Monday, June 4, 2012

June is my favorite month

yeahhh~! my favorite month of the year is now arrived! ^^
it's JUNE!

but first.. I'm sorry for abandoned this blog for a reaaaallly long time~
I just can't find any ways to cure my laziness ~ :D

so, back to the topic... it's June now..
it's already middle of the year of 2012..
and it's already 4th week I'm in 4th year.. in Psychiatry posting.
but put my med-life aside.. there's other events that happen this month that I'm really looking foward to it~^^

5th June
my mom's bithday :) she'll be turning 49 years old this year~ ^^
I'm happy that she is spending half of her life time with me all this while~ :)
thanks Mak~! love u a lot~ ^3^

6th June
Arashi's Your Eyes release and HSJ's JUMP WORLD album release.
I've watched PV for Your Eyes and it's freakin nice! XD
I'm currently addicted to it..
for JUMP WORLD.. they got many songs that I'm looking foward to~ ^^
I feel bad because I can't spend my money on them..
NEWS comeback makes me poor~ XP

10th June
AFA aka Anime Festival Asia~
yayyyyyy~! I'm sooo excited about this! XD
I already bought the con tickets~! :D
this would be an event where I'll cherish for my whole life~ :)

13th June
NEWS BEST album release~!!!
kyaaa~ it's NEWS comeback.. :D
I'm really happy for this.. but I'm sure that my pre-order CDs will came 2 weeks after this release date.
I have to be patience and wait for it~ ^^

16th June
it's my dad's birthday and he'll be turning to 55~ ^^
means that his work will be stopped this June~
for working hard all this while... otsukaresama! ^^
thanks Abah~! love u to bits! ^3^

17th June
it's my Nino birthday~! :D
hoho~ it'll be the first Nino birthday that I came across since I just knew Arashi last year.
and Nino will be turning 29~~ :O that's old. haha~ XD

18th June
it's my housemate's bithday..Rosliza Ali..
it'll be her 22nd birthday..
Happy Birthday Ja~! :D

19th June
my 22nd birthday~! :)
I'm getting old...
I don't know whether this year birthday gonna be the happy one or not, or it'll be the same as before..
but I'll make sure I'm happy on my very own day~ ^^

22nd June
HSJ's Inoo Keii's birthday desu yo~! :D
Inoo-chan gonna be 22 too~! ^^

24th June
my fren's birthday Syaza~
she'll be turning 22 too~
Happy Birthday Syaza! ^^

--th June
the many batch-mate's birthday~
I know that many of my batch mate whose birthday is on June..
but I can't remember the rest..
but well.. Happy Birthday~!! :D

okay.. till here..
I have to search on Journal for my SSM project..
got research to do.. and it'll be freakin hard! ><
but well...good thing is Psychiatry is not a busy posting and I'm happy~ :D


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Teachers Day!


hereby, I want to thank you my teachers who had/still teaching me for all this while...
without u guys... I wouldn't be here nad I wouldn't be ME~ ^^

to my greatest MAK and ABAH... thanks for teaching me! I appreciate it highly~^^
even now, for taking care of me for the past 21years and more... thank you~ :')

to my teacher of Tabika KEMAS Serom 3,
thanks for taking care and teaching me d most basic things in life~

to my elementary school teachers, SK Serom3, and my islamic school, SKA Serom 3,
thanks for teaching me.. and for the great childhood too~! :D

to my high school teacher, Sek Men Keb Tengku Mahmud Iskandar,
thank you for all the knowledge u had given me...
although my high school life wasn't great like the others..
but I manage to become more aware of what I got..
and that's was my first time I decided to chose Med School~ :)

to my Marticulation teacher, Johore Marticulation College,
thanks for accepting me... and allowing me to show my full will.
although getting a superb result like I do back in JMC wasn't my plan at all..
and I already having no confident to take med school..
somehow, when all the teachers especially Miss Suganthi giving me support making me working hard more and more... thank you~
studying in JMC changes my path. :)

to my faculty Doctors and Professors, University Kebangsaan Malaysia,
it's super hard in Med School..
but for teaching us patiently~ thank you~ ^^
and for scolding us~ thank you~^^
and for making me realized that being a med student is not something u should brag about~ thank you~ :)
thank you for making me until this level~
the seniors, the preclinical lecturers, the housemen, the MOs, the specialist... thank you so much~ ^^
I'll fighting hard  to survive another year in Med school~

forgot. to my future-teacher fren, Roziah Tardan... Happy Teachers Day too~! :D

I already entering my new sem of my forth year..
and my first posting is now Psychiatry~

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the longest holiday ends for me

my holiday is now officially end~
uwahhhh~ iaaadaaa naa~ ><

I have to start my elective posting soon~ :(
and straight starting my new sem soon~
I'll be in 6th sem next monday 14th May~
I will be a 4th year Med student soon~ :)

many things happen in my 3rd year~ but not a tragic one~ :)
I became more sociable bcoz I need to talk to patients.
and... really, I learn lot of things that I thought, finally I see myself as a med student~
and I see where is my level in "hospital society" @@ and..... it is sad.

2 years more! :D

I already moved into college~
seems like my merit are high enough~ ^^
and I really need a single room..
one year staying outside with people that we doesn't closed is really hard~ ><
I will be back later today..
3:30 pm will be riding bus back to HUKM~ ^^
and I hate that.

ok then... bye!

oh, I will may not be posting fandom stuff in this blog anymore~
I do that in my LJ instead~ ^^ do visit them kayh!

just to let u kno that NEWS BEST album will be outt sooonnnnn~!!
it's in 13 June~ ^^
my birthday is on 19th June..
it'll be my best birthday then!
with I'm going to AFA which also on June..
JUMP 2nd album also will be out on June~

JUNE gonna be the best month! :D

btw, Arashi Face Down is sooooo coool~! ><
check their PV on my LJ~! :D

ohhhhhh.. I'm getting uncontrollable..

ok. bye!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Keii-chan no Happy Birthday~!

Dear Keii-chan,


happy turning 28~! ^^
gosh~ our leader is approaching thirties~ XD

dear Keii-chan...
thanks for being a great mama leader for NEWS~ !
and for supporting NEWS all this while... for loving us, ur fans sooo much...
for being a great idol. and for being able to come back for us...
arigatouuu~ *bows~* m(-_-)m
hountouni... arigatou~ ^^

umareta koto wo, deata koto wo, ima soba ni ireru koto, Arigatou~ ^^
Keii-chan no Happy Birthday, ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi~ :)

Aishiteru yoooo~! ^3^