Friday, July 30, 2010

>Again, my favorite character

WARNING: this post is totally about anime only~ if u like it~ go on and read it~ but if u dont like it~ just skip it~ i dont mind~~ :)
p/s: kte bleh jdi hyperactive skirenye kte talk about anime~ so bear with it ehh? ;))

which one would you choose??
i choose both~!!!! :DD

they were always people said that my favorite character is a bad guy~ and they hate it =_="
because i love ICHIMARU GIN and UCHIHA ITACHI which both was used to be a bad guys...
but there's something about them that i like~
(sorry to take anime as serious as like they were living~ )

Uchiha Itachi which was a part of akatsuki's organization. He was so evil that he could kill all his family leaving Sasuke, his only brother to live. He was a missing-nin which also called "betrayed ninja" towards his village...
ok, that was enough to see that he was evil right?
what makes him good?
actually he joined akatsuki to know their organization. He killed his family because his family intend to betrayed their own village. He leave sasuke alone living with no family because he cared about his bro until he even cant kill him...he should actually.
and not to forget..he fight sasuke until the end of his life to remove the cursed seal from him.
owryte, everything bad that he does actually had a reason for it kn??
so, conclusion is: he is good~~ :))

**i had once argued with someone about this~ but at the end i win~!!! haha~
----: im not just falling for his coolness but his kindness also~~ hoho~ :D

Ichimaru Gin is a shinigami in soul society. He betrayed soul society and follow aizen (which is extremely evil!). He do everything that Aizen told him to do...i thought he is bad after all he do to the one that trust him. but yesterday's released of Bleach 414 revealed that he is not bad!
haha~ i like~~~ :)) i was waiting for this:

seeee~~~ he killed aizen~ yey~!!! ^^ haha
this page is taken from mangastream

ok~! proven that my good instinct for every favorite character that i like is true~ yey~! ^^

owryte, tamat sudah post ini...sorry again for my kegilaan towards anime ni~
i just can't help it....:DD

>My Precious Lappy Sick~!!!

mood: not so happy~

my HP got sick~~~~ huaaa~ cedeh2~ T_T

it can't connect to d internet even when the wireless is available....
kne reset modem dlu bru bleh...
& ia smakin berat...uhuuuuuu~ :(

i'm going to format this laptop~ haizz~ =_="

Thursday, July 29, 2010

>Pursuit of Happyness

i was watching this movie [Pursuit Of Happyness] on the past monday 26th july~
the movie is for PPD session actually...
so, DK1 became a cinema for us~ haha~ seronok! :D

The story is about a man named Chris Gardner, who is a single father that rising his only son Christopher in a very challenging situation.
Chris was invested all his life-saving money to buy a bone scanner (which is not sold-able).
Everyday he had to walk around with his bone scanner, trying to sold it to the doctors in clinic and hospitals, but at the end, he sold nothing...
His wife need to work extra shifts in order to support the family...but often, his wife was not able to take care of his son. Tired of everything, she decided to work on New York leaving Chris alone to take care of his chid (i dont like this~!! >.<) Chris signed up for internship in (idk d name) a company and hope to get a good job from there. All trouble he had been through was a very painful (for me la~) events. He needs to get out of his house and living in a very poorer condition. He even slept in a bathroom (most touching part~~:( But at the end, Chris managed to sold all his bone scanner as he was never gave up~ n he also get a job as a broker in that company.... What i got from this movie is that, ~MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING, BUT IT ENSURES HAPPINESS IN LIFE~
:)) that was i thought....

n neva give up in everything that we do.....

overall: this movie is the BEST~!!! :))
shuld go n watch it~ ;)

my favorite quote:
Chris: Whenever i got an A for History or whatever subjects in school, i always think that i will get a job that i always want....
(oww~ beshhh kn^^) means..success skrg x bmaksud kte akn success slalu... it depend on us how we managed it...kn2? ^^


when Chris got the job, "this part of my life is called happiness"
wuuu~ sgt beshhh~^^

when it is applied to me, "part of my life now is called determination"

~ i will work hard on this medicine~

i will graduate as Medical Doctor in these 4 years time~!
and become an ANESTHESIOLOGIST in the next 4 years~!! :))

yeah~ gambatte leeza~!!!! ^^

p/s: if money ensures happiness, then i'm not going to be happy until my next jpa comes in~ huaaaaaaaaa~ :'O [i only got 2k, can i survive???]

Sunday, July 25, 2010

>Homesick~ :(

just now, got a massage from my dad asking "bila boleh blik?"

and this afternoon, i called my mom at home, she asked "bila nk blik?"

huaaaa~!!! mak~ abah~ org nk blik umaaa~ :'( isk2~~

if la kn, bleh blik tiap2 mmgu cm kat KMJ dlu...
alangkah bahagianye~ :(
blik pn 15 min perjalanan je...
alahai sonoknye~
mahu pulang ke matrix semula.......

ishh, sabar leeza~ 2 mggu lg cuti~!!! yey~!! ^^
can't wait for that..hehe~

ok, smbung wat pbl~

ja ne~!!! =]

i like this quote~!!! ^^

Saturday, July 24, 2010

>My dream guy~ ^^

seriously boring~ hahah~
owryte, bacelah post ngarut kte kali ni ek:

there u go~~~~~~~~~~~~
ok, heres some (some?) characteristics of my dream guy~~
ohhhhh~! :D

he must be SUPER COOOLLL like:
(my fave char~ 1 n only~^^haha...)
*fangirl mode* kyaa~


(from death note~^^,)


BRAVE like:
(from basilisk~:)


FUNNY and lil bit SCARY like:
(from bleach~ kawaiiiii~^^)


(from ouran hostobu~ :)


a bit COLD like:
(from Blood+ ^^)


all and all~ after sum up~!
my dream guy would be him~!!!===>>
(from vampire knight~)
*fangirl mode*(again?)
~kaname samaaa~!!!^^

~wish culd see a perfect guy like him~~ wawawa ;p

=ok2, think im going crazy@_@=
mimi said: aleza, awk kawen je la ngn anime tuuu...
ahaha mimi, kalo bleh da lame dah~
aiiishhhhh~~ >.< (gaye kyuhyun klh game) #actually post sebenar ttg post ini adelah utk mberitahu my fave character in anime~

mereka sume chumelll kn??? ~kyaaaaaaa~~ !! ^^

Thursday, July 22, 2010

>Clinical Skills Learning: Procedure

today's CSL was fun~!!^^
about procedures drawing blood, chest x ray and listening to various heart and lung sound~

First we do our auscultation. At first agak pening utk mbezakn btween normal and abnormal heart sound~ there were a SLIGHT difference.
and the wheezing sound of the lung is quit scary actually~~ @_@ haha

~i need to hear it much more to be familiar with it~ ^^

Then we moved to chest X-ray interpretion~

this is a normal chest Xray~ taken from prof google~^^
*this is a posterior anterior view
*no blunt end of lungs~ suggestive pleural effusion
*heart is in normal size

~that is what i can remembered~ =]
there is much more actually~

Last one is venepuncture~ this is the most interestiing~ i got 3 prick and it is painfull~ =_=" adehh~

~at first, i do on my left arm~ 2 times~
i got nervous and the blood wont come out~
~kesian syaza, percubaan keatas kte x bjaye~:(

then switch to the right hand, akk nurse tu yg buat~ yg ni berjaye~ yey~!! ^^

~ kte buat kat syaza, n the first try is a success~ ^^

we go back at 5.30 pm and sampai plazarah pkul 6.30 pm~
sgt penat~ +_+
well, got to finish up my lecture notes~! Aja-aja leeza~!!!!^^

~tomorrow i got 2 first session PBL for "I'm Under Pressure" and "My Achy Leaky Heart"
wish me luck~! :))

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

> New spirit. Aja-aja~!!!

they were talking bout my attitude~

i guess i did reaaaally a crybaby.......=_="

eh? :?


eyshhhh~ watever~ watever~

theres no time to be in a mood of blues now,


a lot of lecture notes need to be covered~

yeah~ ganbatte ne leeza~!!!
I CAN DO IT~!!!!^^

p/s: i dont really like peoples talking back and im sooooooooo afraid of it~ so, pleaseeeeeee~ @_@ **puppy's eyes blinking
juz like tamaki-senpai :)))
~kawaiiiii~ ^^

Monday, July 19, 2010

>sorry for not being able to control my tears~

sorry for not being able to hold my tears this morning~

it was a spontaneous action the moment they told me that~

i'd tried to not to cry but i cant... sorry~~~ :((

i am soooo stupid enough to cried over a silly thing~

mybe look silly to others, but i have a reason~
i'm toooo AFRAID that i cant tolerate and being nice

i am so excited about it..... just when i know it was an opposite thing that i got...i just cant hold it...
sorry~ i shuld just accept it rite...~ but to be sure, i wont be comfortable with it.

sorry bcoz i do experienced it before and i dont want it to be happened again~
*pisang x kn berbuah 2 kali kn??*

~SORRY~ SORRY~ SORRY~~~~~~~~~~~

to burdened you guys bout it~ :((
*seriously deep inside my heart, i have a regrets over it *

i'm such a crybaby huh??~ ishhhhhhh :(

Saturday, July 17, 2010

>Haunted Movie with housemates~

today i dont even touch my pbl~ aiishhh~ :(

start from the morning, ktorg housemates2 sekalian berbuaaaaallll je (*excited ila da blik sbenanye~ )
a quote from iera: if a women is given 5 minutes, they can talk about hundreds different things~ (amazing kn? haha~)

housemates yg terlibat adelah: ila, kakzati, ida, mimi and me myself~ ^^
(iera have to go back to her granny's house)

and then we continued having lunch at mne tah~ x tahu mau describe the place cmne =_="
(which is quite expensive actually~ )

after that, ktorg kluar ke UO lak~ which is not in our plan.. (end up dgn pegi UO tnpe duet, & hanye mengharap belas & kasih mimi tuk menggunakn duetnye terlebih dahulu...hoho~)

byk ktorg abes~ dkat 200 gak..(kalo pmpuan sudah bershopping~ what do u expect kn? haha)

then blik, pas solat zohor sume, ktorg tgok muvee rmai2~ haha~ (the best part!)
lokasi: bilik single (blik kte la) krane bilik ini spt gua...sesuai utk suasane yg menyeramkn..ngee~
media: my laptop
film: 40 hari kebangkitan pocong... @_@
crite disupply oleh: ila

ok, seriously rase cm nk nageh tgok cite ni...huuaa~!
yg kak zati, ila n ida bleh gelak2 tgok... xpham~ =_="
there was a part when the hantu kuar at laptop screen of that story (not my laptop)~
guh! (kte dgn mimi sedang concentrate lak tuh!)~ and there goes~ aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh~!!
rase2nye la kn....msti rumah sebelah bleh denga jeritan kte ngn mimi an? ishhh3~
pastu kne marah lg ngn kak zati, ila n ida coz ktorg punye jeritan yg buat diorg tekejut~ bkn hantu tu...adehhhh~ +_+

well, sudah tamat cerite itu, kte decide tuk tido ngn mimi mlm ni...
(iera, pnjam katil jap eh?) ;p

now, kami sume addicted dgn game sushi diperkenal kn oleh kak zati~ aiiii~ x siaplah pbl kami cmni...... ;)

ok, gotta go to sesi masak megi beramai2...haha~ :))

booo~!! haha~ ^^

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

>Semoga kamu aman disana, Norly~

" Ya Allah, moge Kau tempatkan arwah di dlm kalangan org yg beriman~~"

kte baru tahu~ Nurliyana bt Surib
kwn kpd kwn kte meninggal 24th june lepas..
sgt terkilan~ die sgt baek~
whenever i see roziah, i see her...die baek sgt2~

eventhough x byk ckp ngn die mse duk kat KMJ dlu, still she like to smile to me.. :(
kte tahu pn slepas wondering why die x update blog dah... n i tried to know her status on fb~
but i found this:

mule2 terkejut sbb mcm x caye je... but this it is..
her wall full of words of sympathy from her frens~ :(

this status posted 7th of june....2 weeks before she's gone..
she know already..... but we neva noticed that~ :'(
when i read this status... i'd cried... she know isnt she?

kte harap kamu aman di samping-Nya, Norly~~~


>Urticaria / Gegata

i have this urticaria since i am form 4~
and now it comes back starting last week~
warghhh hate this ssssooooooo much~!! DX

i cant sleep well, i cant study peacefully, i cant do thing because of its itchiness~~
seriously hate it~ :(
this happen only at night (d most enjoyable moment of a day~) and attack whole of my back~
hate it~ hate it~ HATE IT~!! warhh~!!!

i dont know what i am allergic to~ mybe food? i think so....
usually i did ignored it..but now gettin more serious plak~

ok2~ some information on uricaria (also called hives):
Urticaria is characterized by blanching, raised, palpable wheals, which can be linear, annular (circular), or arcuate (serpiginous). These lesions occur on any skin area and are usually transient and migratory. These lesions are often separated by normal skin, but may coalesce rapidly to form large areas of erythematous, raised lesions that blanch with pressure.

Acute urticaria is usually self-limited and commonly resolves within 24 hours but may last up to 6 weeks. Chronic urticaria lasts more than 6 weeks. Neither acute nor chronic urticaria results in long-term consequences other than anxiety and depression. The depression can be severe enough to lead to suicide in rare cases (owhhh...not me!). Also, many of the diseases associated with chronic urticaria may cause very significant morbidity and mortality (i got the acute one~).

Most cases of simple acute urticaria can be treated with H1 antihistamine agents.

(Information taken from:
(gamba diambil dr encyk google~ trime kasehhh~! )

ohh, my housemate kate kne lumur ngn garam + kunyit sbg petua n ilnagkn gegata ni..ok kmi x de kunyit..garam ade..haha..

~p/s: thank you very much to my housemate iera and mimi krn mbantu menjalankn petua ini..heh *hilang la cepaaaaattt~~~~~~~*

Monday, July 12, 2010

>Exam abes~~ yay~!! ^^

End Module Exam n Mini Test MS da abishhh~ yay~! yay~! :)

tp, tp, tp.....jwb cm hampeh je~ :(

~Ya Allah, sesungguhnye aq bertawakal kpd Mu stlh aq brusaha keatsnye~
reaaaaaally hope that i can PASS this module~ oh please, pleaseee, pleaseeeeeeeee~!!
*praying hardly~ :(*


owryte, emo mood slepas exam tamat..

just now jumpe muke2 first yer~~
alololo~ innocent nyeeee~ :)
*terfikir: adekah kte juge bgitu dhulu...haha~*

Teoh Chun Teng said to me and nisa: u guys already became a senior, should be more matured lorh...(he talk like this because both of us berebut mau amik nasi kt kafe td...haha)
haha~ yah TCT~ shuld be more matured~ n i will be~!! haha~
(bleh ke?? )

and ptg td jmpe ila, syera n shakirah~
well, seriously i miss u guys a lot~!!
now kne g camp ppd pulak dah... :( urrrr

tp xpe, xpe~
gudluck kayhh~!
for all my frens repeating first year~ gudluck kayhhhh~!! n neva giv up~! ^^
and to my junior (ehem! dah jd senpaiii laa~ ) = welcome~ n be good yep~! ^^

Friday, July 9, 2010

>gudluck fo EME n MS + Welcome back my frens ^^

my headphone rosak~!!!! uwaaaaaa :'(
isk3~ sedey2...sgt sedey!

the left one x bleh dengar dah...itulah dengar lg x henti2~ pdn muke~! uhuuuuuu~
ehh, i'm suppose to worried bout my future eardrum kn? tp nmpaknye hayat earphone tu yg x lme..
aiii..nk wat cmne...bli bru lah~ haha~ :))
**Ila, Syera~ lets out pas kem ppd kayhhh~!!! :DD

ok, monday starts my End Module1 Exam~ Blood & Lymph~ oso with Mini Test MS~
buat kwn2 2nd yer~ gudluck kayhhh~!!!! ol de besh :))

i decided to not to open my lappy this sat n sun....
well, i cant study if my lappy is on...ngeeee~ x(

owryte, 5 more Blood lectures to go n all lectures MS need to be covered~
well then, GANBATTE NE LEEZA~!! \(^o^)/ aja-aja~!!!

and special for my fren that repeating 1st year~
gudluck with the new sem kayhh~!!! n neva giv up~! ^^

~my profile pic on fb~ cute kn???~
Okazaki ushio-chan from anime series Clannad After Story
for all otakus~ u must see this~! :D

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

> Songs keep repeating on my head

lately, kte denga mp3 byk sgt dah...pegi fac, balik fac, mse study, mse lec MS, mse dok berangan, mse nk tido....
and now i'm worried of my 'future eardrum'... :?

ok, watever it is,
i am now crazy over suju songs~ wahhh~!! :0

ini sume salah MIMI~!!!! hahaha~ ;)

currently listening to

both from super junior grup~~
i did played it over and over again....
kalo mp3 bleh ckp, msti die kate "bohsan" kn?..ngeeeee~ ;p

another songs that keep repeating is ~
Aaozora No Namida - Takashi Hitomi
Raion - Jinn
Colors Of The Heart - UverWorld
Brand New Map - K

ini sume japan songs~ soundtracks anime Blood+
yahhh~! luv it soooo much~!!!! :)

ohye, in suju grup i like SUNGMIN~~ shooooo kyut~! :3

tp, tp, tp..obviously la x bleh lwn my IKUTA TOMA~
kyaaaa~!! :D
super-duper cute kn~
Toma-chan wa daiiiiisukiii~!!! :)))
*feels like i wanna screams- finally i understand fangirls*

ok, semoge ke-crazy-an ini berakhir...

lets open some MS (@_@)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

>Unlocking My Blog

ok, i am hereby unlocking my blog which is previously privated~

owryte, soo soorry for privating my blog...

sedikit emo recently..haha (poyo kot!)

n for those yg btanye knp, thanks ye~!! =]
~saye sudah PULIH~!! haha... ;D

recently watching these anime series - BLOOD+
sooo coooolll~! like it soooo much!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

aleza . khazila . syahira

I miss PBL 6 sem 1~ miss like a loooot~!

yeah, we're still on the same faculty...but..

Ila, Syra...blik la cpat~~ =(
its different without u guys~~

~no more place that i can turn to,
i always with u guys kn?~


*p/s: sorry to post this entry late... i've always thinking about this these days..
i just dont know what to say....until now.*

Sunday, July 4, 2010


i have to private this blog..but not long.

i'll open up later..

sorry to my stalker :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


i'm in emo mood rite now..

just now dah more than 5 times kte menaip utk dipost kat blog ni..
tp at the end, i just deleted it...

i just dont know what am i thinking~ urghhh!! :(

Thursday, July 1, 2010


sedang buat pbl, then terase mau tgok status fb org... then i found this:

Kamarol Salleh 1 Julai 2010 bermakna genap 2 tahun pemergiannya..... sepanjang pemergian itu aku terasa amat lebih mendambakan kasih sayangnya... tiada apa yg dpt kuhadiahkan melainkan sepatah dua alunan suci.... pada kwn yg masih mempunyai insan tersayang, kasihilah dan syangilah mereka sepenuh hatimu.... kerana kelak kamu akan labih menyayangi mereka dan mendambakan kasih sayang seorang BAPA..
Norazlina Mohamed
Norazlina Mohamed
Be strong. Dan byk sedekahkan al-Fatihah.
about an hour ago ·
Kamarol Salleh
Kamarol Salleh
thanx dr..... your advice makes me become stronger..
about an hour ago ·
Norakmal Shafi
Norakmal Shafi
sabar yer kamaroll..doakan moga die selamat disana..bykkn doa yer
about an hour ago ·
Malihah As-Said Mansor
Malihah As-Said Mansor
mlm ni mlm jumaat, jgn lupa bacakan yasin =)
about an hour ago ·
Kamarol Salleh
Kamarol Salleh
thanx friends.... akmal n malihah as-said mansor..
about an hour ago ·
Nur Hidayah Zakaria
Nur Hidayah Zakaria
sesuatu y pasti y semua kena hadapi, bezanya cuma lambat atau cepat jer..
miss my dad too...
about an hour ago · · 1 person
Norakmal Shafi
Norakmal Shafi
ur welcome kamarol..juz t8 ur tyme k..
about an hour ago ·
Zulbahari Ashee
Zulbahari Ashee
sesungguhnya, berakhirnya nafas seorg hamba itu adalah sesuatu y psti..y membezakan hanyalah masa wktu tibanya..
20 minutes ago · · 2 people

then i cried~
i realized that i am the luckiest person in this world to still having a father...

buat kamarol: sabar ye kama, everything happen ade hikmahnye...smoge die brade dlm kalangan org2 yg beriman..aminn~

Birthdays of June

about 5 minutes ago, a stremyx guy came n psg intenet kat uma kmi~

yey~!! suda ade intenet~!!! :D

actually, dah resistant dah dgn ketiadaan intenet ni.. without internet i cant log in to fb or my blog..
n, i miss my blog soooooo much, but not the fb~
im thinking of deactivating it..but there were sumthing important about, x yah deactivate lah~ :) *oh, d 'important thing' is secret..hehe*

june which full of memories dah pn mninggalkn kte~ soo sad =(
d most important events of course lah my birthday kn..heee~
x dpt buat entry khas on that day~ isk2~
so, i'm gonna post about it rite now~ :)

i'm turning 20~
no more -teen~
bye2 sweet -teen :)
i shuld be more matured kn?~ ehem!
x de ape special yg blaku hari tu...
pass 12 am, syera n others send wish on my handphones~ thanks guys~!
i think this year is my boring-est birthday i ever had.
on the morning i wake up doing nothing...since x de kelas hari sabtu~
and also ends up doing nothing..uhuh~~
on 21st baru bkk fb n tgok all the wishes yg korg send~
thanks guys~~ hontouni, hontouni arigatou~!! :))

when comes my birthday i always remember my birthday last year~
the most happiest birthday i ever had~ :)
on 19/06/2009, i remembered that day upu results keluar..
and i got ukm medic, it was the best present i ever had.. :)
and abah belanja satay for that~ heee~ (at least, kte dpt banggekn abah kn?)
*i promised to myself that im gonna do my best here in this medicine! i will!! :)*
and at night, my brothers make a birthday suprise for me.. it was unexpected thing..
well, they do that before... but i culd discovered that..haha~ :)
ok, thats all for my birthday~

this is cake kaklong buat for me when i go back on 25th june aritu~
thanks a lot~!! :)

for all baby june especially to my mak (5th june)and abah (16th june):
happy birthday mak, happy birthday abah~! glad to be ur daughter~
i'll make u guys impressed.. yup, i will! :)
~loves u guys a lot~

and for baby june that i cant wish, sooo sorry guys! here and now i wish kayhh~ :)
Zahirah (11th june): happy birthday zahirah~!
Liliy (12th june): happy birthday Liliey~!
Koo meng lian (16th june): happy birthday meng~! i wish i culd see u ~ :)
Rosliza (18th june): happy birthday ja~!
Syaza (24th june): happy birthday syaza~! sorry i did forgot ur birthday that day :)
Nabilah (29th june): happy birthday bell~!

**the one i cant remember their birthday, sorry kayh.... well, happy birhday! :)