Friday, January 21, 2011

> another j-drama~

its been a long time since the last post kn? ^^

busy~ busy~ haha~ ;P *sggtttt lah kn leez? LOL

ok, this post is about j-drama


ok here's the synopsis:
Tanaka Ainosuke, a third-year junior high school student with a strong sense of justice, underwent a cornea transplant of the left eye. However, after that, he received news that his older brother, Yumehito, the donor of that cornea, had died in an accident. Furthermore, Ainosuke was shocked by the images in his left eye which he had never seen before. Deducing that these images were connected to his brother’s death, Ainosuke began to search for the truth surrounding the death of his beloved brother and only immediate family. But as the investigation progressed, Ainosuke discovered that Yumehito’s death had been fake and that he is actually the leader of an evil organization. This sets the stage for a clash of fate between the two brothers. Ainosuke, the young sleuth armed with a special left eye and Yumehito, the genius criminal who has carried out many criminal plots.

taken: here

it is sooo interesting..err, i mean like exciting? i can't describe~
i give 5 out of 5 star~! yey~! ^^

this drama featuring this two ikemen from johnnys:

yamada ryosuke-kun from hey!say! jump and Yokoyama Yu from kanjani8

kyaa~ love kakkoiii yamada here~!! ^^ ototou-kun! :D
*i did watch this series bcoz of him~ heee~

few caps:

cho kawaiii~! ^^

it takes me 1 week and a half to finished this 8 episode + one special drama..
within the hectic schedule though....
*still, i managed to peek my lil johnnys yama-kun! hehe~ :D

this is another drama featuring him and nishikido ryo from NEWS:
Nini wo koto wasurenaide

i just managed to watched their special..
this story was based on a true story...a sad story actually~
for synopsis...errr, can u guys go here?? thanks! ^^

ok, enough...
time for me to study~
yosh~! gambarimasu~!!^^

p/s: neuro.neuro.neuro.... sure gives me headache =_='

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