Tuesday, August 31, 2010

> Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia ke-53

Merdeka~! Merdeka~!

slamat hari kmerdekaan yg ke 53~! happy befday Malaysia~!

not to forget: proud to be malaysian :))

apebile diimbau kenangan lame... biasenye slalu duk tggu detik2 12 am~ pastu tgok kat tb PM sbut merdeka3~ byk2 kali...besh2~! n then ikut la jugak ikut mendeka2~! (ini bkn pmbelot, cume dlu kte pelat~ haha)
d most interesting part adelah bunge api~! hooyehh~ sgt besh~!
skang dah bese dah (agak berlagak di situ eh?) coz slalu tgok bnge api kat KTSN dlu..heee~ ;)

n then pagi2 kne bgun awal2 coz tamaw terlepas transformasi berwane wani tu~
cumeyyyy sungguh~! sgt2 amazing ble org rami2 gerak2 pastu buat bentuk mcm2~

but today, mcm2 blaku dah kn?~ dah smpai msenye kot~
moge dberi petunjuk~ amiiinnnnn~! :))

p/s: entry agak lambat pd hari kemerdekaan ini ye~ haha~ gomen3~! :))

Saturday, August 28, 2010

> Mom, I can't Breath

dah 18 ramadhan kn?
dah lbih sparuh bulan puase dah....
n for me 18/18 full~ heeee~ :D alhmdullh~

semangat utk raye juge telah ade~! haha~ semangat sungguh~!
smlm pegi jln tar dgn ila~ dpt bju raye selai~ besh3~ hehe
to kaklong: jgn jeles~~ wawawa ;P

motif post ini adelah utk mnceritakn pengalam ber-PBL bersame senior 4th yer pd harini
yep3 sgt besh~! wlaupun out of 8 only 5 yg dtg~
but theres a looooot i can learn :D

me in grup 1~ pagi td bersame dgn zura, pika, nabil n pei ven

kami mrupakn candidate2 utk projek SSM diorg (btul kn?)
senior2 akn jd facilitator and conduct d PBL
n at the same time, ktorg plak dpt improve communication skill ktorg
so, its a two way benefit la.. :)

today's PBL is titled "mom, I can't breath"
mak, kte x bleh bnafas~! (haha~ gitula bunyiknye kalo dtranslatekn)
its about a premature infant having respiratory distress syndrome due to lung immaturity~
pneumocyte type II cant produce surfactant, thus the alveoli collapse

byk juge additional info yg kmi dpt~ :)
and insyaAllah, i'll do the learning issues~

hope to get a niece as cute as this~
to kaklong (again): plis take note~ haha~ ;)

Friday, August 27, 2010

> Open our eyes, see the sign~

i like this song really much~!! :D
~ and it reminds me of ruben (abu bakr) story which convert to islam in such an amazing ways~
*i cant post d video..sorry*

Artist: Maher Zain

Look around yourselves
Can’t you see this wonder
Spreaded infront of you
The clouds floating by
The skies are clear and blue
Planets in the orbits
The moon and the sun
Such perfect harmony

Let’s start question in ourselves
Isn’t this proof enough for us
Or are we so blind
To push it all aside..

We just have to
Open our eyes, our hearts, and minds
If we just look bright to see the signs
We can’t keep hiding from the truth
Let it take us by surprise
Take us in the best way
Guide us every single day..
Keep us close to You
Until the end of time..

Look inside yourselves
Such a perfect order
Hiding in yourselves
Running in your veins
What about anger love and pain
And all the things you’re feeling
Can you touch them with your hand?
So are they really there?

Lets start question in ourselves
Isn’t this proof enough for us?
Or are we so blind
To push it all aside..?

We just have to
Open our eyes, our hearts, and minds
If we just look bright to see the signs
We can’t keep hiding from the truth
Let it take us by surprise
Take us in the best way
Guide us every single day..
Keep us close to You
Until the end of time..

When a baby’s born
So helpless and weak
And you’re watching him growing..
So why deny
Whats in front of your eyes
The biggest miracle of life..

We just have to
Open our eyes, our hearts, and minds
If we just look quiet we’ll see the signs
We can’t keep hiding from the truth
Let it take us by surprise
Take us in the best way
Guide us every single day..
Keep us close to You
Until the end of time..

Open your eyes and hearts and minds
If you just look bright to see the signs
We can’t keep hiding from the truth
Let it take us by surprise
Take us in the best way
Guide us every single day..
Keep us close to You
Until the end of time..

You created everything
We belong to You
Ya Robb we raise our hands
Forever we thank You..

~seriously like this quote~ :))

p/s: can u hear echo inside my blog?? haha~ sunyi kn?
hari2 blogwalking je~ nk update, x tau nk update ape :P
*jeles org yg ade idea dpt update blog slalu..huuuu~
(risq~ jgn terase~!! haha~ kidding2 jaa) ;)

p/s lg 1: i think there is no significant (null hypothesis MS) pn kn either kte update ke x?
blog ini x byk viewer pn...heeee~ :D

Sunday, August 22, 2010

> hapdet terkini :)

kte kembali lg ke blog yg usang ini~!!! :D

haha~ maaf ye blog sudah lame tuan mu ini tidak mnghapdet kamu~
kte sibuk sket (aleza omar tipu~~~~~~~!)

well, i got sooooo much work~
here d list, some of them already done :)

  1. MS proposal ~on progress......
  2. PPD proposal ~DONE!
  3. Lecture Notes ~err...too much to say. +_+
  4. Reflective Writing ~my handout is missing!
  5. MS lecture ~i shuld comment on this eh?
  6. PPI ~DONE!

out of 6 only 2 is done eh??
ishhh~ kte sgt pmalas kn~~ aiiiiii~ :(
my excessive-sleepiness-syndrome getting serious~~
my insomnia now extend to moderately severe~

got to do sumthing~
sgt berharap sumthing yg berkesan~~~
can't stand anymore~ kerje byk blmbak2~ adeii~ =_="

owryte, enuff for my syndrome~
now kte berjaye menginfluence mimi utk meminati clannad~~ yey~! ^^ haha like2~

they were soooo cute kn? ^^
this is my desktop wallpaper~ heeee~ =]
*will tell bout clannad after story later*

p/s: going for an iftar d k1 just now~besh~!
rndu sungguh surau A + D
can stay until terawikh je (like having terawikh wit frens :))..
ceramah x pat ikut :(
sedey kn..kami kne balik plazarah awal, nti ade org kaco...ngeeeee~
unless kalo ade yg nk antakn bleh ja...hahah~
*no one will leeza~ heh ;p*

Thursday, August 19, 2010

> Excessive Sleepiness

just now i done a quiz on eMedicine.com...
so, heres the result::

Is Sleepiness Hurting You?

Assess the impact of sleepiness on your day.

Your answers indicate that excessive sleepiness may not be a major problem in your life, but it is a concern at times. Maybe you aren't getting consistently good sleep, and you'd like to increase the odds of sleeping restfully, despite your sometimes hectic schedule.

Like exercise and a proper diet, sleep is important to your health. Research shows that people who get insufficient or disrupted sleep are more prone to developing high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and depression.

Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Contrary to popular belief -- and wishful thinking -- the body doesn't learn to adjust to less sleep. If you're getting less shut-eye than you need, your thinking, work performance, reaction time, and other functions will become impaired. You may get headaches. You may also feel cranky, lethargic, and even depressed.

If you work a night shift or rotating shifts, you're particularly prone to problem sleepiness because your work schedule conflicts with strong, sleep-regulating cues, such as sunlight. You may find it hard to sleep during the day, especially when the rest of your household is awake and busy.

If your sleepiness worsens, or you find yourself developing insomnia, talk to your doctor about whether lifestyle changes might help, or whether you need medical treatment to help you feel awake when you need to be alert.

~kte amik quiz ni bcoz lately kat kuliah sgt mengantuk
sgt3 x suke~!! :(
i just can concentrate about 30 minutes and then i will lose my focus~
kecian kat pensyarah~ totally gomenasaiii~!!! X_X *bows
somehow i cant control it~
i think i got mild insomnia (ade yg mild eh??)

wondering how can i switch back my biological clock??
any suggestion?? :))

anime sleep Pictures, Images and Photos
i do this when i was studying =_="

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

> There is distance between us

Can you please tell me what happened between us? What happened to the closeness we had before? I miss it. You leave me wanting for more and giving up, all at the same time. I want our memories back. The days we used to smile together.

hoping that you will read this~ :(

p/s: my exam over :)
and my flu recovered~

Saturday, August 14, 2010

> Gudluck for EOM~!

cute bear Good Luck Pictures, Images and Photos


for 2nd year:
and be prepared for RESPIRATORY module yahhhh~!! :D

for 1st year and my frens:
and gudluck for TISSUES OF BODIES module yup~!! :))

> Arrived~!

suda smpai KL~~~ :))

for d first time buka puase dlm monorel~ isk2~
agak mnyedihkn kn?

now only me n ila je yg ade kat uma...yg len msih blom blik..

to ida, kak zati, mimi n iera~
pulanglah kamu ke plazarah~~~!!
kami sunyi disini..hahaa :D

new commitment awaits~
got to study CVS this whole weekends~
yep~! aja2 leeza~!!
ganbatte ne~!!! ^^

gamba tiade kne mengena dgn entry~
cute kn~~~~~~ :))

p/s: im going to be auntie soon~ :D
tahniah to kaklong + abg zali~!!

**kte nk pangglan "achik".. tamaw makcik~ nmpak tua..hoho~ ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

> Fever Relapsing

~aleza omar is a future doctor which hate to go to a clinic and hate to take her medcine~

hahah~ pdn muke kte...now fever da relapsed~ ngeeeee~~

kedegilan utk tidak ke clinic mnyebabkn fever dtg blik...wuwuwu~~
really make my mood bad la...
nk tlis blog pn malas dah...haihh~~~ =_="
** i kept typing but never post it...

puase dlm kadaan dizzy + worsening cough + flu~ sgt mnyeksakn kn?sick Pictures, Images and Photos
and i was dehydrated....
but still, a fast to me is an enjoyable thing todo. :))

ok, tomorrow will be back to KL...
mnghabiskn my CVS yg banyaaaaaaaaak lg nih~ haih~
**i really cant study at home..dpt study sket je..ish3~

looking forward for a great fast with housemates :)
means today is d last day for me to berbuka kt uma... :(
*for a time being la...but akhir2 pose nti blik la uma blik an? :))

ok, got to top up my CVS~
aja~aja leeza~!!! :D

p/s: like my new template...hahah~ i likeeeee~!! (^^,)

^o^ Pictures, Images and Photosyap2 woooo~!!! ^^

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

>Ahlan Wa Sahlan ya Ramadhan

slamat dtg ramadhan~!!! :))

smoge ramadhan kali ini lbih baik dr ramadhan yg lepas~~~


> Amaran dr celcom

yey~!! dpt surat amaran dr celcom lagi~~~ GREAT~! =_="

ini berlaku mse kte ditipu oleh 2 org india (i hate them!!) mse kat stesen monorel masjid jamek.
that tym i remembered it was ramadhan last yer~ bru blik shopping ngn kwn2~

if korg igt kn, ade mamat2 yg slalu hulur2 sim card celcom free... yg slalu duk kat times square, duk kat stesen2 monorel... **ishhh everytime nmpak diorg, rase cm nk lenyek2 jek~~

some of my frens ade yg kena..tp diorg just terkena dgn nombo mxs bertukar jd nombo celcom je kn... isk2 kte pnye kes lak..mereke2 itu mnggunakn nme kte utk nombo diorg..
consequence-nye, bil smpai ke rumah suruh bayar bil ats nombo yg kte x penah tau pn...

i remembered, study week for the last final exam, i had to setteled this thing..
kne wat repot polis segale..
kne g celcom center which is jauh dr rumah sye d melaka....
and i have to worried bout my final exam lg....
**i did cried hardly bcoz of this =_=" ~adeii~

but unfortunately, police report tu x diappreciate oleh phak celcom lgsung..
the bills keep coming asking to be paid~ sakit ati x?? isk~ :(

this one berwarne merah~ looks scary kn??

and this is the other one~

ok now, what shuld i do??
ignore them~~ buat bodo jep..dah wat report kn?
make another report~

Sunday, August 8, 2010

> Konvokesyen UKM ke-38

on 5th july~ kte g pesta konvo ukm ke 38 as a runner for gerai klinikal there...


kte dpt sume tmpat...but x sume yg dpt buat kt client...coz client x byk plak yg mlawat...tp x pe~ itu 1 pengalamn kn? ~ ^^

kte dpt shift dr pkul 4pm till 10pm~ and on the night, perasmian konvo bermule...
so, dpt la tgok Sultan Negeri9~ Canselor UKM :)
the next day brulah senior2 fakulti perubatan grad~ d first fac to be graduated~ :))

ok, x tau dah nk cite ape...tgok gamba je eh?
i don't have a mood to type pnjg2 arini~~ :))

this time when ktorg tgah tggu canselor berarak~
smpat lg tgkap gmba~ :)
*urwah semangat nk slm sultan..tp x dpt...haha~

wit my housemate~iera
snap~ snap~ ;)

when client xde~
snap~ snap~ lagiii~~~ :D
bersame tupai2 n bruang2 yg telah graduate~

akhir2 ltak gamba sorg2 lak~ ;)
nmpak sdap kn...mmg sdap~!! hee~ ^^
this cake kte bli dr akk2 fakulti sains n teknologi~ dap~!:))
oh mse kat booth diorg, smangat abg2 fakulti ni terangkn kat kte ngn mimi psl sumthing to do with physic la...adeyhh...kte suda x ingat~ =_=" ngee~

ok, itu saje~ :))

p/s. 1: i'm at home~ :))
p/s. 2: i'm having a flu~ :'(

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

> Muhabbah

"Dijadikan terasa indah dalam pandangan manusia cinta terhadap apa yang diiinginkan, berupa perempuan-perempuan, anak-anak, harta benda yang bertumpuk dalam bentuk emas dan perak, kuda pilihan, haiwan ternak dan sawah ladang. Itulah kesenangan hidup di dunia, dan di sisi Allah lah tempat kembali yang baik"

(surah Ali-imran: Ayat 14)

tajuk ushrah kli ini: Muhabbah brmaksud Cinta :))

read d above line, understands and you will appreciate it~ :)

p/s: thanks to kak faten~ :) hountouni arigatou~! *bows

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

> Love is a Cycle

When you LOVE, you get hurt
When you get HURT, you get hate
When you get HATE, you try to forget
When you try to FORGET, you start missing
And when you start MISSING...
you'll eventually fall in LOVE again...

Monday, August 2, 2010

> Don't blame Allah~

today we got an "ushrah"~ beshhh~!!^^

akk2 senior sggup dr PPUKM dtg ke rumah kami di plazarah yg x seberape ni....hehe~

akk2 senior yg dtg
.kak ana (dental 5th yr)
.kak mas (medic 4th yr)
.kak diba (medic 4th yr)
.kak hajar (medic 3rd yr)
.kak nadiah (medic 3rd yr)
.kak shikin (medic 3rd yr)

kami2 yg join:
.me myself
.kak ila
.kak zati

it was an interactive session with senior~ they tell us on how important the study grup is...
**rasenye nk buat study grup lak~ sape nk joinn~?!!! hehe~ ;)

they also told us on how we should study efficiently~
to study medicine we shuld divide into 2 parts
-memorizing part: such as embryology and pharmacology (this only facts! we cant understand why they become like this and that)
-understanding part: such as physiology or pathogenesis (this 1 we can understand and we can see their flow based on basic things we learned)

0k, that was told by kak mas~ tq~!! :))

then after all masalah kami adukn pd senior2~ we were given a task~
me, i got tajuk "Bersangka Baik pada Allah"
if we got a bad fortune for example, don't we ever blame Allah for what we had gone through! like why i should get this fortune? why me, not her~~(pbl sem 2~^^)
~kte sbg hamba dlm muka bumi ni mestilah redha dgn segala yg dberikn oleh Allah. Allah knows the best for us. jika 1 ujian menimpa, itu adelah 1 challenge utk kite...

a quote:

"Aku minta pd Allah, setangkai bunga besar, Dia berikn ku kaktus berduri....Aku minta pd Allah kupu2 yg cantik, Dia berikan ku ulat berbulu.....Aku sedih dan kecewa....namun kmudian, kaktus itu berbunga yg amat indah, & ulat itu pula bertukar mnjadi rama2 yg sgt cantik...."

itulah cara Allah, Dia tidak memberi ape yg kte harapkn, tp Dia mberi ape yg kte perlukn~
jauh diatas segalanya, Allah telah mengatur perkara yg terBAEK utk kte kn?? ^^

~bersyukurlah dgn segala yg dberikan & redha lah dgn segala yg telah ditetapkn oleh-Nya~ :)

so, here i am now, redha dgn the way i am now~ i love myself n never regret in being me~
and of course at the same time, i will always find a best way to improve myself~ insyaAllah~ :))

p/s: today interaction day was the best~!!!
to my buddy fatimah: you will never walk alone k~! :)
**more or less i think i am more like a junior to fatimah~ ehhh??