Friday, April 13, 2012

Countdown to NEWScomeback
the one that I saw yesterday for a moment of 44;44;44 was Keii-chan's color ^^

I can't waittt!!
24 hours more to go! :D

until the real NEWS COMEBACK! :DDDD

oh, for those who blur that u might be a non NEWSfan...
countdown for NEWS comeback is made..
u can watch it here ->
well, it not stated as NEWS comeback though..
but look carefully at the clock..
it emphasize on number 4 and everytime num4 appear the 4 will change color to NEWS color that is violet, green, yellow n pink...
well, it's only NEWS that has those color and they are 4 member in Johnnys Entertainment agency~^^

in Music station also they had announced that Johnny's Jimusho gonna released singles for these group ->

obviously it was NEWS pic they took in ^^
my mindset has been saved to be ready for their new single. :D
but we still don't know what it is actually..
what the countdown gonna reveal tomorrow~ ^^
it'll be 15April 12;00 JST. I'm gonna stay up awake! :D

btw, they were so mean getting a countdown like that n asking us to wait more than one day!
gosh, they know how to make NEWSfan excited ne~
doki-doki suruuu~~ ^3^ <3

so, come on Johnnys! my pocket is ready! :D

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