Saturday, April 23, 2011

[Kdrama Review] ~ Dream High

just finish watching this series yesterday~
overall~ saiko desu! ^^ haha~ great n awesome~!! :D
Personally, I like this series more than Secret Garden and My GF is a gumiho
[that's why I end up writing DH first, wlupun da tgok SG n MyGFGumho tu lame dah~ ^^]
ok, ok, I'm being bias~ I like music.. that's why I love DH more... [ok, bleh terime alasan?]

Kirin Art High School somehow reminds me of Johnny's Jimusho [Johnny's Entertainment]
err~ put johnny's aside.. 
I love the ending! HyeMi and SamDong is my favorite pair~
SamDong is shooooo cute!^^
[pliz forgive me, I don't know his true name and I'm lazy to google it..]
I don't know the names of Kpop artist~ but for Jpop, maybe~^^"

and another cute pair~ they were soooo cute! really! ^^
Jason n Pil-suk~ so cute! :)
like this girl voice~^.^ nice
they're so cute together~ kawaiiiiii~ :D

another 2
I hope they're together, but they're not~
here~ They performed Genie from SNSD~ so cute! they have their own ways..

ok, itu je~
till next entry~ ja ne! ^^

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