Wednesday, April 20, 2011

> Suprisingly, I'm quite deep huh?

I am into piano lately..
it sounds beautiful. :)

I am surprisingly deep huh? :P
before, I was crazy over guitar and drums.. now piano..

please blame anime "Chichana Yukitsukai Sugar" for this..
and also drama Nondame Catabile..
they are basically playing piano all the time..

how I wish I could be a pianist..
looking their fingers running freely makes me want to play piano..
check out this beautiful piano~ soooo cute!! ^^

this crystal piano is actually Yoshiki's piano [Japanese singer]..
he's going to bid it and  give the money to the tsunami's victims in Japan..
picture and info taken from: tokyohive
ok.. enuf writing..
check out the songs below..
beautifully played~ :D
it calms me~
they were some of my fave song from fave artist~ ;)

NEWS - Sakura Girl

Hey! Say! JUMP - Hitomi No Screen

KAT-TUN - Love Yourself

NYC - 100% Yuuki

cool huh?
ok, maybe this is the serious part of me..
I am unexpectedly deep to like things classic like this.. :D
I like music.. and only through it I can express myself..
:) :) :)

owh, don't expect me to hear things like Beethoven or whatever..
and also don't ask me who and who are the excellent pianist..
i dont know~! I'd hear it for fun~ ^^ don't expect me to learn this thing deeply..
nope.. I just like the melody~ thats all~ :)

p/s: don't get bored to hear kayhh ~! :)

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