Friday, March 4, 2011

> NEWS talk~ i dont hv bf tho~^^

this is taken from magazine winkup~

a translation of NEWS group member talk:

kusano Pictures, Images and PhotosKusano: If you weren’t a Johnny and your girlfriend said “Let’s go to a Johnny’s concert together!” how would you feel?
Uchi Pictures, Images and PhotosUchi: That’s a hard question to answer.
kusano Pictures, Images and PhotosKusano: I think if I went I’d be pretty jealous of the Johnny’s. You know the girl would just be staring at the stage. I’d think “Do you really like him that much?”…
Uchi Pictures, Images and PhotosUchi: Anyone would think that (lol)
nishikido ryo. Pictures, Images and PhotosNishikido: I think it depends on the idol they liked. There are some people I think I could just think “I can’t win against that guy” about and be OK with.
Yamashita: I’d be jealous. How am I supposed to react if I went to hang out at her place and there were posters all over her room? (lol) I’d be totally jealous. So when your boyfriend comes over take most of your posters down, and you can put them back up after he leaves (lol).

[Uchi + Kusanoalready leaves NEWS in '06 n '07 repectvly~]

ok, they sure doesn't know well their fangirl huh?^^ [aww~ cute! :D]
ne yamashita-san.. posters is not enuf u kno? haha~ :D

btw guys... are u really jealous if your love one loves johnnys??
thank god i don't have bf~ ^^ haha~

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