Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HB Yabu-kun!!!

the 31st Jan is coming to an end~!!

it's February soon~ how fast time flies~ :)

well, today is Yabu day!
my ichiban's day! ^^
so, hereby I wish-->

zutto Aishiteru yo! ^^
Outanjoubi oniichan! ^o^
he's being 22 way ahead from me~
I'm turning 22 this year too! in June~ :D

I want to post this earlier.. yesterday night~
but have an urgent things going on~
I need to complete report to send today, and I got presentation to present~
well, the presentation end up with Prof bashing us~ haha -.-"

oh, back to d topic!
as always.... pic spamming~!!! yay! ^^
doesn't he look cool~ :D
less than 3 Yabu-kunnnn~!!! <3

compared to Nino and Tegoshi, Yabu is diffirent~
I love him because he's coooolll~~~~ hoho~ ^o^ *sounds cheesy huh*
Nino is super handsome-talented-bratty-oniichan!
while Tegoshi is a cutie-pie! *I'm treating Tego as he is Yabu lil bro~ haha^^
well, I love these guys because they are they~ got what I mean? ^^"

raburetaa for me? <3
this is the end of the picspam~ :(
my wifi betray on me~
it sulking today~ sooo dem slow!

to end this entry~
once again~


although it says tat JUMP doesn't have leader~
but they have this yashashiii onichan! ^^ *take care of ur lil bross Koppi!*

and good luck too with ur new uni life! :D
He's taking course same as Tegoshi n attending d same school too!^^
u just can't leave ur senpai huh Yabu? ^^ before it's the same highschool~ now same uni~ ^^
u both my favorite! XD
oh, Nino too~~~ :D


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