Monday, December 26, 2011

[PV] ONE OK ROCK - RE:MAKE | Wherever You Are

ONE OK ROCK is a Jrock band~
more info: wiki

FYI: Alex is no longer a member~

now, I'm addicted to their songs bcause of Moruichi~^^"
Moruichi Takahiro was a former member of NEWS..
he left NEWS after appearing in only one songs that is NEWS debut song, NEWS Nippon~
then, he disappear.. I only know he is in band from a friend~ just recently~ ^^"

he was called Moruichi in NEWS..
but in ONE OK ROCK he is called Taka~ ^^
he got a great voice~

ja, now the song~
I love this song the most! <3


full lyrics --> HERE

someone making this songs as Naruto opening~ so great and match perfectly!:)

another one~
ONE OK ROCK - Wherever You Are

Lyrics--> on the vid~ :)

his english were good ne~ 
better than mine ~ ^^" 

I'm going back to KL and to Tanjung Karang tonite!
yea~ will celebrating New Year making surveys n field works~ T_T
[I can't watch Johnnys Countdown concert~~ :((]
yoshhh~ ganbare Leez!! \:D/

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

starting JKM posting

currently I'm in Tanjung Karang~!!! :D :D
now, in JKM posting~

and how should I say? It's totally different with other clinical posting!
well, now I'm still adapting~
everything seems to be fine~ :)

I've got SB group~ (Sabak Bernam)
we're doing our survey this Friday~ 
and my ticket going back to Muar is on 8pm Friday~
so, what should I do??

with our new friends! ^^
alamak, ade yg x tgok cam ><

p/s: I thought I couldn't online here.. 
but I'm very fortunate enough to be in Block C 
where internet connection is possible~ :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Warisan Mesra

it's dinner Warisan Mesra~!!

yay! ^^

okay, overall sume best!
although it should have line buddies from year 1 till year 5..
but I only have year 1 and me, year 3 only~ *sigh :(
well, what to do, everyone else got another comittment~ it can't be helped.

yeah, I admit it's not as grand as WM when I was 1st year before..
but it's worth to fill these memories as part of my life as med student~ ^^
I got to see my junior too! ^^

okla~ no need to type byk2~
xde sape bce pn.. hehe~
now, the pictures~ ^^

all gorgeous girls from 3rd year~ ^^
picture credit to Intan Sab~
with my beloved buddy junior~! :D
I hate that the fact my junior buddy looks more matured than me~ 
uwahhh~ ><

ok dah... tu je~

Thursday, December 15, 2011


haaa~ I should update about my trip to Pangkor..

It's a BTN camp~ ^^

we go start from Thursday
[I skipped my workshop~ hee~ ^^"]
and back on Sunday~

Sugoi tanoshi yo!
super duper best!

first day basically we introduce ourselves...
some icebreaking session, and playing lots of fun stuff!
then next day we have some LDK and talk about Nation, Perlembagaan n something related to it..
the friday evening, we got to see fishes with snorkeling and banana-boating!
this is the most fun thing to do~ ^^
the night we have Kembara!! it's walking alone in a dark jungle~ chooo kowaii yo~
and I see Shooting star~ errr.... maybe? >_< it's 1 am!
the saturday evening we done an example of Pilihan Raya~
every group need to prepared one bride~ then the bride will be competed to be top 3 based on judges asessment. and then the top 3 will be chosen as number one based on the most number of votes they got~
here, we need to make campaign to promote our bride~ ^^
and my group get number 2~! :D

so, the Saturday night we get to eat barbeque~! ^^
and closing ceremony..
the closing is sooooo touching!
we know the meaning of team and get to sing lots of songs together!! ^^

I don't talk to anyone b4,
but during we sang~ we make a large circle~ girls with girls.. guys with guys~
so, when there is one Nasyid song about Friend that goes like "ku mencari-cari, teman yg sejati, buat menemani, perjuangan suci...." I couldn't remember the title~ ^^"
so, Mimi was exactly opposite to me~ and spontaneously the tears blurs my sight once I see her face~
heh~ ^^" poyo sungguh!
mybe she was the one most close to me at that time..
and we share the same Ushrah for almost 2 years now :)

okay! the next day~ Sunday we go back~
we stop at Lumut for shopping!! :D
and that's it~ finish after we safely arrived at HUKM that evening~ :)

so, now! let the pictures take over~ ^^

this was in ferry~ on the way to the island~ ^^
uwahhh~ my face! ><
this is where we stayed~^^
it's comfortable n our room is on top of the building~ isolated from others~ haha XD
on Saturday morning~
get ready to the beach!! :D
we just play-play-play~!! :D
snaping as much as we can~ :D
subahannallah~ the Morning scenery where the suns gonna come out was soooo beautiful!
it just never came well on the photo~
u got to see them live!
hora! kireii deshou? ^^
too bad it's only phone camera~ :(
this is moment when we're going back already~
that yellow man is Pak Jef.. our jurulatih~
he's so fatherly~^^
oh, the bread on the table is actually for the bird..
Pak Jef taught us to feed the bird! no photo though :(
last pic..
this is on top of Ferry heading back :)
seriously it's fun being up there y'know~ ^^

okayyyy~ that's it~
till here~
bye2~! :D

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

last week for IM

hello peeps! now I'm back~! ;)
happy? hee~ 

I want to declare myself to have finished Internal Medicine posting~
but I still got workshops~ haiz~ =_="
ouh~ ganbarimashou yo Leez! sikit lg! :D
[I'm typing this entry with workshop gastro in hand~ ^^"]

I've done my short case yesterday~
I got CVS and GIT system~ thank God it's a major system!
I don't know whether I done well or not~
whether I will passed or not..
Tawakal n Doa je byk2~!! >_<

so, after this I'll be in JKM posting
Jabatan Kesihatan Masyarakat a.k.a Community Health Dept.
basically I'll be leaving to Tanjung Karang~
uwaa~ I can't wait!
this is the last posting for my 3rd Year medical school~ ^^

and because I start with OnG, the most scariest posting..
so, I tend to waited sooo much for this posting bcause they said it's a honeymoon~ ^^ hoho~
nope! I'm not gonna make myself relax n study for end sem exams!
hope I can! :D

I'll be in semi-hiatus since in tanjung karang got no internet~ :(
so, gomen ne~ ^^"

ok, that's it~
mataa neeeee~!!! :D

p/s: going to have a dinner Warisan Mesra.. a Faculty dinner where all med students from year 1 till 5 gather~ ^^.. uahhh~ tanoshimii naaaa~! :D

Sunday, December 11, 2011

medcine oo medcine~

uwaaaaa~ PANIC!!!!

my short case for Medicine posting is on Tuesday next week~

pleaseeee pray for me!
I'm scared of failing! huaaaaa~

sooooo manny to learn! D:

otchisukenasai Leez!!
ganbarimashou yo~! ^^

okay, to others as well~
especially my posting-mates: GUD LUCK GUYS!!!!

Tegomasu wishing Ganbatte! ^^

uwh! I can't wait for my JKM posting!
time please be faster~ 


oh yea~
sorry for the hiatus~^^"
I'm quite busy lately~(is it?)
I'll update the proper entry soon~ :)

aaaaaaaaand know what?
I'm hooked with Sakurai Sho~
OMG, doushiyou? D:
iya2~ dame2~ it can't be~
I must be faithful to Nino!! :D
Sho shall be my niban~ ^^

haha~ LOL
okay, i love Nino more~ XD

haaaaa~ gomen ne for this weird random entry....
I can't think~ @_@
my head full with physical examination..

hahaha~ ok, go study!
Ohno-kun says "go study n stop watching Arashi-related vids!"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Arashi - Energy Song~Zekkochou Chou!!!!

here we go minna~!

it's Arashi new song yo~! :D

Energy Song~Zekkochou Chou!!!!

kyaaa~! I love this!! <3 <3

:D :D :D

~just listening to this song make me happy~

well, check out the lyrics and translation HERE~ ^^

La la la nante utatte mitara nanda Karuku natta ki ga shita

Kono manma nara ikeru ki ga suru Dokomademo zutto
Soko ni nani ga aru ka wakaranai kedo Dakara bokura wa arukunda
Minna wa dou suru? Nara kimari da! Issho ni aruitekou

We tried singing “la la la,” and what happened? Somehow, we felt lighter

If we keep going like this, it seems like we can do it To any place, forever
We don’t know if there’s actually something there That’s why we’re walking
What are you guys going to do? Then it’s decided! Let’s walk together

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

how to choose ur specialities


yes, meds students, let's pick our medical specialty now :D

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HeySayJUMP nine members~


Hey! Say! JUMP

what I want to say again?
oh, the case of Ryuu's picture missing in Jweb profile huh..

I can't really say nothing~
just like what Kamichan says in his blog.. the return of Morimoto Ryutaro in JUMP is less than 5%..
and I'm freakin'ly agree that.
well, who doesn't know Johnny-san? =_=

this thing is something that I can see right from Ryuu's suspension.
[this is why Ryuu is getting suspended for 3 month]
it's the same case as Uchi and Kusano from NEWS before...
so, I'm expect the same thing to happen to Ryuu as well..
I hope I'm wrong...
 u kids shouldn't take work lightly y'kno~ =_=

yeah, I'm sad.. but not as sad as RyoPi withdrawal from NEWS before~
[bcoz RyoPi withdrawal is unexpected]
although I'm not expecting that the reduce in  JUMP member gonna be this fast right after NEWS case~ :(
but well, this thing is not official..
or it is? it's Jweb right? ah~ I'm confused.. idk what Johnny-san wants.
but no official statement yet either from the agency or from Ryuu himself.

btw, I'm not gonna ruin myself with this..
enough from NEWS~
the NEWS case is closed and now I even can't even listen to RyoPi solo songs :(
gomen ne Ryo-chan, Yamapi~ :(
I can't support u guys outside NEWS
later, maybe~ nantoka naru sa :)

I only have 10 JUMP member pic 

enough said!
I'm done~ :)
tomorrow I will go for some Kursus in Pangkor~
yayyyyyy~! :D
so, I'll be away for 4 days!
I will update about the kursus later kayh! ^^
ja~ mata ne~
bye~ bye~

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

not again~ :(

maybe someone is waiting for my response in this~

it's the second Johnny's group that I knew after NEWS~
I'm one of the JUMPers after all

this is the new look on Jweb of Hey! Say! JUMP profile:

see?? no Ryuu??!

I'll talk later kayh~ I'm still mourning~

yeah I'm sad~

and, I'm quite busy lately..
maybe tomorrow?

Friday, November 11, 2011

[PV] Tegoshi Yuya - Ai Nante

because today is Tegoshi's birthday~

let's hear his amazing voice kayh~ ^^

AI NANTE [This thing called love]

Lyrics and Translation --> on the video :)

I LOVE THIS the most!
it's soothing and it match Tego's voice perfectly!
this song is one of his solo~
he just perfect with ballads ne~ ^^

aaaaaand u gotta see how he performed in concert~
sugoi yo~ :D
he doesn't need a word miming :)

as expected from the best singer of Johnnys~^^

AI NO MATADOR [from Diamond concert: 2009]

STARS [I can't remeber from which con^^"]

out of the most songs he sings
I love his acappella the most^^
of any song he sings without music
I love it :)

Aishiteru Yuya~!!! ^^

[11/11/11] Outanjoubi Omedetto Tegoshi Yuya~!!

finally, my Ichiban day is here! yay!

Tegomasu wish^^

it's 11/11/11~
such a nice date~^^
to other ppl, this date might be the most suitable date for marriage and stuff,
but for Tego's fans~ this date means our cutie pie is turning 24~!yay~!
*throws confetti for Tegoshi's birthday~ ^o^

I'm typing this on 11:00 pm Malaysia time..
but its already 12:00 Japan time
so, here~

zutto Aishiteruuuuuuu~!!! :D

turning 24 in his pyon-pyon year!

I shall write on why I love him this much~ ^^
he's having the most AMAZING VOICE in NEWS and even in among other Johnnys~ ^^
always sing dear~ I love ur voice sooo much!^^
[the main reason why he's my Ichiban :)] 
that CUTE face!
kyaaaa~ ^o^
[I love this hair!]
he's unable to sit on that chair, and thus he tryin to act cool by putting his back on the desk to compensate his failness. but he failed! double failed!! ^^
LOL u're cute tego~
haha~ XD
YUKO-san~!! XD
LOL~ u're waaaaayyyy tooo beautiful  Tego!
Tegoshi-kun, ur drawing is horrible!!
kowaiiii yo~! XDXD
[aaand how his drawing became a picture for concert goodies? XD]
my Ichiban in NEWS drawing my Ichiban in Arashi~
haha XD poor Ninomiya-kun! XD
u have no artistic sense Tego! ur sha-sha is tooo adsfjdenk
[aaand how u always get this drawing corner again? XD]
the Terminator MONOMANE (Impersonation) XD
u just love doing monomane do u~
could I say 1 thing? It's horrible but yet it's funny bcause u fail again! XD
his phobia over HAUNTED HOUSE~
whyyyy Tego?
u hate ghost but not the highest Bungee Jumping in the world??
his reaction when enthuthiastically explaining something~
XD uaa~ u're cute Tego!
his words~
which one's couldn't expect from self-centered person like him :)
to end the picspams session
he is selfcentered ero oujisama that will always be my Ichiban~
he brings me into Jpop and into this fandom~
I'm glad I know Yuya~ ^^

ok, I should stop~
I'm picspamming his picture too much!
I'll be doing the picspams on twitter the whole day tomorrow~ ^^
and listening to Tegomasu Songs 24 hours! :D

gif and pictures are not mine~
credits given to the owner~ :)
[click on the pic if the gif not working!]

so, last one~
gudluck dear!! as tegomasu~!
u're doing great now!
tomorrow, Tegomasu's tour gonna be attended by KoyaShige!
it's new NEWS~ kyaa~! XD

and of course as the new NEWS also~ ^^
ganbare yo!
I'll keep supporting u guys wholeheartedly~ :D

once again~


with that, my phone is turning one year now~! :D
I'm buying my current phone on Tego's birthday last year~ ^^
I'm such a crazy fangirl~
[it's coincidence btw]

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha~

to all Muslims in the whole world~


:D :D

I'm going to Mersing tomorrow~!

to my sis house and meet this cuuuuuuute nephew!

Rizqi wants to meet his Achik tooo! ^^

Friday, November 4, 2011

NEWS official picture on Jnet!

I'm going back~!!



owh, I'm sooo happy!

first official NEWS picture on Jnet~!!!!

kyaaaaaa~!!! XD

Nino is excited tooo!

mecha mecha kakkoi~! :D
the outfits were much better than before~ :3
I love it!

ok, Johnny-ojisan, it's time for them to make a new single~ ^^

aaand, the next Tegomasu tour is when KoyaShige is attending for Tego's birthday~!
yayyy~ for yuyaaaa~!! :D
paku~ paku~

ok, I want to off to Muar already~
bye~ bye minna~!
see yah!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

today is 1/11/11

today is


soooo cute! ^^
welcome November! welcome Semester 6~! :D


there is another date that is mooooore cute


it's Tegoshi's Birthday~!!! :D:D

ngee heeeee~

ok, I'm doing nonsense~ =_="

I should finish up my Respiratory Workshop now~

off to go for study group! ^^
jya! bye~ bye~

Sunday, October 30, 2011

back to KL~ holiday is over :(

the heart talks:
I dont wanna go back~!

I don't wanna go back~!




brain saying:
okayyyy~ that's it Leeza!
stop ur imagination~
go and pack ur things~

me: haaaaaiiiiiittt~ :'(

let's get excited for tomorrow beginning of SEM 6!
ngee heh~! =_="

Saturday, October 29, 2011

[PV] Arashi - Meikyuu Love Song

ARASHI new Single full PV revealed~!!!


huaa~ the boys look soo happy!
I'm happy too! :D

I apologize in advance~
I'm sure enough the vid will be taken down soon~
gomen ne! :D

haaa~ Neko Nino! :D
ehh~ Neko? chotto chigau?

oh yey! sweet~ sweet~ ^o^

J-Dramas Review

it's SATURDAY guys!!

which meaaaansss~ I have to go back to KL tomorrow! yaaaay~ =_="
ouuhh~ I hate this! holiday never enough for me~ :'(
the next posting is Internal Medicine~
the most cramped posting ever? @@ owell, we wait and see~
yosh! ganbarimashou!:D

okeh~ regarding the title above~
it's time for JDrama review!! :D

first, I would review on Dramas that Arashi starred in~ :)
Arashi sugoii yo!
every drama that one member starred in, the other member will appear as one small role~ :)
a member ai :)
the screenscaps I posted after I reviewed all the dramas kayh!~

Freeter, Ie wo Kau
starring Ninomiya Kazunari
about the drama--> HERE
the drama is sooo family like!
and at some point I think that I have the same exact problems that Seiji(Nino) had..
oh, I cried when Seiji(Nino) cried~ haha~ what a pathetic girl!
this Drama might seems boring because it implies a normal life of a man with problems..
in other words~ it's more interesting if ur ichiban is Neen~ :D

and the SP? uohhh~ I love it!
especially moments of Seiji and Manami~ ahaa~ sooo sweet~ <3
screencaps taken from raw vid bcoz I used softsub :)
*phone rings* "you have phone call"
haha~ what a bad timing! blame the phone~ XD

okay~ second Drama
starring Ohno Satoshi

about MAOU--> HERE 
Ohno-kun with Ikuta Toma~ yay~! ^o^
this is a great drama~ ^^
it's about revenge and something like that~
Ohno-kun mecha mecha kakkoi yo! this is the only place u can see sleepy riida with serious character~
fall. in. love! :D
oh, the name of the character is Naruse Tomoya (or Manaka Tomoo)

I love the ending~ :D
ooopss~ SPOILER!
haha~ XD

owryte~ moving to the third one
My Girl
starring Aiba Masaki
about My Girl --> HERE
ah~ this drama is sooooo sad~ T_T
it's about Masamune (Aiba-papa) with Koharu-chan (Ishii Momoka)~
a young guy raising a daughter~ it's tough ne?

Momo-chan sooo cute! ^^
she's a great actress~! the way she talk~ awww.. I died watching the over-cuteness!^^
[as usual, screencaps taken from raw vid]
"I don't know if it'll work.. but would you like to try living with me?"
awww~ soo cute! ^^
oh, don't ask me whether I cried or not~
that is a must right for a sad genre drama like this~

okey~ the drama from which Arashi members starred in: FINISH~
and I would like to share some screencaps that other members appears in every drama~

Aiba Masaki in Nino's Drama Freeter, Ie wo Kau
in last episode~ ^^
as Manami replacement
in Freeter SP
Ninomiya Kazunari in Ohno's Drama MAOU
in first episode
as murdered Kumada's son

Sakurai Sho in Aiba's drama My Girl
in last episode
as Aiba replacement
so, shall we expect the same thing in Sho-kun new drama NazoDi? :D
I wish I could see all Arashi members in one drama~ 
like those in movie Pikanchi and Kiroii Namida~ :)

ok, I want to add another Jdrama~ :D

Love Shuffle
it's sooo unlike me to watch Drama with no Johnnys Idol XD
about Love Shuffle --> HERE
this Drama was recomended by my friend~
it stays on my HD looong enough that I could finished two postings~ ^^"
but once I watched the first episode~ wuoh, seriously this is the best!
it's funny and sweet~ ^^

they gave each other nick names so cute!
usa-tan/ai-ai/kiku-rin/o-chan~ ^^ 
yay~ panda~ XD love these!
they make a pun such
furai PAN DA [fry pan]
PAN DA [a bread]
no PAN DA? XD lol

the other is Mr. Brain
About Mr. Brain --> HERE
this drama is amazing.. 
it's about a neuroscientist (Kimura Takuya) solving police thingy~
aaanndd I as a medical student who likes Neuro~ this drama is AWESOME!
it's funny and yet sooo "waaaaa" for me~ ^^

and every episode they got a great guest! waaaaa~ ^o^
omg~ he's sooo handsome! >.<
even he's acting like a mad guy here
Kamenashi Kazuya~!
as a DOCTOR! huaaa~ kame! XD
Takeru Sato~!!
uwaaa~ sooo much Ikemen in this Drama~ XD
he's acting as a guy with amnesia~ poor takeruu T_T

aaahhhh~ I think I should stop~ too much images in this entry~ XD
sorry if it's makes ur loading slow~ gomen~ m(_ _)m

okay! that's the Drama that I able to finished within these two weeks holiday~
and that includes rewatching Soukon and HanaDan.
also I managed to continue and finished Ikemen Desu Ne and Ouran Hostobu.. ^^
[it seems like Zenkai Girl need to wait a lil longer~ gomen Ryo-chan!:( ]
the movie also... it's GANTZ and Kiroii Namida :))

not to forget..the fangirling activity
JUMP show, VS Arashi, Himitsu no Arashi-chan, rewatching Concerts of Tegomasu and NEWS
haha~ I sure spend a LOT of time with my beloved HP naaa~ XD

my younger sis told me to stop playing with laptop and watch TV instead~ XD
that's because she never see me watching TV~ lol, that's true~
I never watched any drama or any shows on TV this 2 weeks holiday~
haha~ cruel huh? but I'm serious, I have no interest on watching TV~ ^^
I got plenty of J-STUFF to do! XD haha~
I'm a total Japanese freak and I'm proud of it~ ^^

 what a looong entry~ phew~