Saturday, March 5, 2011

> my family came! :D

isk~ isk~

sdg bersedey~

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post-meeting family mmg gini..
actually my father came with jamal, my bro
it is sudden... [nseb bek x g dinner kolej]
dpt jmpe kjap je~isk2~
and they are not always come here
and it has been months since i'm not coming home~

it's okay... i'm HAPPY :D
at least, nasihat abah mse dinner td beri smangat pd kte...
yahh, and i really need it for this upcoming exam~

yoshh~ GANBARIMASU~!! ^^

to abah and my whole family:

"orang akn blaja btul-btul and make sure org msuk thun 3 dgn jayenye~!
tggu org blik cuti yep! ^^ "

[p/s: starting today my bro gonna live in Bangsar~ yey! ^^ ~guess abah doesn't need to worry bout me  anymo!:D]


klg said...

abh anto jamal..igtkn dia nek bas..

Aleza Omar said...

riso kot~
alang2 g kl jmpe org skali~

klg said...

akhirnya abh benarkn jamal kje...

Rosliza Ali said...

lek la lezz aku ade..rindu aku cukup.hukhuk

Aleza Omar said...

to kaklong:

haha~ finally ^^

Aleza Omar said...

to rosliza:

haha~ ko tiap2 ari jmpe kot~ :D