Monday, February 28, 2011

> Anime Wallpapers

first of all..
some addition for yesterday's post..
ok, it's always been like that.. i will like 1 sec happy and next second i'm sad..and i hate that feelings!!
well, its normal for me.. and dont tell me why.. i can't tell others about it..[there is certain things that ppl can't share right?]
even i there is life-trust frens and naqibah yg sgt baik pn.. still.. i can't..
again, i hate how i can't talk and share what i felt..
and even if i share.. it's not sumthing that i believe they can do anything about it~
and.. sumtimes i'm glad that i'm here.. away from it.. 
and having a single room do really helps me~^^

ok, moving to real entry... 
i don't like emo post~ [but label for 'down' already exceed 'happy' huh? errr~]

today's topic: ANIME WALLPAPER~!! yey~!! ^^

i've been missing anime so much lately..
da lme x tgok anime dah..[since dpt hobi bru=johnnys! :D]
follow up bleach n naruto pn terkandas..
mau smbung bace lpas ni~ yey~!! ^^

ok, tamau cite psl anime pn..
cume mau post anime wallpapers that i like :)

ok... here it is... se no! ^^[ready go!]

my first love~ Uchiha Itachi~!! ^^

all time favorite~ BLEACH! :D

favorite scene from clannad~ :))

tsubasa chronicles~ soooo sweet~!!! :3

2nd love? hee~ Ichimaru Gin!^^

guess who? its IchiRukia~!! my fave pairing! :D

blood+.. cho kakkoii~ ^^ love this!

its kuran family~! from vampire knight :)

love this! Haruhi Suzumiya~! ^^

last one~ fave couple ever~! yuuki and kaname-sama~!!

actually there is a LOT more.. i can't upload all that..
nanti my blog jammed plak~
so.. yg lain will be another time kayh~^^
till then, ja ne!^^

got to finish my work!
owryte, gambarimasu! :D

[p/s: will download K-ON! for the next holiday^^~ lme lg pn cutinye~ =_=]

Sunday, February 27, 2011

> now happy, next minute sad

~can't talk bout it~

ya Allah, only U knows~
and..thanks for making me tough 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

> things that i've done during blogging

today's entry: things that i done when i blog~

ok, to be honest, kte tataw lgsung berblog nieh!
and to make it more sadist, actually i spend about more than 1 hours for an entry? [not all, but unfortunately most of it]

nk tau ape kte bwat?
[take note tat i start this entry at 11: 20 am]
first bkak blog.. pastu gi dashboard..then klik new post.. tlis satu ayat.. pastu bkk blog blik... tgok org len pnye entry.. yg da bace pn bkak blik~ [my fave blog wuld be persiap thun 2 bba pnye blog.. haha~ tataw crik ape kat situ.. same je pn tiap2 kali bkk~ =_=].. pastu gi kat new post tdi.. tataw nk tlis ape.. taip2 pastu delete blik~ [OMG.. what i've done?].. pastu dok bkk facebook.. [every 10 minutes?] pastu tgok new post blik.. pastu taip2.. in dilemma nk tlis malay or english.. tlis malay ayat bterabur! tlis english grammar salah! [aishh =_=].. ok smbung taip2 balik..pastu rase "ok kot".. then edit2 sket..pastu cri gamba comey2.. gamba dlm simpanan x best.. gi google... setaun kmudian.. bru dpt gamba.. upload.. then edit lg.. preview plak.. ok siap!


[emm.. baru sje mngambil rehat yg panjang slame 10 mnit~ :D]
ok, smbung...
i'm not as good as any other blogger cm green apple, maria elina, ben ashaari.. n ramaiiii lg la.. x larat nk taip..
smestinye jauuhhh beza ngn diorg kn~
mcm ain.. kte pn jeles tgok blogger len can freely typed what they feel.. i can't even put my i-don't-know-what-it-calls into words..

and see.. i use rojak words~ T_T
someone before tells me like this: "aq dah tgok blog ko dah.. dlm englishh kowtt~!"
and i was like.." heeeee~ ^^" [smile awkwardly with huge sweat]
sorry! sorry! sorry!.. i can't use full malay or full english
in malay... kte tak bleh bwat ayat dgn btul..
and if u guys tnye housemet2 kte.. diorg msti ckp kte tak reti bhse mlayu.. sume ayat disalah gunakn T_T
and i do slipped words means mcm tergagap nk ckp~
there is one time that i was about to slipped and what i say is " ahh, nk tersingkir" and "tersingkir?" supposed to be trsungkur kn?.. aigoooo~
also i do have problem in translating english to malay..
even worst.. the words that i want to say comes in japanese! i can't translate either to english or malay~ T_T
setaun kmudian bru terpikir mksudnye~ [i can't speak japanese obviously, but i can understand what they talk about, some of the time.. not always ye?]
so if ade org tnye suh explain medical prob..esp kpd non-med ppl.. i will like.. ermmm..[ok, u know it! tungang langgang ayat!]
arghhhhh~ tetibe igt kat cikgu heirwan [cikgu bhse mlayu fom 5 aka guru klas kmi].. tym dgn die kalo x dpt markah cm die target... i will be punished.. like kne jentik dahi n rotan dgn pen.. wuuuu~
maafkn saye cikgu~!!! >.<
tp kn..ckgu sgt best!! like the best teacher that i've got.. he's funny and caring~ :) [miss STMI sooo much!]

ok, stop la keterukkn kte mngunakn bhase mlayu..
and don't u guys ever think that i'm good in english..
owhh.. seriesly am bad in english..
i can typed [with full grammatical errors] but unfortunately i can't talk and communicate in english..
yeah.. i can.. but i cant! [ape niee?? =_="] whatever la eh? bwat2 pham je..

ok.. mcm pnjang plak entry arini..
and rasenye this is the first time i write about myself in serious manner.. [serious?]
ok, am not condemning myself.. watpe condemn sndri.. am proud to be myself! hee~

ok, ok.. dah lbih satu jam pon..
dah lezz!! dah!
and actually kn, i stop typing for about  10 times doing kerja smpingan like bkk fb.. bkk org len pnye blog.. tgok vid kjap..
ok dah2~ nk benti td kn?
ok, STOP!

[its 12:33 pm when i stop.. not include when i posted]

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

> Blog Colorful

[saje. efek mngejutkn sbb join xtvt sbegini~ :D]

ok, ditag oleh encyk wanblur~
[suke tag-tag org eyhh! haha~ :D]

it's about this segment~ klik SINI!!!

segment blog berkaler-kaler..
actually kn.. kte tataw wane blog ni ape...[bute wane? no!]
more to grey kn? kn?
since tade dlm snarai, so kte join kmpulan colourful~! :D
colorful kn blog ni?? kn? kn?

ok the question: why choose colourful?

sbb comeyyyy~!!!^^ [ok tu je... bleh?]
[ok, ok, serius!!] the background is actually an anime wallpaper...and i love anime soooooooo much~ infinity!
the piano and the roses.. i like piano~ seriously i love the melody, it so calm and beautiful.. grey roses?? it's beautiful and i like some emo banner kat atas ni pn ala-ala grey kn? ok, now i realized.. i love grey rupenye~ :D:D

ok, thats bout it..

kte mentag org2 ini~!

korang nye blog bewane-wane gak kn? kn?
meh, meh, join contest ni~^^

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

> YabuHika ai~ ♥

currently in love with YabuHika~

aaaaahh~ cho kakkkoooii~!!XD~
[screaming like crazy~ :D]

 lots of yabu and hikaru~!!! :D

my favorite~!

 motto~ motto~!! :D

haaaaa~ gomen ne~
too much yabu hika today~ :D
can i post their vid?

here it goes! :D

ORIGINAL IRO~ songs write by Yabu~ :D
owhh~ love it!

Yabu Kota and Hikaru Yaotome hountouni daiiiiiisuki~!! :D

errr~ tegoshi... gomen ne~
u still my ichiban! yakusoku desu!! :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

> Reflective

this post would be a reflective post~
[sem ni mmg byk reflective wtg! hate it~ smpai terbawak ke blog! :P]

pg td ade exam end module Neuroscience..
and how is it??
i could only said one word~ TERRIBLE! X(

first before entering the exam hall, me and mimi already see few physio lectures
so, we expected that essay question sure physio pnye soklan..
i was chanting repeatedly~ xmo kua psl ear, xmo kua psl ear~
and the one that i don't want is the one that came out~
i was like~ GREAT! SUPER GREAT! its 10 marks for only one question!!
ok, da tau result daaaahhhh!!
[sedeyh, sedeyh~ :( ]

haaaiihhhh~ that's what i get for playing too much!
serve u right leez!

o well, whatever it is.. sumenye suda lpas~
yep! final mnanti dlm mase 4 minggu lagi!!
yoshhhh~ ganbare leez!! :D

i'ts REPRODUCTIVE module now..
ok, ready set go! FOCUS!! :D

[p/s: i'm gonna change my writing style~ hows the new fonts? funky isn't? i love it! :D]

Friday, February 18, 2011

> CNS end module exam

this is a post for our test this monday

so, guys~
2nd yr medic people

it's killer module huh?


sorry, i'm a bit lemau today~ idk why~
seriously i feels like giving up
ok, leez wake up! no time to emo~
let's study hard!! :D

pray for me kayh! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

> JUMP replace KoyaMaru?! i'd prefer KM^^

~this post is particularly a fan girling post.. if u don't like it.. please, please and please *3times please~ kindly move ur cursor to red x above... don't simply read then badmouthing me watever u want..i love Jpop and these guys... so what?!~

KoyaMaru gonna leaves Shounen Club~!! D:

*anyway Koya is Koyama keiichiro and Maru is Nakamaru Yuichi

both funny Nii-chan gonna grad from shounen club~ T_T
they were so good doing MC~
and Gekkan KoyaMaru segment will be vanish!! noo~ T_T

oh well, maybe johnny-san has a better plan for them..
it better be good than SC~! :D yeah, that's my demand!

SC gonna be taken over by Hey! Say! JUMP..
who's gonna take it? ten of them?!.. idk.. they said it was this three fellow who's gonna take it~

Takaki Yuya, Arioka Daiki and Nakajima Yuto.

well, i do love JUMP..
and to be honest i'm in JUMP fever right now..*still, NEWS numba 1! :D
Dai-chan is one of my favorite and Takaki is mimi favorite..
guess that shouldn't be a prob..

~heisei gonna replaced showa~
well, world is evolving aight? ^^

ok, enuf fo today.. i just got back from class...
my end module exam is on this monday~
goshh... i'm soooo not ready! D:

p/s: receiving 1st dose of hepB vaccine today.. it's hurt! i got two more!! :((

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

> Salam MaulidurRasul :)


selawat keatas Nabi Muhammad s.a.w :))


Khutbah ini disampaikan pada 9hb Zulhijjah, tahun 10 Hijriah di Lembah Uranah, Gunung Arafah :

"Wahai manusia, dengarlah baik-baik apa yang hendak kukatakan, Aku tidak mengetahui apakah aku dapat bertemu lagi dengan kamu semua selepas tahun ini. Oleh itu dengarlah dengan telti kata-kataku ini dan sampaikanlah ia kepada orang-orang yang tidak dapat hadir disini pada hari ini.

Wahai manusia, sepertimana kamu menganggap bulan ini dan Kota ini sebagai suci, maka anggaplah jiwa dan harta setiap orang Muslim sebagai amanah suci.Kembalikan harta yang diamanahkan kepada kamu kepada pemiliknya yang berhak.Janganlah kamu sakiti sesiapapun agar orang lain tidak menyakiti kami lagi. Ingatlah bahawa sesungguhnya, kamu akan menemui Tuhan kamu dan Dia pasti membuat perhitungan diatas segala amalan kamu. Allah telah mengharamkan riba, oleh itu segala urusan yang melibatkan riba dibatalkan sekarang.

Berwaspadalah terhadap syaitan demi keselamatan agama kamu. Dia telah berputus asa untuk menyesatkan kamu dalam perkara-perkara besar, maka berjaga-jagalah supaya kamu tidak mengikuti dalam perkara-perkara kecil.

Wahai Manusia Sebagaimana kamu mempunyai hak atas isteri kamu mereka juga mempunyai hak di atas kamu. Sekiranya mereka menyempurnakan hak mereka keatas kamu, maka mereka, juga berhak untuk diberi makan dan pakaian dalam Susana kasih sayang. Layanilah wanita-wanita kamu dengan baik dan berlemah-lembutlah terhadap mereka kerana sesungguhnya mereka adalah teman dan pembantu kamu yang setia. Dan hak kamu atas mereka ialah mereka sama sekali tidak boleh memasukkan orang yang kamu tidak sukai kedalam rumah kamu dan dilarang melakukan zina.

Wahai Manusia, dengarlah bersungguh-sungguh kata-kataku ini, sembahlah Allah, dirikanlah sembahyang lima kali sehari, berpuasalah di bulan Ramadhan, dan tunaikankanlah zakat dari harta kekayaan kamu. Kerjakanlah Ibadah Haji sekiranya kamu mampu. Ketahui bahawa setiap Muslim adalah saudara kepada Muslim yang lain. Kamu semua adalah sama; tidak seorang pun yang lebih mulia dari yang lainnya kecuali dalam Taqwa dan beramal saleh.

Ingatlah, bahawa, kamu akan menghadap Allah pada suatu hari untuk dipertanggung jawabkan diatas segala apa yang telah kamu kerjakan. Oleh itu Awasilah agar jangan sekali-kali kamu terkeluar dari landasan kebenaran selepas ketiadaaku.

Wahai Manusia, tidak ada lagi Nabi atau Rasul yang akan datang selepasku dan tidak akan ada lain agama baru. Oleh itu wahai manusia, nilailah dengan betul dan fahamilah kata-kataku yang telah aku sampaikan kepada kamu. Sesungguhnya aku tinggalkan kepada kamu dua perkara yang sekiranya kamu berpegang teguh dan mengikuti kedua-duanya, necaya kamu tidak akan tersesat selama-lamanya. Itulah ALQURAN dan SUNNAHKU.

Hendaklah orang-orang yang mendengar ucapanku, menyampaikan pula kepada orang lain. Semoga yang terakhir lebih memahami kata-kataku dari mereka yang terus mendengar dariku. Saksikanlah Ya Allah, bahawasanya telah aku sampaikan risalahMu kepada hamba-hambaMU.

taken from here:)

Monday, February 14, 2011

> Befday sis!!




it's my beloved sis birthday~!!!!

heppy~ heppy~ befday kaklong~!!!

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

check ur emel~!!!

thing tat u want!!

sorry lmbat~ beeeeezy~ heheh! :D

click SINI~!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Saturday, February 12, 2011

> she asked him..

She asked him,

"What kind of wedding you want?"

He replied,

"The one that would make you my wife"


Saturday, February 5, 2011

> ended holidays and fortune cookies

tomorrow is 6 FEBRUARY!!!

which means....

my holidays gonna end~ nuooooooo~ T_T

and guess what?

for these 1, 2, 3... 8 days! i only been able to finished pbl ONLY!
gawshhh.. my laziness is super!

and the greatest regret ever is~ not using SHEERWOOD that i was halfly died carrying it back home!

neglected~ it's lonely... thats explained d greyscale~ :(

holidays just never enough fo me~ T_T

owhhhh MES~ why u're not done?? why u're being neglected? why? why?! =_='

okeh.. wanna kno wht i've been doing?

~ryuusei no kizuna
~memoirs of teenage amnesiac
~scrap teacher
~soukon~ rewatch
~johnnys-related-vid~ rewatch

ok, shoot me right away for being so lazy! +_+

short p/s: the jdrama is good! seriously~! ^^

anyway, i did celebrate CNY..
pergi ke uma boss abah~ best! ^^

the best thing is this! the merah-merah thinggy~ :3

two angpowss at once! yey!! ^^
bsyukur sbb x kawen lg~ heee~ :D

oh, dat small piece of paper~ is from a fortune cookies~

these pic taken from google tho~

and.. can u guys read that ppr?.. that pic was horrible..
i'll just quote that:

"You'll soon meet someone with common interest, together both of you will build the future"

~ haha~ not gonna believe that!!
*tp senyum lebar pehall??
ok, jk's chinese believe anyway~
just gonna share what i've got~ ;)

and they got almond london! oichi! :))

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

> happy CNY

to all chinese~

and oso japanese~




it's usa-chan year!! pyon-pyon desuuu~~~ ^^

oso known as TEGOSHIGE year~! yey~!^^

hountouni hontouni kawaiiiiiii~ >,<
like these pics damn much~! :D

the boys getting 24~ whatever it is.
i still laft yahhh~! ^^

usa-chan slow motion~ haha~ :D

ok, again...
for those that celebrating~


p/s: whenever i type CNY, i get confused with NYC [nakayama yuma, yamada ryosuke, chinen yuri]..
well, whatever it is, happy CNY to NYC boys~^^

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

> let's pray fo them


ya Allah, save them those in Egypt

i have no fren studies in Egypt..
but still, please save them..
they are us!


again, ya Allah.. save us from flood~

Johore stopped raining today..Alhamdulilah :)
hope that flood from nearby village would ceases soon~

p/s: DOA~> d least that i can do? :|