tertnye, knpe nk rsaukn diorg? they not even an Islamic country..
ok, do forgive me.. i've known Japan since i adore naruto, bleach, the tech and whatsoever in their country.
i learned everything bout Japan.. and u can see urself. lots of japan thing in this blog since the start. i got obsessed with them.
since then, i really reaaally want to go there. and even now, i reaaally reaaally hope that i'm there despite their current situation .. yeah, i'm not reliable, but i want to be there and support them! [ok, sorry for being so serious.. this is what i felt. sorry again] 

third. i've got what-it-calls-when-my-cousin-get-a-new-baby~!!! :D
new baby is a girl and the name is Nur Qalisah~
before, kte ade update psl weeding diorg~ ke SINI yup! ^^
ade 3 psgn kn? our Aunty cik Ann is waiting for her due~ hwaaaa~^^
got sooo much babies this year! :D
and the most important is my first niece/nephew! waiting excitedly over my sis baby.. it should be this month or early next month~ waaaaaa~ x shaba! :D

forth. OSPE/OSCE papers this tuesday
ok, this is the exam where we need to touch patient, touch wetty cadever, get headache looking in the microscope, get even more headache to differentiate cells in the picture provided and get nervous for every 4 minutes! =_= huah!
ok, got to study for this! ganbare leez~!! hwaiting! ^^
let's do our best guys! hoping that this would make big addition to my theory papers.. amin!
GOOD LUCK!! :D we shall meet in clinical years next may! :))

fifth. waiting impatiently over 1months [is it gonna be less?] holiday!!
hwaahhh~ its holiday everyone! ok, not yet... =_=
and it should be 1 months if i dont have to reseat any papers [ameen!]
i have so much things to do.. and one of it~ my liscence! [lame gile bwat lesen! haih~ =_=]

ok..ok.. dah dah leeza~
gi study sane!

ok bye minna~! :D

before that, lets hear this song NIJI (Rainbows) by Aqua Timez

its an old song, but hearing words "daijobu" [trans: its ok] makes me calm over things that happen~ :)
arigato ne, Aqua Timez! :) 
now, their songs bcome my favorites.. oh, they are not Johnnys ok.

the lyrics and translation is HERE ok~! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

> :)

keep going Leez~
you're doing fine. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

> End Sem Exam~ a journey to clinical years

to all 2nd year medical student in UKM~


let's do our best and go to clinical years in this May!

yoshhh~ ganbarimassu~!! ^^

and also for 5th year medical student~

may the seniors be good doctors and guide their juniors all the way to be like them~! ^^
yoroshiku, senpai~! :D

[p/s: let's ignore the fact that i posted this entry late..
we already had our first paper this morning~]

Sunday, March 13, 2011

> StudyWeek + Japan + Johnnys

it's STUDY WEEK~!!! >_<

to aleza: 
please focus! please focus! please focus! 

to everyone:
GUDLUCK GUYS~!! we meet at clinical years kayhhh! ^^


Everyone knows kan? Tsunami n Earthquakes in Japan..
how can negara yg paling maju bleh msnah skelip mata je.. more than a half of japan is affected..
and the only answer is Its Allah wills.. it is clearly expressed that Allah can beat anything..
[not only this.. there are more b4]
ok ppl.. it's time for you guys to opens your eyes~
"Allahumma 'afini fii basari~" 

i'm praying hardly for ppl in Japan~
i just hate myself for only able to say repeatedly 'poor japan..poor japan..' but not been able to help them :(
and i freaked out over knowing that Sendai is affected where Hikaru's family is there..
here-> stated that Hikaru's house is totally finished by tsunami~ poor hikaru :'(  i just can't imagine his feeling~ [hikka ganbatte ne~ keep holding on! really hope ur family is fine! T_T]
even worst I went into a gloomy phase when hearing JUMP members are only RUMORED to be save than NEWS members that already confirmed save..[my housemates get irritated over my attitude~]
some members are injured but they are safe~ [its says Yabu, Yamada, Dai, Yuto n Tegoshi are having minor injury~]

and for peoples in Japan~ KEEP HOLDING ON!!
for those who lost their beloved ones~ BE STRONG!!
[Al-Fatihah for those who left us~]

Let's pray for them! 

[p/s I: sorry guys.. they were like someone that i knew soo well..that's why i freaked out like crazy..
so please bear with me? :(]

[p/s II: i should worrying more bout my exam! =_=" 
~ok, let's pass all module n go to 3rd year without reseating any papers~ ganbatte leez!! ^^]

[p/s III: will lock my laptop awaaaaaayyy from my sight~
so, there will be no updates for a loooong tym! i'll peek my blog by phone later~ :)]

Friday, March 11, 2011

> Yabu Kota ~ My Everything

i love this song so much..

ne yabu kota-kun, you are my everything~ :')

how i hope you sing this song for me~ ^^


Matataku Hoshi ga hitomi wo tojite

Kaze ga yukuesura miushinau toki ga kite mo

Kawaranu omoi You're the one

Itsu no hi mo kimi wo aishiteru

In my heart kono mune no naka shizuka ni

Demo tashika ni kimi no sonzai ga

Itsuka nani yori mo taisetsu na mono ni natte ta
Can you listen to my heart ? 

Want you to know

I really wanna say to you

That you're the only one
Kimi ga subete You're My everything

Eien ni mirai mo koko kara ugokidasu no sa

Until the end of time, everything

Wow, nukumori wo dakishime atte iru

Yasashisa ni ude wo mawasu

Soshite sasayaki wa shidai ni kasanari
Futari wa hitotsu ni naru

Want you to know

I really wanna say to you

That you're the only one
Kimi ga subete You're My everything

Eien ni mirai mo koko kara ugokidasu no sa 

Until the end of time, my everything

Hanasanai yo You're my everything

And you have to know

You gotta listen to my heart

I can be the one for you

Until the end of time, my everything... 



Times, when the twinkling stars close their eyes
And I lose sight of where the wind goes, come
This unchanging feeling - you're the one
No matter when, I will love you

In my heart, in my heart somewhere

Silently, but definitely,

Your existence is there
Since a time, you became more important than anything else
Can you listen to my heart ? 

Want you to know

I really wanna say to you

That you're the only one
You are everything, you are my everything
From here, our unending future starts to move too
Until the end of time, everything... 

Wow, We will embrace the warmth

To gentleness, we will turn our arms

And then, our whispers will bring us together again
The two of us will become one

Want you to know

I really wanna say to you

That you're the only one
You are everything, You're my everything
From here, our unending future starts to move too
Until the end of time
My everything... 

I won't let go, you're my everything

And you have to know,

You have to listen to my heart
I can be the one for you




to be honest, i cried a bit when i heard this song~ :)
now, u had steal my heart 

[p/s: finish end module exam.. next mission~ end sem exam! ganbare leez!!^^]

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

> EME repro

to dear Aleza:

sile risau psl exam!!

ok, done.

i wanna wish my collegue 2nd year medic ppl:


it's already end of sem4.. next week is a study week!
ahhh~wake up leez!! >_<

[p/s: to kaklong and abg zali~ HEPPY 3rd ANNIVERSSARY~!! :D]

Sunday, March 6, 2011

> neko-chan aka cats~

[translation: cats]

okay, i wanna talk bout CATS~
the adorable creatures ever! ^^

nape kucing? sbb i love them!
isn't they cute? soooo cute isn't?
who doesn't like cats? [beside Yaotome Hikaru HSJ please~]
talking bout hikaru, i don't understand why he scared of cats..
a cute guy afraid of a cute animal.. how cute! ^^
so much difference than his bestfreind Yabu Kota which love kitten the most~ ^^
hikaru: nyaaaa~! haha~ ^^ [he did that on shounen club show~ kawaii desho? :D]
~kawaii silly hikaru ^^

anyway, did u guys tegok video yg diorg duk post2 kat facebook?
the one that a tomboy which abusing a kitten~
so stupid! seriously...
and i didn't watch it though.. i just can't. kang banjir plak~
better don't sbb nti teringat2 smpai bwk mimpi... ngeee~ scary kayh!
ade jugak manusia sekeji tu hidup kat dunia ni ek?
it's a kitten kayhh!!
even Rasullulah s.a.w love cats the most out of any animals~
ok, i can't accept.. [wlupun x tgok vid tu]

stop with that.. x best la nk marah2 nih..
btw, here's some pics of my pets~ ^^

it's meaw and momo~!!
momo already leave us~ T_T [hope she's good in heaven :)]
for meaw.. she's good in home~ that girl is sooo big! and fluffy! ^^

it's a new generation from meaw~ :D
on the left: oren?? haha~ he has no name actually~ he's on top of my lap~
on the right: stokin! haaa~ cute kn? she's holding my hand~ ^^
below: its stokin and oochi! same mom but different era~ haha~ :D 

last one~
[nk jugak gedik ltak gamba sndiri an? haha~]
its me and oochii! look how scary oochii~:D
but at least die nk bgamba.. kalo meaw, huh sgt susa!
expected from a notty meaw~ ^^

haa~ that is my current pets aka my family members~
byk kn? hee~ :D
they were soooo adorable!
and please don't blame me if i get excited seeing a cat~ :))

[p/s: please give me courage to study!! T_T]

Saturday, March 5, 2011

> my family came! :D

isk~ isk~

sdg bersedey~

onion head Pictures, Images and Photos

post-meeting family mmg gini..
actually my father came with jamal, my bro
it is sudden... [nseb bek x g dinner kolej]
dpt jmpe kjap je~isk2~
and they are not always come here
and it has been months since i'm not coming home~

it's okay... i'm HAPPY :D
at least, nasihat abah mse dinner td beri smangat pd kte...
yahh, and i really need it for this upcoming exam~

yoshh~ GANBARIMASU~!! ^^

to abah and my whole family:

"orang akn blaja btul-btul and make sure org msuk thun 3 dgn jayenye~!
tggu org blik cuti yep! ^^ "

[p/s: starting today my bro gonna live in Bangsar~ yey! ^^ ~guess abah doesn't need to worry bout me  anymo!:D]

Friday, March 4, 2011

> NEWS talk~ i dont hv bf tho~^^

this is taken from magazine winkup~

a translation of NEWS group member talk:

kusano Pictures, Images and PhotosKusano: If you weren’t a Johnny and your girlfriend said “Let’s go to a Johnny’s concert together!” how would you feel?
Uchi Pictures, Images and PhotosUchi: That’s a hard question to answer.
kusano Pictures, Images and PhotosKusano: I think if I went I’d be pretty jealous of the Johnny’s. You know the girl would just be staring at the stage. I’d think “Do you really like him that much?”…
Uchi Pictures, Images and PhotosUchi: Anyone would think that (lol)
nishikido ryo. Pictures, Images and PhotosNishikido: I think it depends on the idol they liked. There are some people I think I could just think “I can’t win against that guy” about and be OK with.
Yamashita: I’d be jealous. How am I supposed to react if I went to hang out at her place and there were posters all over her room? (lol) I’d be totally jealous. So when your boyfriend comes over take most of your posters down, and you can put them back up after he leaves (lol).

[Uchi + Kusanoalready leaves NEWS in '06 n '07 repectvly~]

ok, they sure doesn't know well their fangirl huh?^^ [aww~ cute! :D]
ne yamashita-san.. posters is not enuf u kno? haha~ :D

btw guys... are u really jealous if your love one loves johnnys??
thank god i don't have bf~ ^^ haha~

taken from here :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

> lunch with pbl7~! ^^

last tuesday ktorg pbl7 gi mkn kt kenny rogers..
and for me, it was the first time~^^

dah nk abes sem 4 dah pn... all PBL session pn ktorg da habis..
after this, we're gonna be at clinical years.. we got 6 sems to go!
so, that means, this PBL were the last PBL on pre-clinical year [hopefully, Insyaallah! amin! ^^] 

ok, mule cerite,
actually ktorg cadang nk g mkn kat chilis before.. but then x jadi..
nk tau sbb pe x jd gi situ??.. sile KLIK SINI.. u'll know why~ :)
then ktorg pn pegi je TS tu tnpe hala tuju~ [haha~ seriesly x pena wat cmni ble 10 org jln reramai tp tataw ke mane! XD]
so jln2 dlm TS tu jmpe la si kenny ni~ then trus decide mkn kat situ~
after mkn ktorg g SHOPPING!! :D
of course la yg the guys x ikut kn~ kami girls 4 org saje g 'window' shopping [x beli ape pn.. haha~ :D]
at first mau men bowling, but certain ppl ade keje.. so x jadi~
it's okay~ we got next time [maybe?]

ok, tataw cite pe dah..
meh tgk gamba~ :D

inilah si kenny yg kmi mkn! yummy~! ^^

yea~ mkn! mkn! mkn! :D
[mkn byk tp tamau besha~ ishhh! X(]

window shopping!! :D
did u guys notice?
x cukup org an?
haha~ actually, ini je yg berade dlm henfon kte..
gamba beramai2 ade dgn org len~
this the only big group pic that i have ;)

kawaii desho?? :D

kuma-chan for everyone~!! :D
this kuma-chan wuld be our best memories for the last PBL in year 2~
everyone got different kuma-chan~
and kuma-kuma tsebut actually hadiah dr kami ber-4 : me, nabillah, tiah and iela~
hope our pre-clinical year wuld truly end this march~!
and i want to meet u guys in next may in HUKM as a clinical student!

let's do our best guys~

[p/s: ade org ckp kte cm dak kechik~ noooooo! :'O]