Tuesday, April 19, 2011

> Back to action!

its me~! back to action! :D

sorry guys for MIA this few weeks..
korg msti rndu kte an? an? haha~ [monolog dalaman: sile stop perasan leez! :P]

ok, i dont know what to update..
i forgot how to blogging.. [err.. bleh terime x alasan sbb x de topic~]

may i update my current situation now?
ok.. sei no!

first: i've got a nephew!! ^^ d most exciting event ever since i start my holiday~ he was born at 5:++ am on 15th April..He's name is Muhammad Rayyan Rizqi.. huooh! he's soooo cute! i can't wait to see him.. but, but, but.. it seems that i can't meet him~ :((
Rizqi will be back to his mom's hometown only when i start my new sem.. soo frustrating isn't? yeah, i'm frustating rite now! grr~
but! its okay since i want him and my sis to be veryyyyy healthy.. so stay la kt perak smpai btul3 abis pntang yep! ^^ nex tym kte jmpe! :)
d pic isn't very clear since it is just a phone camera.. mmsed by my sis~
cute kn! [like his auntie~ ehem! haha~ jkjk]

second: on the same date.. i passed my JPJ test! yay~!! so, 15th April bcame my most-exciting-day. ^^
after 6 to 7 months~ finally! i've got my license! yay~! :D after several hurdles.. yeah, finally.. i am able to drive freely on road~! [err.. x brani lg sbenanye~ adeyh~ =_=]

ALZA~ try to put E on d middle it will be ALEZA~ :D
hehe~ x de motif pn ltak gmba Alza ni.. x mnat pn..
saje je since its name need another one letter to b my name~ ^^
third: i've passed my exam~ hurrayyy~!! ^^
ok, ok i know.. u've just passed leez.. what's d big deal.. len la dpt 4 flat ke ape kn?
but helooo~ nk pass pn like a zombie i've become.. lg nk dpt 4 flat? dlm mmpi pn x dpt.. isk3~ =_=
tp, kte bsyukur sgt3~! Alhamdullilah.. may my path to be a good muslimah doctor be easy and may my knowledge become useful to my religion someday~ ^^
for my frens who had to reseat any papers~ GUDLUCK kayhh! don't waste this opportunity.. hoping to see u guys in HUKM this may~ yep! let's be a clinical student next sem! :D my prayers with u guys always! :))
ganbatte ne! ^^
we'll always be MEDIC ITU COOL batch~
let's make a good doctors out of this batch that can proud our religion, our lectures and our parents~ :)
[i'm talking like politician..=_=]
forth: Dramas marathon! ok, the dramas will be review later.. i'm hungry~ i want to stop now and have my dinner. [sooooo late already huh? well, thats me~ ^^]

ok.. let's stop here kayhh?
till then~ ja ne! ^^

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