Friday, October 7, 2011

ryoP withdrew from NEWS. this is heartbreaking :'(

a little BIG news on fandom world

it's in Japanese, but u can translate it~
it says Yamapi and Ryo gonna leave NEWS..

even, I cried like a stupid person now~ T_T
I'm serious! I cried more if it's true..

it's not true! >< huaaaaaa!!!
it's a rumors! yes!
[mood: still, cannot accept this even if it's true.. gv me time until the real one announced!]

 why must this news appears in MY STUDY WEEK!
[and plus, in the middle listening to the NEWS songs!]
I need to study! ><
crying had make my mood down. really down.
I HATE U, RYOPI!!! ....... ugh no, I don't :'(

I even drew u guys in anime~
yeah, I know it's horrible.. but I love them!
doesn't look like this at all right?
NEWS gonna be 4 members from now on :(
this is just unacceptable T_T

p/s: sorry guys, I can't post a proper wish for the exams now... GUDLUCK guys! ganbatte! (--)/*yay~
this gonna be my last post. I resume back next week after the exam finished. 

still.sad. :'(


it's true after all:
stated here...
in english

u just can't imagine my feelings~ :'( super sad
I bet thousands of NEWS fans gonna be like me this night~ 


Nurul Ain said...

alezaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...huwaaa baru tahu jugakkkk.sedey giler!! baru jek browse lagu solo yamapi then tibe2 gedebup!! noooooo as kuch as i love Pi and ryo solo works but still NEWS is a group.then the rumours kate yang RyoPi dah fedup dgn news.oh tidakkkk noo nooo nooo...:(

Aleza Omar said...

yeah! really frustating kn?

I can't even imagine news witout RyoP.. :'(
four person 1 grup is just ridiculous! should get uchi and kusano back! >_<
i felt betrayed~ news is my ichiban and the first grup which makes me into Jpop~ reaaally sad T_T
at first mse mule2 rumors ni ade, i kept denying it.. tp skang? huu~ T_T

gonna post a special news entry after exam.. that time da bleh accept rasenye~ T_T..

heals the broken heart with arashi's songs~ :(((

alun said...

my heart was broken too..
although shige is my ichiban i still love ryopi..
no matter how much i want to blame ryopi for this,i just can't..
i love them both too....

hidoii ne??? =(

Nurul Ain said...

aleza still heartbroken lagi ke???

Aleza Omar said...

to Ain:
huuu~ yeee~ I just can't accept it yet~ T_T my heart still ache~ everytime bkk fb ade cite psl news.. pstu sbuk lak diri ni nk g tgok grup news tu, but end up hurting myself again~ stupid me! X(
keep thinkin about their member ai~ waaaaa~ nk denga lagu NEWS pn x sampai ati~ T_T ryoP kejam!
the effect is huge~ need more tym~ :(

kak lun:
dayo ne? hontouni sayaku desu! ><
it's our most favorite grup after all X(
that's why it makes so much damage ne?~ TT_TT