Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

it's 1 JANUARY 2012~

5 months and 19 days to go until my 22nd birthday~!! :D
I'll getting older n older~

I was in Tanjung Karang doing nothing on the day of 31st December 2011~
I can't watch Kouhaku , can't watch Johnny's Countdown Concert~ :((
then, when I was thinking that my last moments was the sad one, my friends make a plan to go out~

so, we plan with Pakcik bas to send us to Plaza spending our last moments of 2011~ :)
we played bowling and doing countdown infront Plaza andwatching fireworks~
spending like that with my coursemates was the best!
it's somehow as a cure for not being able to watch JCD and Kouhaku~ :)

this pic was taken at exactly 00:00 of 01/01/2012
we going back at 12.30pm~
then I'm opening my beloved laptop seeing ppl talking about JCD and posting links for NEWS perf in JCD!
gosh! I'm soooo happy seeing them 4 again! :')
it's a new start for NEWS too~ :)

so today, 01/01/2012, we make a BBQ party~!! :D
haaaaa~ how I love my batchmate sooo much! ^^

d BBQ chicken is not there unfortunately~ :)
with d same girls everytime~ ^^

I don't have any new year resolutions~
but as for 2011 resolution, Alhamdullilah I managed to accomplished all of the lists~ ^^
for 2012, I just wish that I could advanced to 4th year medical school with success.
live a healthy life, and being a better person. better than me in 2011. it's a new start.

as we know, about 2.30 pm JST, Japan was hit with earthquake again~ it was 7.0 :(
let's pray for them... it's all we can do~ :')

now... the wish~

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012~!!!!!

may this year better than before^^
ganbarimashou! \^o^/

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasuu~~~ ^3^


Nurul Ain said...

aleza happy new year!!! hari tu tgk kouhaku sekejap jek. arashi punye performance terbaik!!!..hahahahha *nak kasik jeles* JCD tak taw nak tgk kat mane...

Naddyamal said...

happy new year...xpe2, nnt tgok la..arashi pnyer performance mmg best gle la..nnt tgok dyorg dance ngn mickey n nyanyi lagu it's a small world versi jepun...comel gle~!!!..xtgok JCD jge sbb arashi kt kohaku hehe...

cik mids cik smurf said...

happy new year :)
thanks follow :)

Aleza Omar said...

to Ain:
haaaa~ jeles! x jumpe lg link kouhaku yg HD~ :( bru jumpe yg JCD nye~ T_T

to Naddyamal:
ahaaa~ ade tgok perf tu.. tp LQ nye vid~ T_T lpas mana-chan n fuku-kun nyanyi.. pastu Arashi lak menari2 ngn character disney.. cuteness overload! XD

to cik mids:
Happy new year too! ^^