Friday, April 29, 2011

The new looks

I changed my blog's name.. again~
korg jgn lari~ u have already arrive at aleza's blog.
x slah pn~ the title je len.. jgn lari taw!

before, if anyone perasan it was [好きto嫌い=爱] Suki+Kirai=♥?
3 Japanese words there... and I don't think ppl will understand that..
I don't understand either.. haha~ :D

basically the pronouncation ade kt sebelah nu~
suki to kirai = ai
好き = suki is the word of LOVE in japan.. or I'd rather say LIKE 
嫌い = kirai means HATE
爱 = ai [everyone know this.. or u don't?]... this is a Chinese word of LOVE [Japan do use this words]

so, I do an equation:
ahah! btul x?
Love is not something that u like all the time..
sometimes hate also do take part in love.. like "I hate that, but I love it" [ade x ayt cengini?]
well everyone has their own perspective..
love is subjective rite?
not sure actually, does 'like' and 'hate' can makes 'love'..
that's why I did put a question mark there [?]

aigo~ complicated la mende nih~!
takmo cite dah! :D

it's only 1 day and a half for "[好きto嫌い=爱] Suki+Kirai=♥?" as my blog's title
pastu xmo gune dah!

so, I changed to this -> [Suki+Kirai=♥?] leez's.words

okeh, comey x? ^^ [cpt ckp comel!]
[Suki+Kirai=♥?] - now, it's in romaji... so, x de la nmpk cm blog Japan tersesat kt Malaysia kn?
ok, already know the meaning... skip!

next part:
leez's.words - ok, about this... I don't have any idea at all..
at least it indicates this blog is aleza's~ since my name on it~
so, snang la org nk recognize.. rerajin la dtg blog ni yep! :D

ok, now let's say bye-bye to "When Love Infects Worldwide"
it's a sweet quote though...
sesape yg bookmark this blog as WLIW.. sile la tukar ye?
[ade org nk bookmark blog ni?.. mcm xde~haih~]

now, the new header~

ngee~ kakkoi nee....XD [ok, x bleh bla puji header sndiri~ tampa nk leez?]
the pic is taken from google..
since I like music and guitar n my YabuTego also playing a guitar, so I choose this wallpaper..
then touch up sket mnggunakn Photoscape~ and ta-da!! there's the header above~

that scattered words define me~
it's about me, myself and me again!

can u find word kalo x nmpk sile bjumpe dgn optometrist segera!
KY is a shortened word for "Kuki Yomenai" ~ yeah, it's a japanese word and it's a slang used in Japan..
[thanks to shounen club for this words!]
it mean that ppl who doesn't know how to read situation...
ok, nk paham lebih.. sile ke sini yep!
sometimes I do KY~ so, forgive me if I've ever done that~ gomen!
[sorry, I don't know Malay words for this situation n the english words are tooo long to write on that header]

other words are basically my personality, my role, my like.. and whatsoever~

so, now.. bye-bye NEWS header~
and before I'm thinking of putting JUMP header..
but, I want something that defines me.. so, gomen ne news to jump! T_T

my counter drops~ I wonder why~
huaa, korg ke mane??
ok, ok, x kesah pn~ ^^
I don't even have nuff, so the number of visits x relevant pn..
that's show how many ppl reading my blog sincerely~ that's all I want~ :)
this blog is a diary-like-blog....
all my likes and what I think is written here.... it's the unseen part of me....
if it happens that u guys doesn't like the content~ please leave without badmouthing me kayh! ^^

ok, dah.
bye2~! ja ne~!!

PS: terkena lg dgn iklan hantu tuh... whoah~ sick of it! 
its Penunggu Istana muvee pnye iklan.. korg de tgok? scary isn't?? 
now I'm scared to watch any drama.. semuanye nk ade unsur2 mistik gitu.. x de genre len ke? 


Nurul Ain said...

wah mantop header baru!! XD

Aleza Omar said...

haha~ makacey~! :D