Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[PV] Hey!Say!JUMP - Super Delicate

I know it's late~ -.-"
but, better late than never right! ^^v

so, here it is ~>


lyrics -> HERE

I'm sooo in love with this song! haaaaa~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
see how many love they got?? 
motto~ motto~ ♥ ♥ ♥  haha XD

I love their outfits!
JUMP in suite are soooooo cool! :D
well, every guys wearing suite are cool~ ^^ (from my perspective fyi)

and I love Risou no Musuko too! ^^
"the Perfect Son"
it's sooo funny and weird?? @@
they got two from JUMP ~> Yuto-rin and Yamada~
that's why we got YamaJima in every Super Delicate perf! :D
oh, and Fujigaya from Kisumai too~ :)

put aside these two, they're not my bias~ :P
here's my bias ~>

Yabu-kun in SD PV making~ ^^
but, not so liking into him in this.
but in suite yes~ ^^
got no gud pic though~
well, gotta love this boy below~
kyaaaaa~ KEITOOO ^o^/
love his everything! XD
he's still my niban :)
my forever ichi is Yabu :D
look at everyone suite~
I love all of it~ except daichan's n hika's
but my favorite would be keito, yabu and chinen! ^^

JUMP perf in Music Station~

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's been 5 days I'm on holiday~

and I'm in my hometown right now~ ^^
so sorry that I'm not updating my blog right after the holidays start just like before..

I'm just simply lazy~ haha! -.-" **dushhh! ><

so, the result will be out the day after tommorow... on thursday~
OMG~ I'm so scared~ D:
it's either fail or passed...
either no holidays or 1 month holiday~ -.-
ok, I'm freaking out when thinking about the result DX

holidays plan?
I can't make one now since I'm scared to know what my result..
I just hang out with my usrah-mate after the exam~
when we heading back.. in a taxi, we got that "bad news"
oh well, medical student UKM, all of it knows what the "bad news" is -.-
we've been cursing membebel all the way back until the pakcik taxi couldn't say anything..
he just saying... "pakcik diam je sbb pakcik nk dengar luahan student2 ni... nasib la kan"
haha ^^"

even it's not involving me...
to re-exam back is just so hard~ :(
well, I can't say anything except to keep encouraging them~
to my half of the batch~
gudluck kayh! it's tomoorow~!
keep fighting, it's a second chance guys!

especially to my ushrah-mates: mimi, iera and kak zati~also to Ain who's always stalking reading this blog~ ^^
it's okay to re-osce back, Allah has a better plan~ :)


what I'm doing right now are watching Jdoramas, learning Japanese and learns to cook different dishes!

as for JDoramas~ currently I'm watching Risou no Musuko, Lucky 7 and Mother (old drama Starring Mana-chan)
I'll make the review later when I had finished all the dramas kayh! ^^

(I know I shouldn't be using all hiragana letters! ><)
ahaaa~ as for learning Japanese, I'm using this book:

already in Chapter 2 and keep progressing!!
learning Japanese is so much fun! it's a bit hard though without a teacher -.-"
fun when u have the interest~ I hope I was like this when learning medicine =3=

I'll update when I have the feeling to~ haha XD

Sunday, February 19, 2012

hang on Leez!

one week ago my aim was to passed this exam no matter what happen

one week of studying real hard is now about to end..
I'll be sitting the exam starting tomorrow until Thursday.

now what I'm thinking:

it's not the matter of passing the exams anymore..
it's the matter how hard I tried and work on it~
and the rest, I passed it to Allah~

I may be fail this time.
but, I shall remember that it's not the one that I should regret.
because I've tried. and I'm the one that make it happen.
and there is no turning back.

I'm making this post so that in the time of the exam result coming...
if the result is bad.. I shall open up this entry again :)
bcoz I'm sure  I'll be blaming myself so hard if I did fail.

If it's not... It's Allah plan..
we just predicted, but we'll never see how good/bad the outcome is..

the work.dua'.tawakal~
I still need to do them.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cinta SMS

My love for you is not of this earth, but of the Heavens
Yet I know it's not possible, because Heaven is greater
And the greatest of all Heavens, is the one with you in it
For Heaven will not feel heavenly without you, my love

-Cinta SMS, Karya Aiman Azlan 


exam schedule

the exam schedule :)

Gudluck guys!
InsyaAllah with usaha+doa+tawakal~ we'll be fine.
Allah with us!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm not smart~



yeah, if it's among the siblings

and among my childhood friends



u know Medicine is hard!

I give up~


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


it's my sis birthday~
but I'll talk later in another post..

my tummy hurts soo MUCH!
since 8pm until now... no less even a bit!
n I tried to sleep for 2 hours thinking that it would dissapear..
but hell NO! I can't even sleep! >__<

and of course, being a medical student..
I'm ruling out the possabilities of diseases that I could had.

first: gastritis.
yeah, I'm skipping lunch today, but I ate dinner! n it occurs 2 hours after I ate dinner~ :(

so then it's a food poisoning!
no........ I don't have diarrhea n vomitting~

oh, so then it must be a PMS!
it's not the time yet la~ -.-

help me. I had taken painkillers already and it still the same T_T
n I've been crying because of the unbearable pain!
I don't even study since 8pm bcoz I can't stand the pain~
I hate u belly! :'(

if the pain continues, I'm gonna go to clinic tomorrow~ :(

Saturday, February 11, 2012


they came~

they came~

D: *gasp*
study week

the STUDY WEEK has begun now~

from now on, there will be random stupid short post from me.

well guys!


がんばってください <-- bru blaja cane nk taip in Japan~ hee~ ^^
[T: Ganbatte Kudasai!]

let's make full use of this study week~ ^^
I got JKM & Medicine posting to cover!



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tiah's Birthday & Dinner College

it's 2 entry in one post!


it says
"Selamat Hari Jadi Lambat
Kesengalan Terselah 22"
that's all her housemates doing~ not me!
they're sooo mean~
*eheh~ I agree! LOL*
she's turning 22 actually is on 12th Jan~
we done nothing in JKM~
so, this is reaaaally a late celebration~ ^^
for Tiah~


it's Dinner again~ :)
Annual Dinner for KTDI~ my College where I'm staying~ ^^

I was simple this time~
all I want is EAT!

*i said two right?*
haha~ XD

met the nerds

Sunday, February 5, 2012



I just got back from Book fiesta in PWTC!
and because I'm sooo excited right now~
I'm gonna post the books that I bought! yaaaay~ *throws confetti~* ^^

ermm~ actually I'm gonna post about Dinner college that happen yesterday~
and another post on Fathiah late birthday party the day before yesterday~
well, that gonna wait! :D
haha~ sorry! ^^"

say hello to the new books~
I bought these books with my BB1M ^__^
now, it only RM50++ left~ :(
[the "++" is with my friends, we share]
I'm gonna save it for the meds books!

these are the one that I'm excited about! XD
I got this from fiesta book at PWTC this morning~ ^^
it's been months I've been trying to search this book~
altho that seerah book is not the one that I'm looking for, but I'm still happy~ :)

err~ but the books I'm buying about seerah last 3 months, still not finished tho~
aaah~ DX
I'm not a bookworm~ :(
I'm bored easily.
that's why I can't read novels~
okay, I know what u guys thinking ~ -.-
I don't care what u says! I love Japan n I'm gonna learn it's language!

btw, I got this from BORDERS Times Square~
obviously, I'm not a bookworms~
yes, I'm an Otaku~
I can reads mangas but not novels~ :D
just see how much comics I got back then~
well, this is some of my collections of manga~
me and my bro collect this! :D

...with some of them is stolen by -.-

I tried to read novel before.. but it fails epicly~
I spent one year to finish one novel~ hahh! how lame is that?
well, what to do~
I enjoys things that moving more~ ^^
I'm referring to drama/movie FYI.

Thursday, February 2, 2012



why everytime I'm ready mentally to go to clinic,
but when I'm in Hospital area I can't go?!

I kept thingking I got Panadol at room, I'll eat later~
yeah, like u will Leez! -.-"

my phobia stupidness need to be solved! 

just kept sick!

how am I going to be doctor if me myself is afraid to seek for treatment~ :(

ok, it'sjust a cold~ 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

minitest SPSS

have u ever experience this?

u have a test tommorrow. an EXAM

but u doesn't know anything about the test.
means u doesn't know how the test gonna be like.

and with some additional bonus.
of fever runny nose and sore throat.

well, for my posting-mates