Thursday, January 26, 2012

YUI - TOKYO / Taiyou no Uta

full lyrics&translation -> here

I love this song~
lately I've been playing the above YUI's perf sooo many times!
she is sooo good.
the above perf on TOKYO is much more better than the original one~
she's getting better~
and did u guys notice that she stop bcause she's about to cry~
[bcause it's d end of the concert n the last song]
awwww~ sooooooo sweeet~ :')

and about this song~ 
everytime I listen/sing, a tears would blurs my eyes~ :')
isn't she a great songwriter?

owh, for those who doesn't know who is YUI~ go here :)
she is one female singer that I love sooo much! beside UtadaHikaru, KodaKumi, etc, etc..
well, I love her the most actually~
she has the most soothing voice ever! and a cute face too~^^
I had a feeling of dun take her away from me! ^^"
I have been a long fan of her ok~ looong b4 I knew Johnnys~ :D

btw, I've watched these movie last week:

I'm sooo lame. sooo late!
these movie is super best!
well, I'm not gonna tell what the content is..
u can proceed--> here :) 
**hint: YUI has Xeroderma Pigmentosum where she can't go out in the day ;)**

ok, that is!
I just wants to increase my labels~ :D

I should stop now and start doing my assignments~
sooo unfair! >_< 
we students, should be given a holidays without assignments right! >_<


ok leez, 
stop whining and do ur work!

k, bye!

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