Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Con Review] - HSJ Summary 2010

I'm in hyper mode~ :D
I'll write bout my blog new looks later kayh~

why hyper?
it's review of Summary concert Hey!Say! JUMP 2010~ [yay~!! ^^]
they're soo cute~ hontouni~!
the theme is basically about JCB [Johnny's Circus Boys]
they done various things~ as the real circus!
[are there things that they can't do?]

ok, urmmm~it's  not a review actually~
just wanna post some pics from that con..

it's duration is about 2 hours but I watched it almost 3 hours~
[haha~ too much screen caps I've done~ ^^"]

taken from google~ :)
google too~!

chinen-kun kawaii naa~ :D

keito-kun kakkoii~
kyaa~ \^^/ [ne, don't snatch fan's love from yabu-kun pleasee~]
he's taking my attention lately~ bad keito! XD
how I love his smile~ :D
I bet that Yabu uchiwa are fan's~
haha~ kawaii desho? ^^
that was yuto~
that's my Yabu~!! kakkoi ne~ ^^
I love JUMP band~
Yabu&Keito on guitar [both my fave! ^^]
Inoo on keyboard, Yuto on drums n Hikaru on bass~

there are also thousands of Juniors
[ok, I'm exaggerating..]
Shintaro n Yuma is a must!
and including this boy, the most youngest in that agency~
Chino Aoi~ 9yrs old.
kawaii naa~ ^^

okeh, that's about it~
bye2~! ja ne~!! :)

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addin farhani said...

wahhh!! mohon copi gambar yer... (^^,)