Saturday, September 24, 2011

u may hate ur life, but...

Ya Allah, may they are always in my mind to make me realize of all the ni'mat U gave to me.
may they be the one to make me always thanking U of all the things U gave to me. 
may they be the the one to kept me away from complaining.
may they be the one to make everyone love their life.
may they be the motivator of all hearts in this world.
may them be safe.

u guys may complained of the shoes that u can't buy, but for them, money??
u guys may complained of being a fat and bla bla, but them, ya Allah, how skinny they are? :(
u guys may complained of boy/girlfriends broke the relationship, but them, are they having parents? having the ones that they love?
ya Allah, how cruel we are... so cruel...
I can't stop crying by just watching this picture...

this is the reminder for me, and for u guys.
may they be in heaven.


Arabella Ia Madre Patria said...

i understand ur feelings^^

Aleza Omar said...

dayo ne! ^^
it can't be ignored~ :)