Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Teachers Day!


hereby, I want to thank you my teachers who had/still teaching me for all this while...
without u guys... I wouldn't be here nad I wouldn't be ME~ ^^

to my greatest MAK and ABAH... thanks for teaching me! I appreciate it highly~^^
even now, for taking care of me for the past 21years and more... thank you~ :')

to my teacher of Tabika KEMAS Serom 3,
thanks for taking care and teaching me d most basic things in life~

to my elementary school teachers, SK Serom3, and my islamic school, SKA Serom 3,
thanks for teaching me.. and for the great childhood too~! :D

to my high school teacher, Sek Men Keb Tengku Mahmud Iskandar,
thank you for all the knowledge u had given me...
although my high school life wasn't great like the others..
but I manage to become more aware of what I got..
and that's was my first time I decided to chose Med School~ :)

to my Marticulation teacher, Johore Marticulation College,
thanks for accepting me... and allowing me to show my full will.
although getting a superb result like I do back in JMC wasn't my plan at all..
and I already having no confident to take med school..
somehow, when all the teachers especially Miss Suganthi giving me support making me working hard more and more... thank you~
studying in JMC changes my path. :)

to my faculty Doctors and Professors, University Kebangsaan Malaysia,
it's super hard in Med School..
but for teaching us patiently~ thank you~ ^^
and for scolding us~ thank you~^^
and for making me realized that being a med student is not something u should brag about~ thank you~ :)
thank you for making me until this level~
the seniors, the preclinical lecturers, the housemen, the MOs, the specialist... thank you so much~ ^^
I'll fighting hard  to survive another year in Med school~

forgot. to my future-teacher fren, Roziah Tardan... Happy Teachers Day too~! :D

I already entering my new sem of my forth year..
and my first posting is now Psychiatry~

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the longest holiday ends for me

my holiday is now officially end~
uwahhhh~ iaaadaaa naa~ ><

I have to start my elective posting soon~ :(
and straight starting my new sem soon~
I'll be in 6th sem next monday 14th May~
I will be a 4th year Med student soon~ :)

many things happen in my 3rd year~ but not a tragic one~ :)
I became more sociable bcoz I need to talk to patients.
and... really, I learn lot of things that I thought, finally I see myself as a med student~
and I see where is my level in "hospital society" @@ and..... it is sad.

2 years more! :D

I already moved into college~
seems like my merit are high enough~ ^^
and I really need a single room..
one year staying outside with people that we doesn't closed is really hard~ ><
I will be back later today..
3:30 pm will be riding bus back to HUKM~ ^^
and I hate that.

ok then... bye!

oh, I will may not be posting fandom stuff in this blog anymore~
I do that in my LJ instead~ ^^ do visit them kayh!

just to let u kno that NEWS BEST album will be outt sooonnnnn~!!
it's in 13 June~ ^^
my birthday is on 19th June..
it'll be my best birthday then!
with I'm going to AFA which also on June..
JUMP 2nd album also will be out on June~

JUNE gonna be the best month! :D

btw, Arashi Face Down is sooooo coool~! ><
check their PV on my LJ~! :D

ohhhhhh.. I'm getting uncontrollable..

ok. bye!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Keii-chan no Happy Birthday~!

Dear Keii-chan,


happy turning 28~! ^^
gosh~ our leader is approaching thirties~ XD

dear Keii-chan...
thanks for being a great mama leader for NEWS~ !
and for supporting NEWS all this while... for loving us, ur fans sooo much...
for being a great idol. and for being able to come back for us...
arigatouuu~ *bows~* m(-_-)m
hountouni... arigatou~ ^^

umareta koto wo, deata koto wo, ima soba ni ireru koto, Arigatou~ ^^
Keii-chan no Happy Birthday, ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi~ :)

Aishiteru yoooo~! ^3^