Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 weeks holiday starts now!

hey~ hey~
the exams is over yo~! ^^

all the burden now had been released from my heart~
I feel like wants to fly up to the skyyyyyyy~~~~ :D

post-mortem of the exams?
ah~ no need la kan? it's over right~
but one thing is~ OMG! OnG is a killer!! DX
the theory paper, the SP (Stimulated Patient) of the OSCE~ =_="
I'm speechless~ =/

oh well, Usaha-Doa-Tawakal
I've done the Usaha part~ now, Tawakal and Doa~ :)
I hope I can pass all paper~ ameen!
if not, oh well, it's just that my hardwork doesn't pay off~ :(
I need to work hard~ **reminding to not keep playing again next sem~! X(

let me pass~ let me pass~ let me pass~
u(_ _)u

btw, I'm gonna fill my 2 weeks holiday with maaaaaaaanny things~!!!
or else, I'm gonna regret later~ :D

first: going to J-FEST~!!!
I've been waiting for this~^^

FB : J-Fest 2011
jom~ jom~ kite g ramai2~! the place and date stated in the poster~ ^^
I will be going with my coursemates~ :D
ah~ with kak Alun and Ain too~! ^^

second: watching J-dorama non-stop!
ahhh~ I have a LOT of J-drama to watch..
that would include the one that I downloaded loooooong before but neva had a chance to watch it~
that would be
~Ikemen Desu Ne (with Hikaru-kuuuunnnn~!! ^^),
~Ouran Hostobu Live Action,
~Maou(with Ohno in it!! ><), -->ah, I'm soo late ne? I've dL-ed this before but I didn't watch yet~ =_="
~Zenkai Girl (with Ryo *silence, what an awkward situation*~ =_=")
~re-watching Hana Yori dango~ (ahh~ MatsuJun~! ^^)
~Freeter, Ie wo Kau
aaahhh~ Ninomiyaaaa~!! ^^
leez, u're bias! ><
~My Girl
kawaii janai no?
papa Aiba soo sweet! koharu too cute~ <3
Im sooo in love with this drama~ sooo saaad!! TT_TT
~ aaaaaaand upcoming drama of Sakurai Sho~!!^^
Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de
this will be the best!
it's sho-kun dakara ne~ :D

third which is the last~ FANGIRLING~!!
oh yey~! **sile excited sekarang~ haha~ :D
~ I'm gonna re-watching SOUKON.. 
variety which NEWS was on.. the yon-nin NEWS! [my prev post on soukon :)]
that's to make me familiarize with the new NEWS~ ^^
yappari~ the four was doing better from the start ne~

~ other is VS Arashi and other arashi-related video~
arare-chan so cute! haha~ ><
oh, I'm totally a new Arashian...**whisper: my bias is nino><
jya, Yoroshiku ne~ m(_ _)m

~ and lasttttt fangirling activities~ continue in watching Shounen Club and Yan-Yan JUMP for the sake of my beloved Jumpers~ ^^
I always love Hey!Say!JUMP performance in Shokura (Shounen Club)
they are sooo kakko-kawaiii~! ^^

ah~ I have so many JE favorite ne?
NEWS, Hey! Say! JUMP and Arashi~
maaa~ I'm a J-fan u kno~ or to be exact.. JE-fangirl~! :D

ok, with that...I end my entry with hope that I can fulfill all these activities~
ah~ it seems so un-productive ne?
but, who cares.. haha~ It's my holiday u kno~ ^^
I'll be spending lots of time with my beloved laptop HPpavillion~
please bear with me honey! >_<

jya, mata nee! ^^/


alun said...

nk amek cite...nk sume cite yg ade..haha
nk abeskn cuti lyn movie,xnk tgk buku lgsg...XD

Naddyamal said...

dont forget freeter sp!!!
soo looking forward for seiji n
manami's development!!!

nk tgok dorama gak cuti ni!

Nurul Ain said...

alezaaaaaa ryo nishikido punye tak sabar nak tgk..Hehehe

Aleza Omar said...

to kak alun:
this holiday is a revenge ne! haha~ XD

to naddyaa]mal:
opcoz! not gonna forget that bcoz of NINO~! hoho~ :D
tgok dorama byk2 nti da nek sem x smpt da.. haha~ XD

to nurul ain:
ah~ Zenkai girl ke? guhuuuuu~ =_='
x smangt nk tgok..
haha~ jap2 la~ sok sok ke~
i've got arashi to watch! hahaaXD