Thursday, December 15, 2011


haaa~ I should update about my trip to Pangkor..

It's a BTN camp~ ^^

we go start from Thursday
[I skipped my workshop~ hee~ ^^"]
and back on Sunday~

Sugoi tanoshi yo!
super duper best!

first day basically we introduce ourselves...
some icebreaking session, and playing lots of fun stuff!
then next day we have some LDK and talk about Nation, Perlembagaan n something related to it..
the friday evening, we got to see fishes with snorkeling and banana-boating!
this is the most fun thing to do~ ^^
the night we have Kembara!! it's walking alone in a dark jungle~ chooo kowaii yo~
and I see Shooting star~ errr.... maybe? >_< it's 1 am!
the saturday evening we done an example of Pilihan Raya~
every group need to prepared one bride~ then the bride will be competed to be top 3 based on judges asessment. and then the top 3 will be chosen as number one based on the most number of votes they got~
here, we need to make campaign to promote our bride~ ^^
and my group get number 2~! :D

so, the Saturday night we get to eat barbeque~! ^^
and closing ceremony..
the closing is sooooo touching!
we know the meaning of team and get to sing lots of songs together!! ^^

I don't talk to anyone b4,
but during we sang~ we make a large circle~ girls with girls.. guys with guys~
so, when there is one Nasyid song about Friend that goes like "ku mencari-cari, teman yg sejati, buat menemani, perjuangan suci...." I couldn't remember the title~ ^^"
so, Mimi was exactly opposite to me~ and spontaneously the tears blurs my sight once I see her face~
heh~ ^^" poyo sungguh!
mybe she was the one most close to me at that time..
and we share the same Ushrah for almost 2 years now :)

okay! the next day~ Sunday we go back~
we stop at Lumut for shopping!! :D
and that's it~ finish after we safely arrived at HUKM that evening~ :)

so, now! let the pictures take over~ ^^

this was in ferry~ on the way to the island~ ^^
uwahhh~ my face! ><
this is where we stayed~^^
it's comfortable n our room is on top of the building~ isolated from others~ haha XD
on Saturday morning~
get ready to the beach!! :D
we just play-play-play~!! :D
snaping as much as we can~ :D
subahannallah~ the Morning scenery where the suns gonna come out was soooo beautiful!
it just never came well on the photo~
u got to see them live!
hora! kireii deshou? ^^
too bad it's only phone camera~ :(
this is moment when we're going back already~
that yellow man is Pak Jef.. our jurulatih~
he's so fatherly~^^
oh, the bread on the table is actually for the bird..
Pak Jef taught us to feed the bird! no photo though :(
last pic..
this is on top of Ferry heading back :)
seriously it's fun being up there y'know~ ^^

okayyyy~ that's it~
till here~
bye2~! :D

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