Tuesday, August 10, 2010

> Amaran dr celcom

yey~!! dpt surat amaran dr celcom lagi~~~ GREAT~! =_="

ini berlaku mse kte ditipu oleh 2 org india (i hate them!!) mse kat stesen monorel masjid jamek.
that tym i remembered it was ramadhan last yer~ bru blik shopping ngn kwn2~

if korg igt kn, ade mamat2 yg slalu hulur2 sim card celcom free... yg slalu duk kat times square, duk kat stesen2 monorel... **ishhh everytime nmpak diorg, rase cm nk lenyek2 jek~~

some of my frens ade yg kena..tp diorg just terkena dgn nombo mxs bertukar jd nombo celcom je kn... isk2 kte pnye kes lak..mereke2 itu mnggunakn nme kte utk nombo diorg..
consequence-nye, bil smpai ke rumah suruh bayar bil ats nombo yg kte x penah tau pn...

i remembered, study week for the last final exam, i had to setteled this thing..
kne wat repot polis segale..
kne g celcom center which is jauh dr rumah sye d melaka....
and i have to worried bout my final exam lg....
**i did cried hardly bcoz of this =_=" ~adeii~

but unfortunately, police report tu x diappreciate oleh phak celcom lgsung..
the bills keep coming asking to be paid~ sakit ati x?? isk~ :(

this one berwarne merah~ looks scary kn??

and this is the other one~

ok now, what shuld i do??
ignore them~~ buat bodo jep..dah wat report kn?
make another report~

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