Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the legend


[see? how good my mood is~ :D]
[totally different from yesterday!]

yesterday was a WORST! HOPELESS!
okay~ exaggerated~  [I did cried.. but not all day though~ =_=]

it's syndrome post-exam.. post short case exam...
mine was a big big surprise...
I don't want to talk in here..
I'm sure enough that my group will be another 'legend' of OnG *haiz~ T_T
our story will be talked over n over again for the juniors and for the students taking posting OnG after this..
even now, the stories is actively talked by others~
oh well... I don't know~ let's just pray hardly~~ o(-_-)o

okay! back to the good mood! ^^
I'm going back tomorrow!!! yay~!
after ward round, I'll straight to BTS!
but, still x smpat nk smbut puase kt uma~ :(
I'll be back KL this sunday..
that's because I got my last student-grand-ward round that monday~
yoshhh~ ganbarimasu!
eiiii~ can't wait to be in Surgery posting! ^^

ok dah...
till then~ bye-byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~ :D

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