Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HB Yabu-kun!!!

the 31st Jan is coming to an end~!!

it's February soon~ how fast time flies~ :)

well, today is Yabu day!
my ichiban's day! ^^
so, hereby I wish-->

zutto Aishiteru yo! ^^
Outanjoubi oniichan! ^o^
he's being 22 way ahead from me~
I'm turning 22 this year too! in June~ :D

I want to post this earlier.. yesterday night~
but have an urgent things going on~
I need to complete report to send today, and I got presentation to present~
well, the presentation end up with Prof bashing us~ haha -.-"

oh, back to d topic!
as always.... pic spamming~!!! yay! ^^
doesn't he look cool~ :D
less than 3 Yabu-kunnnn~!!! <3

compared to Nino and Tegoshi, Yabu is diffirent~
I love him because he's coooolll~~~~ hoho~ ^o^ *sounds cheesy huh*
Nino is super handsome-talented-bratty-oniichan!
while Tegoshi is a cutie-pie! *I'm treating Tego as he is Yabu lil bro~ haha^^
well, I love these guys because they are they~ got what I mean? ^^"

raburetaa for me? <3
this is the end of the picspam~ :(
my wifi betray on me~
it sulking today~ sooo dem slow!

to end this entry~
once again~


although it says tat JUMP doesn't have leader~
but they have this yashashiii onichan! ^^ *take care of ur lil bross Koppi!*

and good luck too with ur new uni life! :D
He's taking course same as Tegoshi n attending d same school too!^^
u just can't leave ur senpai huh Yabu? ^^ before it's the same highschool~ now same uni~ ^^
u both my favorite! XD
oh, Nino too~~~ :D


Sunday, January 29, 2012

holidays end

my holidays has finished and I'm already in KL now~
what am I doing this 1 week hols??
I can't remember....... =_=

I don't even watched any Jdrama series,
I don't go out hanging with friends..
all I do at home is~ surfing internet, doing daily works, cooking, hu-ha with my sis and bro....
aaaaaaannd, that 1 week is now over~ T_T

anyway, I got 2 weeks more of JKM and then it will be study week and exam week following that~
what I hate about JKM is presenting slides~ I hate it!
I don't even good with talking in front of crowds to begin with! and now, presenting n answering question? gosh~ I'm trembling~ =_=
and also exam? huaaaa~
it's a nightmare u know~ a study week! and it's Internal Medicine's exam that I'm worrying for~ T_T
now, the "allnighters" will begin~ :(

what I love about JKM is the people that I met~
if it's in the ward, I met with patient~ ignorant one, some of them.
in JKM, I got to met with org Kampung~ which is super nice n super good!
I miss Tanjung Karang~!!! DX

ok, this post is crap~
all I typed is complaining~ *sigh*
ok now, I'm off~

Thursday, January 26, 2012

YUI - TOKYO / Taiyou no Uta

full lyrics&translation -> here

I love this song~
lately I've been playing the above YUI's perf sooo many times!
she is sooo good.
the above perf on TOKYO is much more better than the original one~
she's getting better~
and did u guys notice that she stop bcause she's about to cry~
[bcause it's d end of the concert n the last song]
awwww~ sooooooo sweeet~ :')

and about this song~ 
everytime I listen/sing, a tears would blurs my eyes~ :')
isn't she a great songwriter?

owh, for those who doesn't know who is YUI~ go here :)
she is one female singer that I love sooo much! beside UtadaHikaru, KodaKumi, etc, etc..
well, I love her the most actually~
she has the most soothing voice ever! and a cute face too~^^
I had a feeling of dun take her away from me! ^^"
I have been a long fan of her ok~ looong b4 I knew Johnnys~ :D

btw, I've watched these movie last week:

I'm sooo lame. sooo late!
these movie is super best!
well, I'm not gonna tell what the content is..
u can proceed--> here :) 
**hint: YUI has Xeroderma Pigmentosum where she can't go out in the day ;)**

ok, that is!
I just wants to increase my labels~ :D

I should stop now and start doing my assignments~
sooo unfair! >_< 
we students, should be given a holidays without assignments right! >_<


ok leez, 
stop whining and do ur work!

k, bye!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

HB Sho-kun!


shashiburi da ne! 
it's been a while! ^o^/

know what~ I'm soooo busy that I couldn't update my blog~
so sorry kayh!

ok, that's a bluff! haha~ I'm lazy. *awkward smile*

ok, for Arashian~
it's 25th Jan guyssss~ it's sho-kun's birthday~!!! *throws confetti* \^^/*

Sho has become my niban since I knew Arashi last year~
so, just like other Johnnys birthday, let's do some pic and gif spamming!! :D
*pic and gif are not mine! credits given to d owner~ >_<*

Aiba will b following later.. n then my Nino tooo~! *gasp* @_@
I love this pic d most!
don't he looks like a gorgeous newscaster~
less than 3 sho-kun, less than 3~^^

He just love himself~ ^^
he has a good eyes in cute things!! ^_^
just like me~~~~ aaaaw~
he once said that being cute is a crime! :D
and basically fails at everything~ :(
especially VSA games! :D
well, he's still a hot newscaster! :D
he inspires Keii-chan from NEWS to pursue studies~
and the most hardworking idol I've ever seen~ ^^

once again,
Outanjoubi Omedetto Sho-kunnn~!!!
and get married already! 

p/s: Arashi is getting a new single~!!!
owyeahhhh~! ^^
it's called Wild at Heart
it's for MatsuJun's drama "Lucky 7"~ with keii-chan in it!! ^o^

owh, and
Sho will b in new TBS drama sp~! ^o^
d title is so long~ sorry! ^^"
ganbatte Sho-kunnn!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

it's 1 JANUARY 2012~

5 months and 19 days to go until my 22nd birthday~!! :D
I'll getting older n older~

I was in Tanjung Karang doing nothing on the day of 31st December 2011~
I can't watch Kouhaku , can't watch Johnny's Countdown Concert~ :((
then, when I was thinking that my last moments was the sad one, my friends make a plan to go out~

so, we plan with Pakcik bas to send us to Plaza spending our last moments of 2011~ :)
we played bowling and doing countdown infront Plaza andwatching fireworks~
spending like that with my coursemates was the best!
it's somehow as a cure for not being able to watch JCD and Kouhaku~ :)

this pic was taken at exactly 00:00 of 01/01/2012
we going back at 12.30pm~
then I'm opening my beloved laptop seeing ppl talking about JCD and posting links for NEWS perf in JCD!
gosh! I'm soooo happy seeing them 4 again! :')
it's a new start for NEWS too~ :)

so today, 01/01/2012, we make a BBQ party~!! :D
haaaaa~ how I love my batchmate sooo much! ^^

d BBQ chicken is not there unfortunately~ :)
with d same girls everytime~ ^^

I don't have any new year resolutions~
but as for 2011 resolution, Alhamdullilah I managed to accomplished all of the lists~ ^^
for 2012, I just wish that I could advanced to 4th year medical school with success.
live a healthy life, and being a better person. better than me in 2011. it's a new start.

as we know, about 2.30 pm JST, Japan was hit with earthquake again~ it was 7.0 :(
let's pray for them... it's all we can do~ :')

now... the wish~

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012~!!!!!

may this year better than before^^
ganbarimashou! \^o^/

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasuu~~~ ^3^