Thursday, July 29, 2010

>Pursuit of Happyness

i was watching this movie [Pursuit Of Happyness] on the past monday 26th july~
the movie is for PPD session actually...
so, DK1 became a cinema for us~ haha~ seronok! :D

The story is about a man named Chris Gardner, who is a single father that rising his only son Christopher in a very challenging situation.
Chris was invested all his life-saving money to buy a bone scanner (which is not sold-able).
Everyday he had to walk around with his bone scanner, trying to sold it to the doctors in clinic and hospitals, but at the end, he sold nothing...
His wife need to work extra shifts in order to support the family...but often, his wife was not able to take care of his son. Tired of everything, she decided to work on New York leaving Chris alone to take care of his chid (i dont like this~!! >.<) Chris signed up for internship in (idk d name) a company and hope to get a good job from there. All trouble he had been through was a very painful (for me la~) events. He needs to get out of his house and living in a very poorer condition. He even slept in a bathroom (most touching part~~:( But at the end, Chris managed to sold all his bone scanner as he was never gave up~ n he also get a job as a broker in that company.... What i got from this movie is that, ~MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING, BUT IT ENSURES HAPPINESS IN LIFE~
:)) that was i thought....

n neva give up in everything that we do.....

overall: this movie is the BEST~!!! :))
shuld go n watch it~ ;)

my favorite quote:
Chris: Whenever i got an A for History or whatever subjects in school, i always think that i will get a job that i always want....
(oww~ beshhh kn^^) means..success skrg x bmaksud kte akn success slalu... it depend on us how we managed it...kn2? ^^


when Chris got the job, "this part of my life is called happiness"
wuuu~ sgt beshhh~^^

when it is applied to me, "part of my life now is called determination"

~ i will work hard on this medicine~

i will graduate as Medical Doctor in these 4 years time~!
and become an ANESTHESIOLOGIST in the next 4 years~!! :))

yeah~ gambatte leeza~!!!! ^^

p/s: if money ensures happiness, then i'm not going to be happy until my next jpa comes in~ huaaaaaaaaa~ :'O [i only got 2k, can i survive???]


ezatlex said...

gud2x.. nicenice..

living is hard, die is easy..
bt living is MeAniNgfuLLL..!!!

Aleza Omar said...

and like that quote~~~ ^^
life is meaningful =]

ezatlex said...

yeye tq..

Anonymous said...

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