Saturday, December 4, 2010

> sorry to my collegue~


i felt really guilty over this...
supposely i attend our batch family day..but i dont~
wlupun khadiran kte x signifikan, still i feel reaaaallly bad~

huaaa~ ni sume sbb overslept pnye psl...adeyhh~ =_=
and i have to go to bkt jalil early.. thats why i can't come~
gome~ gomen~ *bows~

sorry ye kwn2~
kte da mungkir jnji utk dtg mnjeguk~
*broke a promise is not my style kayh~ (bkn msk bkul agkt siri taw! it's true...)

well, everything goin smoothly kn~ Alhamdulilah~!
keep it up guys~! korg mmg happening~! :D

*it may look that i'm not supporting this event~
but that was a big NOOOO~
i am totally whole heartly support this event~
again, sorry for not being able to come~ :D
*eeehhh, cm khadiran kamu bermakne sgt lahhhh ek, leeza? haha~

p/s: grup Hitam nombo 2 kn?? eheeee~~~~ :D
yey~! \(^_^)/

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