Sunday, February 5, 2012



I just got back from Book fiesta in PWTC!
and because I'm sooo excited right now~
I'm gonna post the books that I bought! yaaaay~ *throws confetti~* ^^

ermm~ actually I'm gonna post about Dinner college that happen yesterday~
and another post on Fathiah late birthday party the day before yesterday~
well, that gonna wait! :D
haha~ sorry! ^^"

say hello to the new books~
I bought these books with my BB1M ^__^
now, it only RM50++ left~ :(
[the "++" is with my friends, we share]
I'm gonna save it for the meds books!

these are the one that I'm excited about! XD
I got this from fiesta book at PWTC this morning~ ^^
it's been months I've been trying to search this book~
altho that seerah book is not the one that I'm looking for, but I'm still happy~ :)

err~ but the books I'm buying about seerah last 3 months, still not finished tho~
aaah~ DX
I'm not a bookworm~ :(
I'm bored easily.
that's why I can't read novels~
okay, I know what u guys thinking ~ -.-
I don't care what u says! I love Japan n I'm gonna learn it's language!

btw, I got this from BORDERS Times Square~
obviously, I'm not a bookworms~
yes, I'm an Otaku~
I can reads mangas but not novels~ :D
just see how much comics I got back then~
well, this is some of my collections of manga~
me and my bro collect this! :D

...with some of them is stolen by -.-

I tried to read novel before.. but it fails epicly~
I spent one year to finish one novel~ hahh! how lame is that?
well, what to do~
I enjoys things that moving more~ ^^
I'm referring to drama/movie FYI.

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