Sunday, September 18, 2011

they are smurfigly cute!

 last friday I went to Times Square to watch this smurfingly cute movie! and it's in smurfin' 3D yo! :D

they are soooooo blue and cute! >_<
right now I'm having smurf-syndrome.. together with Fairuz~ ^^
our talk has become smurfy-smurf-words~ haha~ XD

thanks to Fai, Tiah and Nad for ur understanding that I reeaaaaallly want to watch those smurfs~ ^^
arigatou minna! it's really a great day! :D

btw, FYI~ (read: promoting)
the Japanese-dubbed version of The Smurf was voice-actored by two members of Hey Say JUMP~
Yamada Ryosuke as Clumsy and Chinen Yuri as Brainy
aww~ those two were sooo smurfin' adorable!^^

they (Hey! Say! JUMP) also make a new single for the movie..
MAGIC POWER~ song without Ryuu-chan~ :((

well, the song was smurfinly happy! like it~ ^^

the official PV not yet to be revealed~
lyrics: HERE

owhhhhh~ I wanna hate that 70's costume~ >_
but I can't~ their JUMP band was awesome!
and the image of ten nineJUMP with the smurf really suits this movie well!
~with the background forest and lively daily costumes~ ^^ kakko-kawaiii~! :D
[except those 70's costume!=_=   especially Yabu-kun color~ ahhh!! someone please take off that costume from my prince! >_<]

ok, promotional session end~ :)

till then~ jya! :D

Mr.Beary tegoshi-kun now has a new friend! Domo-kun~ ^^

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