Thursday, July 21, 2011

OnG styles~

I just came back from oncall from 7am to 7pm...

Alhamdullilah~ 10 deliveries..... finish already! yay~!!^^
eventho ade ngelat2 sket~ eheh~ *dush!

penat tu x yah ckp la... hari x de oncall pn pnat gak..
cume oncall day wuld be doubled la kepenatannye~

and after two case write ups had been finished,
finally my day wouldn't be so much busy like previous days~
next mission, PRACTICE for SHORT CASE EXAM! X(
need a pregnant women hereeeeeee~~~~~ anyone??

okay now, shall I story a bit about deliveries that I've observed and conducted all this while?

at first, i was like this--> 
I've never seen a normal child birth before OnG posting... only cesarean that I''ve seen...
tp control ayu la kn~ ape la med student gelabah tgok bende2 cmni~ ^^ haha~
the second times.. I was totally okay after that~ I'm a quick adapt-er :D
I've been the cheerleader after that~ haha~ ^^

okay, out of 10 deliveries including few Cesarean section that I had observed,
8 out of it actually moves my heart.. *tearing eyes~ huu~
due to:
1) expressions of the mother's after hearing her child's crying~ [it's important in delivering a baby with apgar score 9 okay? ^^]
2) the efforts that she used, the face when she's in pain, the shouting, the grunting.. all of it resolves after seeing her baby delivered safely :)
3)the face that the mother calmly look at her child throughout the stricture process... it calms them~ ^^
4) the support that the father  gave and their expressions after seeing his child born~
5) poor mother effort~ :( sooo poor for the baby to stay long in the second stage as his mother doesn't know how to push the baby correctly~ it can lead to fetal distress! :(

number 1 and 4 reaally moves me a lot~
I can't even imagine if I'm in labour without husband besides...
I've seen SOME fathers that are afraid of blood and only stays out in the door waiting for the baby to came out~ ^^ haha~ dah x macho dah!! * sorry ye, gomen! XD

ok, from now on, I only approve a doctor and doctor-to-be as my future husband!!^^
bcause I want him to be my side throughout the labour process.. hahaaa~
*ok, ok, just kidding~~ aish! *jauhnye imagine!lame lg~ ape2 pn, we'll see je nti eh? ^^

if the patient say TERIMA KASIH DIK~ owwwwhhhh.. sume penat hilang!
seriously~ we feels like we have been appreciated even we just tolong sket2 je~ :)

but I have a patient which actually I 'jaga' all night, but not a single thanks came out~
oh well.. we're just a student huh? okay then~ =_=
we're still human kay? can't they see?

I had seen 2 sets of twins today~ :)
[picture taken from google]

oklah, till here je~
nti bebel lg~
bye2 koraaaaaaangggggg~!!!!! ^^

p/s: sejak kebelakangn ni, I often sees people criticize doctors.. don't they know that we are trying to help them.. if there is mistakes, it was definitely a misunderstanding! I'm sure of it... I know the atmosphere of working doctors~ I just know, [at least in OnG PPUKM] and to describe it here... I just can't put it into words :)

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