Friday, December 24, 2010

> Soukon! :D

shoooohh~ shoooshhh~~
*sdg mbersihkn sarang labah2 kat blog ni~^^

ahhh~ lame sudah x update~ gomen~ gomen~ ^.^
*lme ke? 4 hari??

this week was a hectic week..
got so many works to do~ that wuld include busy watching tegoshi-related-video.
ahaha~ :D

there were this program series SOUKON~*which totally hilarious!
a sport running variety program which 4 members of NEWS participated..
the 4 members are
.Tegoshi Yuya (that is a must! ^^)
.Masuda Takahisa
.Koyama Keiichiro
.Shigeaki Kato

they are running~ running~ and running throughout this series!
*seeing them running makes me wanna run too! :)

there were so much activity they done related to running..
wanna know?? TGOK SNDIRI~!! haha~
too much too say here.. every episode makes me laugh. loud! haha~:D

special thanks to NEWSNEXEXPRESS for a lovely translation and the download links~
*love u guys soooo much! :D

well here are some caps:))

run! run! run! shigemassutegokoya!^^

koyama with his unmoving toy car~ he's tooo heavyy!! haha~ ^^

evil duo~ tegoshige! haha~ poor massu~~ :D

Soukon's Championship~hoooooo~! sugooooiiiiii :O *where's shige??:D

and other few caps!!

caps were taken randomly.. not according to episodes
thanks to MR.GOOGLE! ^^

really like this series! :D
well, i'm waiting for the nex subs episode~
to NEWSNEXEXPRESS~~onegaishimass~! ^^
again~ arigatouuu ne!!! :D

ok, another show is NEWS WO ABAKE~
waaahhhh~ i was dying due to over-cuteness and over-laughing? ahaha:D
well, this is one of the show...
there are others.. please search on youtube kayhh~^^

p/s: busy watching??... when i will be busy in studying? ohhhh~ aleza sgt malas! =_="

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