Wednesday, April 27, 2011

> Happy Befday April babies~!!

it's a birthday entry~!

special for Baby April~
[tp semuanye da lepas da~ huu~ gomen!]

let me wish my family first:

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY TO my not-so-little-brother JEFFRY~!!! :D
HB giant boy~! ^^
he's my younger bro, but his stature doesn't seems like it~

HAPPY BORNDAY to my nephew RIZQI~!!! ^^
same pic as b4 though~

then, move to not-my-relative birthday~^^
[a.k.a to my fave idols~ haa~]

1 April~ Happy 18th Birthday to OKAMOTO KEITO (HSJ)~! ^^
6 April~ Happy 16th Birthday to MORIMOTO RYUTARO (HSJ)~! :D
9 April~ Happy 26th Birthday to YAMAPI (NEWS)~! ^^
15 April~ Happy 20th Birthday to ARIOKA DAIKI (HSJ)~!! :D

[our HSJ babies already grown up huh? ^^ soooo cute!]

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