Friday, September 30, 2011

the tears

oh, ini bkn entry sedih down to d earth okay? ^_^

I'm in perfectly good mood~ :D

okay, I would like to write about the tears~
yep! the one that always fall from my eyelid~ ^^

it's clearly know that everyone besides me know that Imma crybaby~ ^^"
[d banner above stated that!]
especially my siblings and my friends~ ^^ my parents too! except I don't cry in front of them~ :D
[ok, liar! I do call my mom twice~ ^^" eheh!]

my siblings call me "kememeyh"
my friends call me a "crybaby" and "bdak suke nages"
haha~ seriously its funny! ^^ I'm such a spoiled child huh? ^^'
I make everyone worries over my tears and end up laughing over my stupidities crying over a simple thing...
sorry everyone! I'm reaaaally sorry!! :D

oh, I'm not an attention seeker, FYI~ :)
I'm not a girl which emo over nothing...
kept the sadness over my deep heart and hides it with un-willing smile~ :)
that's not me.. I don't know how to do it.. I try to but I can't...
I end up crying jugak at last! haha~ [a.k.a pelakon x berbakat :P]
but! but! but!
my specialities is..... FAST RECOVERY! :D
I'm sooo proud of this! haha~
after 15 minutes of crying..
just give me some space to be alone for another 15 minutes
and another 30 minutes to sleep after that..
and the result after the sleep~ back to the current mood~
even though some of the "bad mood" will remains.. but yet, I'm ok~ ^^
sleeping will reduce my edematous eyes~ so I won't look like a panda~ ^^

the biggest 'crimer' all this while that makes me falls over gelens of tears is EXAM...
always, always, always exam..
recently I cried again bcoz of my short case exam~
I didn't do well ~ T_T.. it's okay! its my faults~ sape suh xnk blaja btul2! pdn muke~ huuu~
the other would be the same problem as everyone has..
family problem, quarreling with friends, lost the precious things, and angry over sth~ :)
not even once I cried bcause of homo-sapiens creatures name MEN/MAN? ok, whatever it calls..
ceehhhh! nampak sgt single lg! =_= n obviously no fist love huh? haha~ *pathetic! :P
oh, it's not pathetic.. I love d way I take care of myself~ :)
ok! I lied~ again! I do. once. I mean one.
not first love. but crying over a guy?
aahhh! I'm so stupid at that time and I realized my stupidity.. thank god! It's just over 30 minutes..haha~ :D
ok, it's awkward to write about this..
*ohhhh! saye tidak jiwang!! D:

for angry.. yeah, I cried when I'm angry..
bcause one simple thing.... I can't complain and I can't keep talking about it~
mbawa dosa kn? it's better cried dari mnambah dosa kn! :)

ok, back to topic. why I'm writing this?
one simple answer~ I don't want to be looked as a pathetic girl~
stop looking me like that. I'm not pathetic and I don't need sympathy~
I just need some encouraged words ONLY.. and lots of FUNNY JOKES! :D

and please don't look me with the eyes of "eh, gedik la pompuan ni! ngade btol! "
huuu~ it's my nature... I can't help it~ T_T
I tried to be strong before but I can't~ I tried many times! seriously, but I can't~
understand me please~ I am not an attention seeker. :)

who knew this anime? raised up ur mouse!^^
this is Nagisa from Clannad~
her character is more or less the same with me~ :)
credit to: Jangan :)
I'm just simply the first point :D
and I hope I get into the second~ :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

exam panic

AAAAAAAAHHHHHH~ doshiyoooo? doshiyoooo?~~~~ T_T

my short case this THURSDAY. 
and now I'm panic!! 
wwhhhaaaatt??!! Pictures, Images and Photos

I feels like a stupid kindergarten student who doesn't know anything!

and yet this stupid student doesn't want to use her time wisely~ 

ah~ this is an entry to wish my posting-mates:

ganbaro! ^^

Saturday, September 24, 2011

u may hate ur life, but...

Ya Allah, may they are always in my mind to make me realize of all the ni'mat U gave to me.
may they be the one to make me always thanking U of all the things U gave to me. 
may they be the the one to kept me away from complaining.
may they be the one to make everyone love their life.
may they be the motivator of all hearts in this world.
may them be safe.

u guys may complained of the shoes that u can't buy, but for them, money??
u guys may complained of being a fat and bla bla, but them, ya Allah, how skinny they are? :(
u guys may complained of boy/girlfriends broke the relationship, but them, are they having parents? having the ones that they love?
ya Allah, how cruel we are... so cruel...
I can't stop crying by just watching this picture...

this is the reminder for me, and for u guys.
may they be in heaven.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

they are smurfigly cute!

 last friday I went to Times Square to watch this smurfingly cute movie! and it's in smurfin' 3D yo! :D

they are soooooo blue and cute! >_<
right now I'm having smurf-syndrome.. together with Fairuz~ ^^
our talk has become smurfy-smurf-words~ haha~ XD

thanks to Fai, Tiah and Nad for ur understanding that I reeaaaaallly want to watch those smurfs~ ^^
arigatou minna! it's really a great day! :D

btw, FYI~ (read: promoting)
the Japanese-dubbed version of The Smurf was voice-actored by two members of Hey Say JUMP~
Yamada Ryosuke as Clumsy and Chinen Yuri as Brainy
aww~ those two were sooo smurfin' adorable!^^

they (Hey! Say! JUMP) also make a new single for the movie..
MAGIC POWER~ song without Ryuu-chan~ :((

well, the song was smurfinly happy! like it~ ^^

the official PV not yet to be revealed~
lyrics: HERE

owhhhhh~ I wanna hate that 70's costume~ >_
but I can't~ their JUMP band was awesome!
and the image of ten nineJUMP with the smurf really suits this movie well!
~with the background forest and lively daily costumes~ ^^ kakko-kawaiii~! :D
[except those 70's costume!=_=   especially Yabu-kun color~ ahhh!! someone please take off that costume from my prince! >_<]

ok, promotional session end~ :)

till then~ jya! :D

Mr.Beary tegoshi-kun now has a new friend! Domo-kun~ ^^

Friday, September 16, 2011

useless updates

[ape hye2? lambat update! >_<]

oooowhhhhh, minna gomenasai~!
lame x update blog~ :(
not because I'm busy...
just because I'm LAZY~
*smack her in the head!*

i tried to update before~ but end up posting nothing =_=
and when I'm updating this entry, I don't have any idea to write~
[u are lame leez! T_T]

and when I have the mood to update..
it is the time where I'm starting to get busy~ :(
next week I have a long case to present~
next week also I have a case write up to be sent which I don't start typing a single word pun~ T_T
huuuuu~ I'm getting lazy~

credit to Prof Har~
uwh~ I need to apply this tip as soon as possible! >_<


uh~ speechless~ 
okla, okla, I stop here~
nothing to share~ :(

btw, please like this picture in fb if u're a JPOP FREAK like me~^^
and if u're an ARASHIAN~ it is a must! :D

I present to u, the most popular little bro in Arashi~ MATSUJUN!!

I'm a Japanese freak, and I'm proud of that~ :DDD

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ninomiya Kazunari - Niji (Rainbows)

how I love this song~ <3<3

kireeiii naa~ hontouni! ^^
I love the melody and the lyrics~
it give the same exact feeling as I'm listening to MY EVERYTHING by YABU KOTA
 [my previous post on My Everything ~~ here]

how much I love Yabu-kun song, that much how I love Nino's song~ ^^
they make the best songwriter ever!^^
*Niji is writen by Nino himself while My Everything is not writen by Yabu-kun, but he is a songwriter of another songs~^^*

the only different thing is I love Yabu Kota more than Ninomiya~ ^^
Yabu-kun as always my ichiban~ 
Nino shall be my niban!! :D

ok, then~

Itsumo sou yo.
Suneru to kimi wa.
Watashi no daiji na mono o kakusu deshou.
Sono basho wa kimatte onaji da kara.
Kyou wa saki ni itte matte miru wa.

Kisetsutachi ga yuuhi o tsurete kite
Kage ga watashi o mitsukete nobiru...

Bikkuri shita kao de watashi o mitsumete wa
Kyuu ni kuchi togarase puitto soto miru no.
Gomen ne. to iu to
Jaa kocchi ni kite yo to
Nee, hora mite mite
Kage ga kasanatta...

Kasa ga butsukari massugu arukenai.
Sonna watashi o mite waratteiru no.

Watashi mo yatte misete ageru no.
Onaji you ni kuchi o togarasu...

Yasashiku warau kimi ga
Kono jikan ga kuukan ga
Nakitaku naru kurai
Ichiban daiji na mono da yo.
Waza to togaraseteru...
Watashi ni gomen ne no henji o matazu ni
Yasashiku kisu shita no...

Kore kara wa chotto kurai no wagamama
Itte mo ii yo.
Demo watashi ni dake yo.

Mendokusai kara tte
Sunao ja nainda kara
Nan de ienai no ka na?
Suki da yo.
Hitokoto yo?
Tama ni wa kikitai na.
Kyou wa watashi to kimi ga
Myouji o kasaneta hi.
Ai ga mebuita hi.

la... la... la...

Niji ga kirei da yo.
Iya, omae no hou ga...
Terehajimeru kimi ni
Arigatou. Arigatou.

You're always like that.
When you're sulking
You hide the things that are important to me.
It's the same place as always,
So today I'll go there first and wait for you.

The seasons bring the evening sunlight
The shadows find me and stretch toward me...

You look at me with a surprised face
Then you suddenly purse your lips and turn to look outside.
When I say "I'm sorry"
And "Then come over here"
Hey, look, look
Our shadows are overlapping...

Our umbrellas bump together so I can't walk straight.
You're watching me like this and laughing.

I'll show you that I can do it too.
I can purse my lips the same way...

Your gentle smile
This time, this space
They're so important to me
That I could start to cry.
I'm pursing my lips on purpose...
Without waiting for a response to my apology
I softly kissed you...

From now on, if you want to say selfish things,
You can if you want.
But only to me.

Because it's aggravating
Because it's not honest
Why can't you say it?
I love you.
Just those three words?
I want to hear it now and then.
Today is the day you and I
Put our family names together.
The day our love bloomed.

la... la... la...

The rainbow is beautiful.
No, you're the beautiful one...
For starting to look embarrassed,
Thank you. Thank you.

lyric taken from HERE
I do not own anything~ ^^

p/s: gomen, this post is long~ I just love the lyrics~ can't help it~ ^^

hora~! Nino's pictha fo ya!! ^^
aww~ sooo cute! neko-chan mitaiii~! ^^
kakkoii ne~ ^^
I'm currently watching nino-related movie/drama~
GANTZ is the best! sasuga nino~ :D

p/s II: I'm liking Arashi now~ haha~ haiiz.. fangirls~ ^^"