Tuesday, January 18, 2011

> What do i learned?

" I realized the reason we have been studying all this while was wrong! We aim to pass exams, and to some, they had the fear of failing, fear of disappointing their parents, teachers, fear of losing to schoolmates, fear of not being able to enter a course of their choice.
It should be the fear of not knowing, not acquiring sufficient knowledge that drives one to work hard and gain as much knowledge as possible for the future career.
We need to realize that we will be dealing with the lives of our patients. Thus, it should be the fear of disappointing our patients and not being able to help them that drives us to go to the ward each and every day, to learn as much as we can."

taken from Nabila's blog~

to bell: thanks for this quote~ :)
*even u got it from others..hehe~ :P

aahhh~ wondering what did i do as med student this 1 year n a half?
i can't talk well in PBL..
i can't talk well in CSL..
i even can't talk well in SGD!

and i did answered my exam just like the second sentence of d quote above~

i was no-more than average~*not really an average.. below average actually..
i just can't surpass that average level..

oyea well...ptut bsyukur ye dak?
hoping for sinar kebenaran dtg dgn tbe2~
*ok, mngarut!

p/s: i love medic.. more than Tegoshi~!! :P haha~

medic itu kool ^^


nabillah said...

hahahah..ni maksudnya...ko baca gakla post mengarut aku..hheeh

aku ambik ni dr blog senior kita mr. khoo hau wei..3rd yr...^^

Aleza Omar said...

ape yg korg update, aq bce la ^^

senpai yep.. Oh thanks!! :D