Friday, September 30, 2011

the tears

oh, ini bkn entry sedih down to d earth okay? ^_^

I'm in perfectly good mood~ :D

okay, I would like to write about the tears~
yep! the one that always fall from my eyelid~ ^^

it's clearly know that everyone besides me know that Imma crybaby~ ^^"
[d banner above stated that!]
especially my siblings and my friends~ ^^ my parents too! except I don't cry in front of them~ :D
[ok, liar! I do call my mom twice~ ^^" eheh!]

my siblings call me "kememeyh"
my friends call me a "crybaby" and "bdak suke nages"
haha~ seriously its funny! ^^ I'm such a spoiled child huh? ^^'
I make everyone worries over my tears and end up laughing over my stupidities crying over a simple thing...
sorry everyone! I'm reaaaally sorry!! :D

oh, I'm not an attention seeker, FYI~ :)
I'm not a girl which emo over nothing...
kept the sadness over my deep heart and hides it with un-willing smile~ :)
that's not me.. I don't know how to do it.. I try to but I can't...
I end up crying jugak at last! haha~ [a.k.a pelakon x berbakat :P]
but! but! but!
my specialities is..... FAST RECOVERY! :D
I'm sooo proud of this! haha~
after 15 minutes of crying..
just give me some space to be alone for another 15 minutes
and another 30 minutes to sleep after that..
and the result after the sleep~ back to the current mood~
even though some of the "bad mood" will remains.. but yet, I'm ok~ ^^
sleeping will reduce my edematous eyes~ so I won't look like a panda~ ^^

the biggest 'crimer' all this while that makes me falls over gelens of tears is EXAM...
always, always, always exam..
recently I cried again bcoz of my short case exam~
I didn't do well ~ T_T.. it's okay! its my faults~ sape suh xnk blaja btul2! pdn muke~ huuu~
the other would be the same problem as everyone has..
family problem, quarreling with friends, lost the precious things, and angry over sth~ :)
not even once I cried bcause of homo-sapiens creatures name MEN/MAN? ok, whatever it calls..
ceehhhh! nampak sgt single lg! =_= n obviously no fist love huh? haha~ *pathetic! :P
oh, it's not pathetic.. I love d way I take care of myself~ :)
ok! I lied~ again! I do. once. I mean one.
not first love. but crying over a guy?
aahhh! I'm so stupid at that time and I realized my stupidity.. thank god! It's just over 30 minutes..haha~ :D
ok, it's awkward to write about this..
*ohhhh! saye tidak jiwang!! D:

for angry.. yeah, I cried when I'm angry..
bcause one simple thing.... I can't complain and I can't keep talking about it~
mbawa dosa kn? it's better cried dari mnambah dosa kn! :)

ok, back to topic. why I'm writing this?
one simple answer~ I don't want to be looked as a pathetic girl~
stop looking me like that. I'm not pathetic and I don't need sympathy~
I just need some encouraged words ONLY.. and lots of FUNNY JOKES! :D

and please don't look me with the eyes of "eh, gedik la pompuan ni! ngade btol! "
huuu~ it's my nature... I can't help it~ T_T
I tried to be strong before but I can't~ I tried many times! seriously, but I can't~
understand me please~ I am not an attention seeker. :)

who knew this anime? raised up ur mouse!^^
this is Nagisa from Clannad~
her character is more or less the same with me~ :)
credit to: Jangan :)
I'm just simply the first point :D
and I hope I get into the second~ :)

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