Sunday, July 31, 2011

welcome Ramadhan~


to all muslims in whole world~
Ramadhan is back~ :)
Alhamdullilah, dpt jumpa lg Ramadhan~ Thank you ya Allah~ :)

alrite guys~
let's lighten this Ramadhan~
I hope this "Academy" Ramadhan teaches me to b a good muslimah~ ameeen~! ^^
okay Leez! x bleh malas bgun malam!!!  :D
yosh! ganbarimasu! :))

p/s: sejuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuknye mlm niiiii~! brrr~ ^^
teringat kmpung halamn~ cewaaahhh~ :D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the legend


[see? how good my mood is~ :D]
[totally different from yesterday!]

yesterday was a WORST! HOPELESS!
okay~ exaggerated~  [I did cried.. but not all day though~ =_=]

it's syndrome post-exam.. post short case exam...
mine was a big big surprise...
I don't want to talk in here..
I'm sure enough that my group will be another 'legend' of OnG *haiz~ T_T
our story will be talked over n over again for the juniors and for the students taking posting OnG after this..
even now, the stories is actively talked by others~
oh well... I don't know~ let's just pray hardly~~ o(-_-)o

okay! back to the good mood! ^^
I'm going back tomorrow!!! yay~!
after ward round, I'll straight to BTS!
but, still x smpat nk smbut puase kt uma~ :(
I'll be back KL this sunday..
that's because I got my last student-grand-ward round that monday~
yoshhh~ ganbarimasu!
eiiii~ can't wait to be in Surgery posting! ^^

ok dah...
till then~ bye-byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~ :D

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


you're soo STUPID Aleza!



Sunday, July 24, 2011

First clinical exams

now.. it's time where the 6th and 7th weeks of clinical posting start to begins~

we got short case exams for the OnG postings....

special wish for my posting-mates~


i don't know mine yet..  T_T 
those who already knows theirs is when, 
ganbatte ne! ^^

guuuuu~ kowaiii yo! @_@

for internal meds student:

GOOD LUCK in ur short case and exam~!!!

for Surgery student:

GOOD LUCK in ur exam~!!
I'll be in this posting next 2 weeks! ^^

for JKM student:

GOOD LUCK with ur programs yahhh~!! ^^

ohh my~ :(
let's just study hard for those who's not eating apples ok?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ikemen Desu Ne~

IKEMEN DESU NE ~ sgt sgt sgt sangaaaaaatt BEST!!! ^^

*baru saje habis tgok episode 1~
best n awesome! ^^ *for my hikaru especially~ heee~ :D

the drama quite fast compared to Korean but it doesn't effect the storyline at all..
and it even has different values to show ^^

A.N. JELL CD covers~
kakkoii neee~

fews screencaps~

ooohhh okay dah!
pegi STUDY sekarang leeza~!!! 
ish. ish. ish.!

[edit] p/s: A.N.JELL's director act like johnny kitagawa!! "YOU, ichanaiyo~" haha~! XD LOL!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

OnG styles~

I just came back from oncall from 7am to 7pm...

Alhamdullilah~ 10 deliveries..... finish already! yay~!!^^
eventho ade ngelat2 sket~ eheh~ *dush!

penat tu x yah ckp la... hari x de oncall pn pnat gak..
cume oncall day wuld be doubled la kepenatannye~

and after two case write ups had been finished,
finally my day wouldn't be so much busy like previous days~
next mission, PRACTICE for SHORT CASE EXAM! X(
need a pregnant women hereeeeeee~~~~~ anyone??

okay now, shall I story a bit about deliveries that I've observed and conducted all this while?

at first, i was like this--> 
I've never seen a normal child birth before OnG posting... only cesarean that I''ve seen...
tp control ayu la kn~ ape la med student gelabah tgok bende2 cmni~ ^^ haha~
the second times.. I was totally okay after that~ I'm a quick adapt-er :D
I've been the cheerleader after that~ haha~ ^^

okay, out of 10 deliveries including few Cesarean section that I had observed,
8 out of it actually moves my heart.. *tearing eyes~ huu~
due to:
1) expressions of the mother's after hearing her child's crying~ [it's important in delivering a baby with apgar score 9 okay? ^^]
2) the efforts that she used, the face when she's in pain, the shouting, the grunting.. all of it resolves after seeing her baby delivered safely :)
3)the face that the mother calmly look at her child throughout the stricture process... it calms them~ ^^
4) the support that the father  gave and their expressions after seeing his child born~
5) poor mother effort~ :( sooo poor for the baby to stay long in the second stage as his mother doesn't know how to push the baby correctly~ it can lead to fetal distress! :(

number 1 and 4 reaally moves me a lot~
I can't even imagine if I'm in labour without husband besides...
I've seen SOME fathers that are afraid of blood and only stays out in the door waiting for the baby to came out~ ^^ haha~ dah x macho dah!! * sorry ye, gomen! XD

ok, from now on, I only approve a doctor and doctor-to-be as my future husband!!^^
bcause I want him to be my side throughout the labour process.. hahaaa~
*ok, ok, just kidding~~ aish! *jauhnye imagine!lame lg~ ape2 pn, we'll see je nti eh? ^^

if the patient say TERIMA KASIH DIK~ owwwwhhhh.. sume penat hilang!
seriously~ we feels like we have been appreciated even we just tolong sket2 je~ :)

but I have a patient which actually I 'jaga' all night, but not a single thanks came out~
oh well.. we're just a student huh? okay then~ =_=
we're still human kay? can't they see?

I had seen 2 sets of twins today~ :)
[picture taken from google]

oklah, till here je~
nti bebel lg~
bye2 koraaaaaaangggggg~!!!!! ^^

p/s: sejak kebelakangn ni, I often sees people criticize doctors.. don't they know that we are trying to help them.. if there is mistakes, it was definitely a misunderstanding! I'm sure of it... I know the atmosphere of working doctors~ I just know, [at least in OnG PPUKM] and to describe it here... I just can't put it into words :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


ye~ kte bertemu kembali~ heheh~ ^^

owryte~ this will be a quick, short and sweetie entry~
sorry ek..
I just want to inform everyone that my emel.. is NO LONGER USED~
get rid of it if u ever add me on ym messenger~ I will not ever be online under that id~

my stupid account actually betrayed on me~ T_T sad isn't?
they are not accepting my password~ not accepting my id~
when I make a request to actually change the password..
this question appears..

click on pic for macro-sized ver.

aaaannnd yeah~ honeymoon?
gosh, what am I thinking at that time! why should I pick this question~~ T_T
the Q: where DID u spend ur honeymoon? DID? I'm not married yet laaa!! T_T
soo, okay~ let's just ignore why did I pick this Q ek? I must be halfly conscious at that time...

I did tried with some answer that familiar with me like:
Japan, Muar, Johor, Mekah............. [Muar, Johor? gile outdated!] and all of it failed~ T_T
I don't even know anywhere else that I could think of for my honeymoon apart from japan~
oh well, that emel just can't be saved anymore...

so guys... here's my new emel..
it will be my YM id~ so, add me on YM using this id kayhh~! ^^

ok, dah!
I want to cover things for my short case next week!
gosh, I'm soooo nervous! >_<

p/s: will update about Ouran Hostobu Live Action after this! 
for some introductory for this.. go to ain's blog~ ^^.. 
I will later update when I'm not busy eaaa~~ ^^

Saturday, July 16, 2011


aaaahhhhhh finally~

finally I can update this blog!
[it was sssssoooooooo loooong isn't? =_=]

gomen ne minna T_T
I've been verryyy veeeerrryyy verrrryyyyyy busy lately!
my weekends just like any other weekdays~
I can't even update myself with Johnnys, with Transformers~

huaa~ I wanna see transformers T_T
like decades I've been waiting for it, and yet, when it already out, I can't even step out for a minute to go and watch it~ sooo depressing! :(

for my lovely Johnnys, I just don't wanna talk about what happen to HSJ, what happen to Ryutarou...
It breaks my heart to pieces... I hope everything would be well.. I hope? oh well... :(
let's just see what happens after his suspension..
well, I feel like throwing u out to the sea.. but I still love u Ryuu... *sigh :(

okay~ okay~
enough for the fandom world... back to real life..
it has been past 4weeks I've been in OnG posting~
overall, I've been nervous all the time~ ^^
but yet, it has been the most exciting as u are reaaallly close to the patient...
everytime I had to do a case presentation.. I had to start with "MY PATIENT, madam bla bla bla......"
stated as MY PATIENT and as for that, I should know everything about her and everything that happen to her..
eventhough I'm not the one that manage her, but still building rapport with them making me realize how important my PPD should be applied here.
and... to get non-cooperative patients is a common thing~ :) we shouldn't take it to heart~ appreciating a patient is doctor's job isn't?
okay, next week would be my 5th week and this OnG posting would end for me as in the 7th week~
I would miss a cute babies that I met all this while~ :(

whatever it is~ I should finish my Case write up sooon!
and this night, it's my turn for oncall~
I should finish up another few deliveries that I should conduct!
I hope all the unborn fullterm babies wanna see this cute sister this night! ganbaro leeza!! ^^

ok, stop here..
i shall update next time...
and I promise it won't be long intervals like this one~ ^^
gomen ne! sore ja, bye-bye ne~~! ^^

a life as a clinical medical student~