Saturday, February 5, 2011

> ended holidays and fortune cookies

tomorrow is 6 FEBRUARY!!!

which means....

my holidays gonna end~ nuooooooo~ T_T

and guess what?

for these 1, 2, 3... 8 days! i only been able to finished pbl ONLY!
gawshhh.. my laziness is super!

and the greatest regret ever is~ not using SHEERWOOD that i was halfly died carrying it back home!

neglected~ it's lonely... thats explained d greyscale~ :(

holidays just never enough fo me~ T_T

owhhhh MES~ why u're not done?? why u're being neglected? why? why?! =_='

okeh.. wanna kno wht i've been doing?

~ryuusei no kizuna
~memoirs of teenage amnesiac
~scrap teacher
~soukon~ rewatch
~johnnys-related-vid~ rewatch

ok, shoot me right away for being so lazy! +_+

short p/s: the jdrama is good! seriously~! ^^

anyway, i did celebrate CNY..
pergi ke uma boss abah~ best! ^^

the best thing is this! the merah-merah thinggy~ :3

two angpowss at once! yey!! ^^
bsyukur sbb x kawen lg~ heee~ :D

oh, dat small piece of paper~ is from a fortune cookies~

these pic taken from google tho~

and.. can u guys read that ppr?.. that pic was horrible..
i'll just quote that:

"You'll soon meet someone with common interest, together both of you will build the future"

~ haha~ not gonna believe that!!
*tp senyum lebar pehall??
ok, jk's chinese believe anyway~
just gonna share what i've got~ ;)

and they got almond london! oichi! :))


klg said...

wondering...cmne kertas leh xtrbakar masa bakar biskut..

Aleza Omar said...

ketas thn haba~
haha~ x tawuuuu~!! D: