Saturday, August 28, 2010

> Mom, I can't Breath

dah 18 ramadhan kn?
dah lbih sparuh bulan puase dah....
n for me 18/18 full~ heeee~ :D alhmdullh~

semangat utk raye juge telah ade~! haha~ semangat sungguh~!
smlm pegi jln tar dgn ila~ dpt bju raye selai~ besh3~ hehe
to kaklong: jgn jeles~~ wawawa ;P

motif post ini adelah utk mnceritakn pengalam ber-PBL bersame senior 4th yer pd harini
yep3 sgt besh~! wlaupun out of 8 only 5 yg dtg~
but theres a looooot i can learn :D

me in grup 1~ pagi td bersame dgn zura, pika, nabil n pei ven

kami mrupakn candidate2 utk projek SSM diorg (btul kn?)
senior2 akn jd facilitator and conduct d PBL
n at the same time, ktorg plak dpt improve communication skill ktorg
so, its a two way benefit la.. :)

today's PBL is titled "mom, I can't breath"
mak, kte x bleh bnafas~! (haha~ gitula bunyiknye kalo dtranslatekn)
its about a premature infant having respiratory distress syndrome due to lung immaturity~
pneumocyte type II cant produce surfactant, thus the alveoli collapse

byk juge additional info yg kmi dpt~ :)
and insyaAllah, i'll do the learning issues~

hope to get a niece as cute as this~
to kaklong (again): plis take note~ haha~ ;)

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