Sunday, June 26, 2011

worst.weekend T_T

this is cray!

the worst-balik-kampung ever! =_=
huaaa~ DX

know what?
I came back home at 7.30pm on Friday.. together with my sis..
then my house hold a Kenduri-kesyukuran-scare-tibe2 on that sunday night..

I have to go back...
kalau diikutkn hati, there is no feeling of going back at all.. I just don't like being busy~
but, bcoz I had  put my family first.. and that's why...
so, here's the result~ worst weekend. T_T
it's not like that I'm not happy seeing my family... I am super happy.. but the worst part, we just can't avoid them~ Perancangan Allah itu lebih baik kn?

aaaaaaannnd.......the worst part is:
1 - going back home with no phone! can u imagine that? =_= stupid, stupid me! DX my dad called thousands times.. [ok, exaggerated ~]
so, sorry guys for not taking ur calls and replying ur msg this weekend~ I'm reaaallllly soory!! >_<

2- I have oncall this night... 7pm to 7am... and yet, now.. I'm still at HOME! >_< ... arghhhh~ that must be tiring later~ I hope I dont get sleepy~ oooh, I'm nervous! )X

3- I have two ward rounds tomorrow.... one for Green-team-grand-ward-round and the other one is specialist-ward-round... just thinking about it making me feeling nausea non stop~ with all the tremors and pallor~ I just can't describe how nervous I am right now~ =_='
I don't even cover my bed yet~! >_< haaaaa~ doshiyo? doshiyoooo?

4- with all the clumsiness I have now, I'm still willing to update my blog?! Aleza is really a KY huh? [what is KY? here]

okayhh... I'm off to KL now....
I should be ready with...... *silence

owell, let's just see what happen next~

kowaiiiiii yoooooooooooo~~~~ T_T

a quick glimpse of my Koppi~ ^^ it's from Music Station performance 24th june yester-yesterday [the day before yesterday]~^^
my Yabu got a new haircut~! ^^
love him to bits! :D <3

p/s: PV OVER-HSJ is out! ^^ haaaaa~ I'm excited!  :D

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Special Birthday entry

ah~ its 19th June~~
it's my Birthday then.. ^^

ok, Happy Birthday to me~!! yay~!^^

selangkah menghampiri kematian~ hmm hmm~ *nods :)

can I post a song for myself?
it's a birthday song sings by my most favorite group in the universe~ NEWS!

ok, I take them as the very first person to wish my birthday~^^

the chorus:

umareta koto Oh~
deaeta koto Oh~
ima soba ni ireru koto arigatou
ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi

the translation:

For being born
For being able to meet you
That I can be by your side now, Thank you
A magical, special day that happens only once a year

full lyrics and translation: HERE

oowhhhhh.....this is why I love NEWS sooo much~!
arigatouuuu~!!!!! ^^

I'm not expecting anything today..
the thing that I should do immediately is.. changing my standard-six-picture-identitycard -_-'
I am now matured enough to accept the fact that I'm turning twenties~
owell, time always runs fast~
for the past 20 years... I hope I had been a good girl to my god, parents, teachers and friends~ ^^

ehem! dikesempatan ini juge, kite nk wish to my dearest parents for their birthday on the same month as me~ ^^

First is my dad~
it's on 16th June..
dear Abah, Happy belated birthday.. 
sorry for going back home without telling u first~ 
in the end, I failed to surprise u~ T_T
owell, its' ok... 
thanks for feeding and raising me this past 21 years I had lived...
I'll sure myself to work hard for ur sake~ ^^
and.. sorry for always making u worried of me for unreasonable reasons all this while~ T_T~

then, its my mom~
it's on 5th June
dear Mak~ Happy Belated Birthday..
sorry for not making any special thing for u this year..
I did only phoned and wish u on it je~ T_T
and sooory too for being a spoiled daughter this past 21 years...
thanks for everything mom.. for the support and the courage~ :)

oohh.. emotional entry! *while-wiping-tears~ T_T
I'm 100% sure that my parents doesn't read this~
It's my heart that speaks.. so, it will never be spoken out loud~^^
let it be a sweet memories here, in my blog~ :)

ok, also special birthday wish to my-unrelated-blood-sister: Rosliza Ali~
it was her birthday yesterday.. so, Happy birthday Ja! :D

ok, my-special-birthday-entry is OVER!
[take credit to HSJ song over~ :D]

Saturday, June 18, 2011

[J Drama/K Drama] Ikemen desu ne/You're Beautiful

it's da IKEMEN DESU NE trailer~! ^^
its the fan-trailer though~

"Ikemen Desu Ne" is actually a Jdrama remake from Kdrama "You're Beautiful"

You're Beautiful

 I had seen the Kdrama before... and it is super cute love story! ^^
and the OST is super best!^^

sooo, I'm looking foward for the Japanese version of You're beautiful..
it better be good since all the 3 members of ANJell is Johnnys~^^
[I'm being a bias!]

here's the main cast:
u can actually guess who is who~ ^^

Tamamori Yuta as Hwang Tae Kyung
Fujigaya Taisuke as Kang Shin Woo
Yaotome Hikaru as Jeremy
Takimoto Miori as Go Mi Nam/Nyeo
*of course, the name of the Japanese ver. would be different from this*

Tama-kun's hair is superrr cooolll~! >_<
[seriously different with his personality] but he is seriously handsome in this!^^
Fujigaya aka Taipii is so cute!
both Tamamori n Fujigaya is from kis-my-ft2 group..

Yaotome Hikaru... owell, no need to describe him..
he's bestfriend of my lover anyway~ [haha~ ok, perasan x bleh blah!]
Hikaru is from HeySay JUMP n he is my niban! means he is my second favorite in JUMP!^^
or should I say.. he hold the stage between number one and number two.. so, he is in 1.5 stage..
number one would be my only Yabu and number two would be my english boy Keito~^^

ok, gone tooo far enough from the title of this entry~ =_="

the drama will be aired in JULY~!
so, let's wait patiently over it!^^

[owhhh~ I can't wait!! ^^]

Loving HSJ~ ^^

in love with HeySayJUMP~~ [againnnnnn]~~ <3<3 haa~ ^^

I'm severely addicted to their new single~OVER
and also the track Ai-ing~ Aishiteru that included~
it's been thousands times I repeated the same songs~ OVER n OVER again~ haha~^^

I personally like OVER's choreography than Ai-ing~Aishiteru..
but I love Ai-ing~Aishiteru lyrics more than OVER though~ ^^
or... should I concluded that I LOVED both songs? ok, that's more appropriate~ :D

Powered by

seriously loves their dance~ ^^
*fangirl mode on!*:D

on Music Station
on Shounen Club

Gomenne, I can't put their vid since it's not in utube.. u got to dL them~^^
if it was put in utube, it'll be taken straight away anyway X(

here's Ai-ing~Aishiteru..

Aishiteru - Hey!Say!JUMP

Powered by

you can go to this LINK for the vid~ it's their performance in Shounen Club~^^

p/s: I'm missing NEWS sooooo much! where did they go? T_T with all the rumors n stuff~~ huaaaa~ DX 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Clinical Basic month has ended!
the Family Day for our batch has ended!
and..... the camp PPD for 3 days has ended today!

okay~ all big events ended..
which meansss.... I CAN GO HOME TOMORROW~!!! ^^ yay~!

I got 4 days of holidays before my posting begins...
and the first posting would be Obstetrics & Gynaecology [OnG]
[wuuuhuuuuu~ I'm sooooo nervous! =_=] hope it'll be fine! yeah!

ok, tamaw taip byk2~
next update will be at my home kayh~
wait for it~!!! [ade yg nk mnunggu?? -_-' leez sgt perasan]

ok, bye!
I'll be back tommorrow for my dad's birthday~
gonna make him a surprise ~ ^^ hee~

p/s: ehem! my group wins for the most-exciting-creative [ok, exaggerated] best cheers during camp PPD~
yay for group 16~!! ^^ [lengang kangkuuuuung~~ haha~] :D

p/s II: addicted to HeySayJUMP new song- over~ [soooooocoooolllll~~ >.<]