Monday, February 21, 2011

> Reflective

this post would be a reflective post~
[sem ni mmg byk reflective wtg! hate it~ smpai terbawak ke blog! :P]

pg td ade exam end module Neuroscience..
and how is it??
i could only said one word~ TERRIBLE! X(

first before entering the exam hall, me and mimi already see few physio lectures
so, we expected that essay question sure physio pnye soklan..
i was chanting repeatedly~ xmo kua psl ear, xmo kua psl ear~
and the one that i don't want is the one that came out~
i was like~ GREAT! SUPER GREAT! its 10 marks for only one question!!
ok, da tau result daaaahhhh!!
[sedeyh, sedeyh~ :( ]

haaaiihhhh~ that's what i get for playing too much!
serve u right leez!

o well, whatever it is.. sumenye suda lpas~
yep! final mnanti dlm mase 4 minggu lagi!!
yoshhhh~ ganbare leez!! :D

i'ts REPRODUCTIVE module now..
ok, ready set go! FOCUS!! :D

[p/s: i'm gonna change my writing style~ hows the new fonts? funky isn't? i love it! :D]

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