Wednesday, December 14, 2011

last week for IM

hello peeps! now I'm back~! ;)
happy? hee~ 

I want to declare myself to have finished Internal Medicine posting~
but I still got workshops~ haiz~ =_="
ouh~ ganbarimashou yo Leez! sikit lg! :D
[I'm typing this entry with workshop gastro in hand~ ^^"]

I've done my short case yesterday~
I got CVS and GIT system~ thank God it's a major system!
I don't know whether I done well or not~
whether I will passed or not..
Tawakal n Doa je byk2~!! >_<

so, after this I'll be in JKM posting
Jabatan Kesihatan Masyarakat a.k.a Community Health Dept.
basically I'll be leaving to Tanjung Karang~
uwaa~ I can't wait!
this is the last posting for my 3rd Year medical school~ ^^

and because I start with OnG, the most scariest posting..
so, I tend to waited sooo much for this posting bcause they said it's a honeymoon~ ^^ hoho~
nope! I'm not gonna make myself relax n study for end sem exams!
hope I can! :D

I'll be in semi-hiatus since in tanjung karang got no internet~ :(
so, gomen ne~ ^^"

ok, that's it~
mataa neeeee~!!! :D

p/s: going to have a dinner Warisan Mesra.. a Faculty dinner where all med students from year 1 till 5 gather~ ^^.. uahhh~ tanoshimii naaaa~! :D


wanblur - Shazwan Azizan said...

tunjuk ajar ku sifu medicine. :)

Aleza Omar said...

haha~ bleh2~
nasihatnye kne rajin2 mse IM~ slalu2 wat PE kat patient~ ^^

sifu wanblur lak ajar JKM!! :D