Saturday, October 29, 2011

J-Dramas Review

it's SATURDAY guys!!

which meaaaansss~ I have to go back to KL tomorrow! yaaaay~ =_="
ouuhh~ I hate this! holiday never enough for me~ :'(
the next posting is Internal Medicine~
the most cramped posting ever? @@ owell, we wait and see~
yosh! ganbarimashou!:D

okeh~ regarding the title above~
it's time for JDrama review!! :D

first, I would review on Dramas that Arashi starred in~ :)
Arashi sugoii yo!
every drama that one member starred in, the other member will appear as one small role~ :)
a member ai :)
the screenscaps I posted after I reviewed all the dramas kayh!~

Freeter, Ie wo Kau
starring Ninomiya Kazunari
about the drama--> HERE
the drama is sooo family like!
and at some point I think that I have the same exact problems that Seiji(Nino) had..
oh, I cried when Seiji(Nino) cried~ haha~ what a pathetic girl!
this Drama might seems boring because it implies a normal life of a man with problems..
in other words~ it's more interesting if ur ichiban is Neen~ :D

and the SP? uohhh~ I love it!
especially moments of Seiji and Manami~ ahaa~ sooo sweet~ <3
screencaps taken from raw vid bcoz I used softsub :)
*phone rings* "you have phone call"
haha~ what a bad timing! blame the phone~ XD

okay~ second Drama
starring Ohno Satoshi

about MAOU--> HERE 
Ohno-kun with Ikuta Toma~ yay~! ^o^
this is a great drama~ ^^
it's about revenge and something like that~
Ohno-kun mecha mecha kakkoi yo! this is the only place u can see sleepy riida with serious character~
fall. in. love! :D
oh, the name of the character is Naruse Tomoya (or Manaka Tomoo)

I love the ending~ :D
ooopss~ SPOILER!
haha~ XD

owryte~ moving to the third one
My Girl
starring Aiba Masaki
about My Girl --> HERE
ah~ this drama is sooooo sad~ T_T
it's about Masamune (Aiba-papa) with Koharu-chan (Ishii Momoka)~
a young guy raising a daughter~ it's tough ne?

Momo-chan sooo cute! ^^
she's a great actress~! the way she talk~ awww.. I died watching the over-cuteness!^^
[as usual, screencaps taken from raw vid]
"I don't know if it'll work.. but would you like to try living with me?"
awww~ soo cute! ^^
oh, don't ask me whether I cried or not~
that is a must right for a sad genre drama like this~

okey~ the drama from which Arashi members starred in: FINISH~
and I would like to share some screencaps that other members appears in every drama~

Aiba Masaki in Nino's Drama Freeter, Ie wo Kau
in last episode~ ^^
as Manami replacement
in Freeter SP
Ninomiya Kazunari in Ohno's Drama MAOU
in first episode
as murdered Kumada's son

Sakurai Sho in Aiba's drama My Girl
in last episode
as Aiba replacement
so, shall we expect the same thing in Sho-kun new drama NazoDi? :D
I wish I could see all Arashi members in one drama~ 
like those in movie Pikanchi and Kiroii Namida~ :)

ok, I want to add another Jdrama~ :D

Love Shuffle
it's sooo unlike me to watch Drama with no Johnnys Idol XD
about Love Shuffle --> HERE
this Drama was recomended by my friend~
it stays on my HD looong enough that I could finished two postings~ ^^"
but once I watched the first episode~ wuoh, seriously this is the best!
it's funny and sweet~ ^^

they gave each other nick names so cute!
usa-tan/ai-ai/kiku-rin/o-chan~ ^^ 
yay~ panda~ XD love these!
they make a pun such
furai PAN DA [fry pan]
PAN DA [a bread]
no PAN DA? XD lol

the other is Mr. Brain
About Mr. Brain --> HERE
this drama is amazing.. 
it's about a neuroscientist (Kimura Takuya) solving police thingy~
aaanndd I as a medical student who likes Neuro~ this drama is AWESOME!
it's funny and yet sooo "waaaaa" for me~ ^^

and every episode they got a great guest! waaaaa~ ^o^
omg~ he's sooo handsome! >.<
even he's acting like a mad guy here
Kamenashi Kazuya~!
as a DOCTOR! huaaa~ kame! XD
Takeru Sato~!!
uwaaa~ sooo much Ikemen in this Drama~ XD
he's acting as a guy with amnesia~ poor takeruu T_T

aaahhhh~ I think I should stop~ too much images in this entry~ XD
sorry if it's makes ur loading slow~ gomen~ m(_ _)m

okay! that's the Drama that I able to finished within these two weeks holiday~
and that includes rewatching Soukon and HanaDan.
also I managed to continue and finished Ikemen Desu Ne and Ouran Hostobu.. ^^
[it seems like Zenkai Girl need to wait a lil longer~ gomen Ryo-chan!:( ]
the movie also... it's GANTZ and Kiroii Namida :))

not to forget..the fangirling activity
JUMP show, VS Arashi, Himitsu no Arashi-chan, rewatching Concerts of Tegomasu and NEWS
haha~ I sure spend a LOT of time with my beloved HP naaa~ XD

my younger sis told me to stop playing with laptop and watch TV instead~ XD
that's because she never see me watching TV~ lol, that's true~
I never watched any drama or any shows on TV this 2 weeks holiday~
haha~ cruel huh? but I'm serious, I have no interest on watching TV~ ^^
I got plenty of J-STUFF to do! XD haha~
I'm a total Japanese freak and I'm proud of it~ ^^

 what a looong entry~ phew~


alun said...

o-kun choooo kakkoii =)
btw,akak download drama Q10,takeru sato n acchan(AKB48) berlakon..
xtau r best ke x..
and 14 sai no haha,about a 14 years old girl get pregnant..guess who impregnant the kid? it's haruma miura!!!!! (again after koizora) haha
tp cite tu cite lame..b4 koizora =)

Aleza Omar said...

huhuuu~ no Johnnys idol??
haha~ memilih sungguh! XD

but seeing haruma miura n takeru in one drama is HEAVEN!! :D

alun said...

diorg ade blakon same2 lg ke besides bloody monday?? @@

Aleza Omar said...

err~ xde! haha~

hoping there will be~
maybe with takeru as the lead? XD

Naddyamal said...

U should read this XD...
but apparently, ryo-kun broke the trend when he appears in bartender
(TT-TT)...I was expecting sho

Last One Goes the Hope said...

A cameo I would love . . . In nazotoki wa dinner no ato de, an appearance of Bartender XD. Sho has a butler x Aiba has a bartender aaaaarrrgghhh that would be awesome. And just saying but Matsujun appeared in Bartender, even tho it was quite discret. At the beginning when the girl search for Sasakura she has a list of Bartender and on it you can see a picture of Matsujun :P if you want to see i will post a picture on my blog :D