Tuesday, April 24, 2012

okaeri NEWS~ Omedetou! ^^/


step back haters!
we got fangirling things to do~ XD

ohh.. I know I'm wayyyy to late.. it's already 1week after the news of NEWS~
(haha, I love news pun~ ^^)

Johnnys gonna make me broke next sem bcause I will definitely buying their new SINGLE + BEST ALBUM~! XD
too bad for their TOUR~ seems impossible for me to fly to Japan.. T_T
but... still, it's worth waiting!
the best comeback ever for any other Johnnys grup! :D
(LOL, I'm sooo hyper rite now XD)

btw, ignore above sentence on the haters part...
I never seen any NEWS haters ever since I'm in this fandom~ ^^
Jpop rarely have any haters btw. :/

I already vote the 4 songs! .......thrice XD
using my mail, my dad's and my sis's
so total I vote 12 songs~ XD
the one that I like are Share, Forever, Dreams, and Alibi.

ok.. got to go..
I want to watch NEWS-related-vids while waiting for KchanNEWS this night~ ^^

I can't wait for the details~!!! XD
Nyusuuu hayakuuu!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


the second countdown for NEWS comeback has started..

this night at 00;00 JST~ KchanNEWS will aired with all 4 members~!! :D

there is 5 instrumental music..
so I thought it would be one NEWS group single while the other 4 is solo songs from each members~
aaahhhh.. I'm hoping tooo much! >_<

anyway, I stared at the countdown just now for a moment of 04:44:44
bcoz I had missed 44:44:44 yesterday...

and I manage to capture the screen!

the NEWS silhouettes changed to NEWS real pic! ^^
as a hardcore NEWSfan, I'm so proud with these boys~
having a huge comeback after unwilling hiatus~ :D
show RyoP that real NEWS is back! haha XD

clip from "Mirai Theater"
credit vid goes to Newshfan@share
way to go Koyamama~!! :D
well, I got to be ready for this announcement~ ^^
I hope the fans not gonna crash the site again~ hahaXD
ja, mata!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Countdown to NEWScomeback

the one that I saw yesterday for a moment of 44;44;44 was Keii-chan's color ^^

I can't waittt!!
24 hours more to go! :D

until the real NEWS COMEBACK! :DDDD

oh, for those who blur that u might be a non NEWSfan...
countdown for NEWS comeback is made..
u can watch it here -> http://www.jehp.jp/special/
well, it not stated as NEWS comeback though..
but look carefully at the clock..
it emphasize on number 4 and everytime num4 appear the 4 will change color to NEWS color that is violet, green, yellow n pink...
well, it's only NEWS that has those color and they are 4 member in Johnnys Entertainment agency~^^

in Music station also they had announced that Johnny's Jimusho gonna released singles for these group ->

obviously it was NEWS pic they took in Johnnys.net ^^
my mindset has been saved to be ready for their new single. :D
but we still don't know what it is actually..
what the countdown gonna reveal tomorrow~ ^^
it'll be 15April 12;00 JST. I'm gonna stay up awake! :D

btw, they were so mean getting a countdown like that n asking us to wait more than one day!
gosh, they know how to make NEWSfan excited ne~
doki-doki suruuu~~ ^3^ <3

so, come on Johnnys! my pocket is ready! :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[PV] Maru Maru Mori Mori

kore wa Maru Maru Mori Mori dansu dayooo~ ^o^

the only song that I can follow the dancestep! 
I'm a pro dancer~

LJ account


I'm here to promote my Livejournal account!
I'm sooo lame~ =.='
been in fandom like almost 3 years but only now I do my LJ....
well, better late than never! :D

it is actually the second account...
the first one was forgotten bcause I don't use it~
bcause at that time I was soo confused with it and don't know how to use it~ hee~ :P
well, right now I'm not a pro either..
I'll be okay soon~

this LJ was done for me to write my fandom..
bcause I'm thinking of deleting my blog~
but I don't have the courage to do sooooooo~~ T_T
so, I just keep it for the time being~ :)

well... here's the link~ ^^

I'm new, so I might be stupid about it~
ja, yoroshiku ne~ ^^

Friday, April 6, 2012

[JDrama/JMovie] Mother/Usagi Drop

the promised review


OST mother by Hinaco -  Nakigao Smile
Lyrics and Translation -> HERE

just by watching the above MV,
u can actually tell that this is super duper sad drama series..

btw, here's quote from dramawiki:
Matsuyuki plays the part of Nao Suzuhara, an elementary school teacher. When she realizes that one of the female students is receiving abuse from her mother, Nao's maternal instincts kick in, and she impulsively decides to bring the girl into her own care. Serving as a substitute mother, Nao takes the child on a trip from Hokkaido to Tokyo, and the two experience various events together along the way.

that student is Mana-chaaaan~!
I love her so much~ she's so cute.
such a great actress!

as always...
it won't many since u can't feel the drama just by looking d screencaps. :)

this is the time when Nao wants to make Rena as her mother.
she telling her that she's gonna kidnap her and run..
they promised each other that they gonna lie that they were mother n daughter.

Rena calls her real mother "mama"
while Nao as "Okaasan" which is more polite.
this is the time when Rena sees her mother back.

okay.. that's d screencaps.. ^^
I'm highly recomended this! ^^

oh and...
movie review: Usagi Drop~
I just finished watching it yesterday~

if u asked me hows the storyline..
I would say it rather normal..

here's the copy-cat synopsis
 The plot follows thirty-year old Daikichi as he becomes the guardian of Rin, the illegitimate six-year old daughter of his grandfather.

it was based on manga story.

this post is dedicated to dearly Mana-chan!

isn't she cute?! isn't she cute?!
kawaii na mana-chan!
one random facts about her~
I've watched a vid.. but I forgot what it is.
they make a survey on who's actor/actress that they don't want to watch in Japan TV anymore
surprisingly she cames number 1~ D:
the reason is mainly because they don't want to see Mana-chan works so hard at her age..
she should be in school enjoying her life~
it's true.. although we love her..
they shouldn't work our cutie Mana-chan so hard~ >_<

well, that's all~

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April comes.. the dorky Keito turns 19

it's already 1st April~
so soon April comes and March goes~ T_T
being a medical student, I had been strict about the holidays that I have..
but still, I do nothing~ -.-"

but, I'm able remember the Hiragana table! haaa~
next would be katakana letters~ ^^
and I able to finish at least 7Jdoramas
still watching another 3Jdoramas
finished 3animes and still watching another one.
and also finished all DeathNote Movies and planning to rewatching GANTZ soon~

btw, it's Keito's Birthday today~
dorky and english boy in HSJ~

Outanjoubi Omedetto Okamoto Keito~
u're now, 19!
be a good Uni student soon~ ^^

the best pic is always Keito on guitar~
my niban in HSJ~^^
I wants to write a Jdrama and an anime review soon..
well then.. bye~~