Friday, April 29, 2011

The new looks

I changed my blog's name.. again~
korg jgn lari~ u have already arrive at aleza's blog.
x slah pn~ the title je len.. jgn lari taw!

before, if anyone perasan it was [好きto嫌い=爱] Suki+Kirai=♥?
3 Japanese words there... and I don't think ppl will understand that..
I don't understand either.. haha~ :D

basically the pronouncation ade kt sebelah nu~
suki to kirai = ai
好き = suki is the word of LOVE in japan.. or I'd rather say LIKE 
嫌い = kirai means HATE
爱 = ai [everyone know this.. or u don't?]... this is a Chinese word of LOVE [Japan do use this words]

so, I do an equation:
ahah! btul x?
Love is not something that u like all the time..
sometimes hate also do take part in love.. like "I hate that, but I love it" [ade x ayt cengini?]
well everyone has their own perspective..
love is subjective rite?
not sure actually, does 'like' and 'hate' can makes 'love'..
that's why I did put a question mark there [?]

aigo~ complicated la mende nih~!
takmo cite dah! :D

it's only 1 day and a half for "[好きto嫌い=爱] Suki+Kirai=♥?" as my blog's title
pastu xmo gune dah!

so, I changed to this -> [Suki+Kirai=♥?] leez's.words

okeh, comey x? ^^ [cpt ckp comel!]
[Suki+Kirai=♥?] - now, it's in romaji... so, x de la nmpk cm blog Japan tersesat kt Malaysia kn?
ok, already know the meaning... skip!

next part:
leez's.words - ok, about this... I don't have any idea at all..
at least it indicates this blog is aleza's~ since my name on it~
so, snang la org nk recognize.. rerajin la dtg blog ni yep! :D

ok, now let's say bye-bye to "When Love Infects Worldwide"
it's a sweet quote though...
sesape yg bookmark this blog as WLIW.. sile la tukar ye?
[ade org nk bookmark blog ni?.. mcm xde~haih~]

now, the new header~

ngee~ kakkoi nee....XD [ok, x bleh bla puji header sndiri~ tampa nk leez?]
the pic is taken from google..
since I like music and guitar n my YabuTego also playing a guitar, so I choose this wallpaper..
then touch up sket mnggunakn Photoscape~ and ta-da!! there's the header above~

that scattered words define me~
it's about me, myself and me again!

can u find word kalo x nmpk sile bjumpe dgn optometrist segera!
KY is a shortened word for "Kuki Yomenai" ~ yeah, it's a japanese word and it's a slang used in Japan..
[thanks to shounen club for this words!]
it mean that ppl who doesn't know how to read situation...
ok, nk paham lebih.. sile ke sini yep!
sometimes I do KY~ so, forgive me if I've ever done that~ gomen!
[sorry, I don't know Malay words for this situation n the english words are tooo long to write on that header]

other words are basically my personality, my role, my like.. and whatsoever~

so, now.. bye-bye NEWS header~
and before I'm thinking of putting JUMP header..
but, I want something that defines me.. so, gomen ne news to jump! T_T

my counter drops~ I wonder why~
huaa, korg ke mane??
ok, ok, x kesah pn~ ^^
I don't even have nuff, so the number of visits x relevant pn..
that's show how many ppl reading my blog sincerely~ that's all I want~ :)
this blog is a diary-like-blog....
all my likes and what I think is written here.... it's the unseen part of me....
if it happens that u guys doesn't like the content~ please leave without badmouthing me kayh! ^^

ok, dah.
bye2~! ja ne~!!

PS: terkena lg dgn iklan hantu tuh... whoah~ sick of it! 
its Penunggu Istana muvee pnye iklan.. korg de tgok? scary isn't?? 
now I'm scared to watch any drama.. semuanye nk ade unsur2 mistik gitu.. x de genre len ke? 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Con Review] - HSJ Summary 2010

I'm in hyper mode~ :D
I'll write bout my blog new looks later kayh~

why hyper?
it's review of Summary concert Hey!Say! JUMP 2010~ [yay~!! ^^]
they're soo cute~ hontouni~!
the theme is basically about JCB [Johnny's Circus Boys]
they done various things~ as the real circus!
[are there things that they can't do?]

ok, urmmm~it's  not a review actually~
just wanna post some pics from that con..

it's duration is about 2 hours but I watched it almost 3 hours~
[haha~ too much screen caps I've done~ ^^"]

taken from google~ :)
google too~!

chinen-kun kawaii naa~ :D

keito-kun kakkoii~
kyaa~ \^^/ [ne, don't snatch fan's love from yabu-kun pleasee~]
he's taking my attention lately~ bad keito! XD
how I love his smile~ :D
I bet that Yabu uchiwa are fan's~
haha~ kawaii desho? ^^
that was yuto~
that's my Yabu~!! kakkoi ne~ ^^
I love JUMP band~
Yabu&Keito on guitar [both my fave! ^^]
Inoo on keyboard, Yuto on drums n Hikaru on bass~

there are also thousands of Juniors
[ok, I'm exaggerating..]
Shintaro n Yuma is a must!
and including this boy, the most youngest in that agency~
Chino Aoi~ 9yrs old.
kawaii naa~ ^^

okeh, that's about it~
bye2~! ja ne~!! :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

> Happy Befday April babies~!!

it's a birthday entry~!

special for Baby April~
[tp semuanye da lepas da~ huu~ gomen!]

let me wish my family first:

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY TO my not-so-little-brother JEFFRY~!!! :D
HB giant boy~! ^^
he's my younger bro, but his stature doesn't seems like it~

HAPPY BORNDAY to my nephew RIZQI~!!! ^^
same pic as b4 though~

then, move to not-my-relative birthday~^^
[a.k.a to my fave idols~ haa~]

1 April~ Happy 18th Birthday to OKAMOTO KEITO (HSJ)~! ^^
6 April~ Happy 16th Birthday to MORIMOTO RYUTARO (HSJ)~! :D
9 April~ Happy 26th Birthday to YAMAPI (NEWS)~! ^^
15 April~ Happy 20th Birthday to ARIOKA DAIKI (HSJ)~!! :D

[our HSJ babies already grown up huh? ^^ soooo cute!]

Sunday, April 24, 2011

> it's JUMPers~!!

photoscaping JUMP pictures~

original pics taken from latest MYOJO magazine

tell me. why they're soooo adorable? 

here's from their concert~

I literally melted when Takaki says "aishiteru yo~" 
kyaa~ \^^/ [fangirl mode on!]

my love, Yabu sooo cool playing a guitar~
kyaa~ ^^ [fangirl mode on! doubled~]

and kyaa~ for Inoo, Hikaru, Keito, and Yuuto too~\^o^/

guys, stop killing me please~ T_T

Saturday, April 23, 2011

[Kdrama Review] ~ Dream High

just finish watching this series yesterday~
overall~ saiko desu! ^^ haha~ great n awesome~!! :D
Personally, I like this series more than Secret Garden and My GF is a gumiho
[that's why I end up writing DH first, wlupun da tgok SG n MyGFGumho tu lame dah~ ^^]
ok, ok, I'm being bias~ I like music.. that's why I love DH more... [ok, bleh terime alasan?]

Kirin Art High School somehow reminds me of Johnny's Jimusho [Johnny's Entertainment]
err~ put johnny's aside.. 
I love the ending! HyeMi and SamDong is my favorite pair~
SamDong is shooooo cute!^^
[pliz forgive me, I don't know his true name and I'm lazy to google it..]
I don't know the names of Kpop artist~ but for Jpop, maybe~^^"

and another cute pair~ they were soooo cute! really! ^^
Jason n Pil-suk~ so cute! :)
like this girl voice~^.^ nice
they're so cute together~ kawaiiiiii~ :D

another 2
I hope they're together, but they're not~
here~ They performed Genie from SNSD~ so cute! they have their own ways..

ok, itu je~
till next entry~ ja ne! ^^

Friday, April 22, 2011

> This is why I hate scary movie~

kejadian ini blaku semalam..

around 9.00pm

sedang mlipat tlekung habis solat Isyak...
then terdengar perempuan mnjerit dkt TV..
so, I thought, "owhh, ni msti VTR [vid tape record] kat berita ni.." 
since mse tu pn tgh berita kat TV3..
cpt2 lipat telekung, nk tegok berita ape..
once bkk pintu blik... hantu muncul kt screen TV..

ok, agak2 nk hempas x TV tuh?

rupenye, iklan cite hantu lpas hbis berita.. cheh!
scary like hell~ sape pengarah cite tu ha~!! >_<

I hate scary stuff~ :(
depressed Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, April 21, 2011

[春|夏|秋|冬] ~ Lets get through 4 seasons with NEWS!

since we're in Malaysia, so we can't experience 4 seasons..

so, let's just experience it through songs k~ ^^
[more accurately, with NEWS members! yay! :D]

this idea taken from DVD NEWS unplugged.
where they are basically sings these songs below..
with a live band~ yeahh, like it~! ^^

the actual stage they performed~ :)

ok, first let's get through SPRING / HARU []
where flowers blooms beautifully ~^^

NEWS - Sakura Girl
Powered by

full lyrics and translation: HERE

NEWS experienced break up on spring~ sooo sadd~ T_T
but, the song is nice n cute! like it~!^^

after spring passes, the hotness of SUMMER / NATSU [] came~!
summer which full of festivals[matsuri]~!^^
should I added Tanabata Matsuri songs by tegomasu? [no need]

NEWS - Summer Time
Powered by

full lyrics and translation: HERE

so, in summer NEWS get to fall in love again~~ ^^
how sweet! :D
should see their PV, so funny~! so childish news.
[unfortunately, the PV is not on utube, u've got to dL them, or get it from me~! ^^]

after summer, there will be AUTUMN / AKI []
where leafs fall and turns to brown~

NewS - Aki no Sora (Unplugged)
Powered by

full lyrics and translation: HERE

NEWS in fall season remembers back memories of their love~
I love this songs.. but no PV though~

and as end of the four seasons, there's WINTER / FUYU []
where snows fall so whitely and calm~

NEWS - Snow Express
Powered by

full lyrics and translation: HERE

in winter, NEWS in love~ aww~ ^^
same for any other song, I love it! ^^
no PV too~ 

that's the four seasons..
I hope I could live in Japan and experience the seasons itself~^^
[ok, in ur dream leez! =_=]

i've been dying to make this entry..
the idea pops out looooong time ago.. and now, finally~^^
ok, enjoy the songs kayh! ^^

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

> Suprisingly, I'm quite deep huh?

I am into piano lately..
it sounds beautiful. :)

I am surprisingly deep huh? :P
before, I was crazy over guitar and drums.. now piano..

please blame anime "Chichana Yukitsukai Sugar" for this..
and also drama Nondame Catabile..
they are basically playing piano all the time..

how I wish I could be a pianist..
looking their fingers running freely makes me want to play piano..
check out this beautiful piano~ soooo cute!! ^^

this crystal piano is actually Yoshiki's piano [Japanese singer]..
he's going to bid it and  give the money to the tsunami's victims in Japan..
picture and info taken from: tokyohive
ok.. enuf writing..
check out the songs below..
beautifully played~ :D
it calms me~
they were some of my fave song from fave artist~ ;)

NEWS - Sakura Girl

Hey! Say! JUMP - Hitomi No Screen

KAT-TUN - Love Yourself

NYC - 100% Yuuki

cool huh?
ok, maybe this is the serious part of me..
I am unexpectedly deep to like things classic like this.. :D
I like music.. and only through it I can express myself..
:) :) :)

owh, don't expect me to hear things like Beethoven or whatever..
and also don't ask me who and who are the excellent pianist..
i dont know~! I'd hear it for fun~ ^^ don't expect me to learn this thing deeply..
nope.. I just like the melody~ thats all~ :)

p/s: don't get bored to hear kayhh ~! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

> Back to action!

its me~! back to action! :D

sorry guys for MIA this few weeks..
korg msti rndu kte an? an? haha~ [monolog dalaman: sile stop perasan leez! :P]

ok, i dont know what to update..
i forgot how to blogging.. [err.. bleh terime x alasan sbb x de topic~]

may i update my current situation now?
ok.. sei no!

first: i've got a nephew!! ^^ d most exciting event ever since i start my holiday~ he was born at 5:++ am on 15th April..He's name is Muhammad Rayyan Rizqi.. huooh! he's soooo cute! i can't wait to see him.. but, but, but.. it seems that i can't meet him~ :((
Rizqi will be back to his mom's hometown only when i start my new sem.. soo frustrating isn't? yeah, i'm frustating rite now! grr~
but! its okay since i want him and my sis to be veryyyyy healthy.. so stay la kt perak smpai btul3 abis pntang yep! ^^ nex tym kte jmpe! :)
d pic isn't very clear since it is just a phone camera.. mmsed by my sis~
cute kn! [like his auntie~ ehem! haha~ jkjk]

second: on the same date.. i passed my JPJ test! yay~!! so, 15th April bcame my most-exciting-day. ^^
after 6 to 7 months~ finally! i've got my license! yay~! :D after several hurdles.. yeah, finally.. i am able to drive freely on road~! [err.. x brani lg sbenanye~ adeyh~ =_=]

ALZA~ try to put E on d middle it will be ALEZA~ :D
hehe~ x de motif pn ltak gmba Alza ni.. x mnat pn..
saje je since its name need another one letter to b my name~ ^^
third: i've passed my exam~ hurrayyy~!! ^^
ok, ok i know.. u've just passed leez.. what's d big deal.. len la dpt 4 flat ke ape kn?
but helooo~ nk pass pn like a zombie i've become.. lg nk dpt 4 flat? dlm mmpi pn x dpt.. isk3~ =_=
tp, kte bsyukur sgt3~! Alhamdullilah.. may my path to be a good muslimah doctor be easy and may my knowledge become useful to my religion someday~ ^^
for my frens who had to reseat any papers~ GUDLUCK kayhh! don't waste this opportunity.. hoping to see u guys in HUKM this may~ yep! let's be a clinical student next sem! :D my prayers with u guys always! :))
ganbatte ne! ^^
we'll always be MEDIC ITU COOL batch~
let's make a good doctors out of this batch that can proud our religion, our lectures and our parents~ :)
[i'm talking like politician..=_=]
forth: Dramas marathon! ok, the dramas will be review later.. i'm hungry~ i want to stop now and have my dinner. [sooooo late already huh? well, thats me~ ^^]

ok.. let's stop here kayhh?
till then~ ja ne! ^^