Thursday, December 30, 2010

> Random edited pics

entry baru!

aleza smakin malas mengapdet blog! aishh! =_="

first skali~ TAHNIAH kpd pasukan bola sepak negara MALAYSIA krne memenagi piala d indonesia aritu~ tahniah! tahniah!^^

and THANKS sbb bg ktorg cuti jumaat ni~!! yey~!^^
*sme je cuti x cuti asenye... i still have sinar bakti though~=_=

ok, ok, obviously i'm not gonna talk about football since me myself bad at sports..
so, what i'm gonna type here is that....... er.. actually i had no idea~


ok2~ guess i just can post some random pic that was just edited:
*ohh... xde keje la tuh!

first pic:

this is kuarge teddy 18-8~ haha~

pinky is shige-chan
browny one is tegoshi-kun
while the small one is baby massu~~

haha~ nme2 itu mgkut favorite idol tuan empunye bear tsebut~
shige for ila, tegoshi is mine and massu is mimi's..
unfortunately, bby massu is prematured.. so he's in incubator~ haha~^^
*ok~ that's what happens when med students got bored~:D

second pic:

ini gamba tym me.ila n mimi pegi ke times square tuk mncari kasut!
sedang mnunggu mimi mbeli nye~

actually, kami sedang btanding 'mata sape pling besar game!'~ haha~:D
efek mngkap dr ats~ bjaye! haha~ *bleh gitu?

pic len lak:

yeay~! its TEGOMASS desu~! ^^
like this pic soo much! tegoshi looks matured and massu looks cute!

ouh, they both cute!!
tegomassu daisuki dayo~!!!!! ^o^
*ahah, tbe2 excited ble smpai kt gamba ni...

ok, next!

this is my batch~
medic ukm 09/10 and graduating 2014~insyAllah~
tgok sume cumey2 kn~^^ ehe~
this is actually taken when we're having jamuan hari raye~

cube cari kte katne?!~ :D

ok, last one:

*again? :D

owryte, i won't take credit for this pic.. this not the one that i edited~
this is taken from

anyway, isn't they cute??
absolutely yesssss!:DD
duh! i had gone under their spell~ =_='

ok, that's about it~
i'm ends up writing a loooong entry despite no idea at the beginning~;P
ok2, i got to pack my things~
going to pantai morib for 3 days! yey!^^
running a health carnival there~

jom ke pantai morib!
for more info sile klik SINI
sume djemput hadir~!!
maih2~ jumpe my batch, dak2 medic ukm seken yer~~! ^^
*eceh, bajet popular? haha~

p/s: will not be able to post anything for a moment~
update ttg sinar bakti, the health carnival will be post next week~
sore dewa matte te ne~!! *wait for it kayh~!^^


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